How to remove wallpaper – easy wallpaper stripping tips

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Knowing however to region wallpaper the close mode tin marque a messy occupation an easier – and speedier – task. 

Wallpaper stripping is surely a DIY chore you tin instrumentality connected yourself, whether the existing wallpaper is looking a small tired, you've simply fallen retired of emotion with it oregon you person caller wallpaper ideas that necessitate a caller surface. There's thing alternatively cathartic astir tearing strips of wallpaper disconnected a wall, too.

Feel similar tackling the worn-out wallpaper yourself? Alex Whitecroft, Head of Design implicit astatine I Want Wallpaper, is connected manus to usher you done the process of removing wallpaper, step-by-step.

How to region wallpaper

The apical tips beneath volition guarantee you person the cleanable blank canvas for your elevated country refresh, and assistance you instrumentality the archetypal measurement to learning how to bent wallpaper, too. Before you start, you request to marque definite you've got the close tools.

You volition need:

Old sheets/dust clothsWallpaper scraperLadderUtility weapon oregon orbital scorerSpray bottleLiquid soap/detergentSpongeTapeRubber glovesSteamer (for stubborn wallpaper) Step 1: Get prepared to region wallpaper

The implicit archetypal happening you privation to bash is to hole your space, says Alex. 'As with each DIY jobs, it’s important to screen your floors, woodwork and furniture,' helium advises. 'Additionally, removing wallpaper is simply a messy job, and there’s thing worse than uncovering bits and pieces lying astir days aft you’ve finished. As a result, marque definite you walk immoderate clip making definite your enactment country is well covered – a small caution is ever worthy the investment. If it’s not imaginable to region furnishings from the room, determination it to the halfway of the room, past screen it with an aged sheet.

'Next, see removing immoderate partition electrical sockets. It tin assistance with measuring insubstantial successful those areas, and guarantee determination aren’t immoderate gaps. Make definite sockets are sealed and covered to forestall h2o from getting successful and, for added safety, crook the energy disconnected too.'

Step 2: Check for layers

To prevention time, caller wallpaper is often papered implicit old. While it mightiness beryllium easier to add, it tin marque your occupation harder erstwhile it comes to wallpaper stripping. So, earlier you commencement to region wallpaper, it's ever bully to get an thought of however galore layers determination are. 

Alex's apical tips? 

'Strippable insubstantial is designed to beryllium casual to peel off, portion galore vinyl wallpapers are besides casual to remove. You tin cheque whether it volition beryllium a elemental task oregon not by utilizing a knife. Use it to pry the country of the insubstantial away, earlier utilizing some hands to propulsion it down – if it comes disconnected successful a agelong strip, and determination are nary signs of adhesive, congratulations, your occupation conscionable became a batch easier!

'If you’re moving with non-strippable wallpaper, marque slits successful a tiny country utilizing either a inferior weapon oregon an orbital scorer – and chopped down conscionable to the wall. Use a  sponge to bedewed the walls with a substance of lukewarm h2o and aft a infinitesimal oregon truthful propulsion the country away. You should beryllium capable to gauge however galore layers determination are to region – and person a amended thought of however agelong it volition instrumentality arsenic a result.' 

Step 3: Start soaking wallpaper

'For non-strippable wallpaper, take a conception of partition and marque a fig of slits astir 10 inches isolated successful the insubstantial with a inferior knife, being cautious not to harm the partition underneath,' says Alex.

'Use a sponge to bedewed the partition with a substance of lukewarm water, a tiny magnitude of liquid detergent. Adding slits allows moisture to soak down the wallpaper, making removal overmuch easier, and creates strips to usher removal strokes.

'Alternatively, effort cloth softener – it softens some the glue and the wallpaper, making the occupation overmuch easier. Mix adjacent parts of softener and blistery h2o successful a spray bottle, and spray a conception of wallpaper until it's saturated. Wait astir 15 minutes to let the solution to enactment its magic, past peel distant the paper, utilizing a overgarment scraper connected stubborn areas.'

Step 4: Get scraping to region wallpaper smoothly

Once the paper's soaked for a fewer minutes, commencement to region wallpaper scraper. 

'Slide down the slits, holding the leaf astatine a 30 grade angle, dilatory scraping the insubstantial upwards, distant from the wall,' comments Alex.

Step 5: Remove immoderate residual wallpaper paste

No substance however thoroughly you scrape to region wallpaper, you could inactive extremity up with traces of aged wallpaper paste connected the wall. 

Alex has a solution. He says: 'The bully quality is it tin beryllium removed by utilizing a elemental homemade mix. Combine crockery washing detergent, a tablespoonful of baking soda, vinegar and blistery water, past use it to your partition utilizing a sponge. If it’s inactive difficult, adhd much vinegar. It should travel disconnected easily.

'If the residue is STILL being stubborn, it mightiness beryllium worthy investing successful a steamer. Older paste mixtures were designed to clasp accelerated astatine beauteous overmuch immoderate cost, truthful they tin beryllium a symptom erstwhile it comes to wallpaper removal. While it mightiness beryllium a somewhat messier job, a steamer is simply a large mode to get escaped of impossibly stuck paper. You could bargain one, but if you privation to prevention money, see renting one.'

In our experience, utilizing a wallpaper steamer is simply a super-fast mode to region wallpaper, allowing you to skip the steps of soaking the wallpaper by hand.

Step 6: Finishing up

You’re astir determination – present it’s clip to adhd immoderate finishing touches. 

'Check your walls for immoderate damage,' says Alex. 'Has the process near immoderate holes oregon scratches? If so, present is the cleanable clip to seal them up. Patch immoderate gaps with a associated compound and, erstwhile dried. soil it down to make a creaseless surface.

'Next, I’d urge taking immoderate clip to lavation your walls with sweetener soap. It’s beauteous inexpensive and a large mode to prep your walls for decorating. Regular cleaning products similar crockery detergent volition region a batch of grime near down by wallpaper stripping but they tin often permission residue connected the walls, which tin impact your aboriginal decor, truthful it’s decidedly worthy the clip investment. 

'Finally, marque definite your walls are dry. Rub your surfaces down to get escaped of immoderate excess liquid and permission immoderate windows unfastened to promote aerial travel and ventilation to velocity up the process.'