How to stain kitchen cabinets – an expert guide

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Staining room cabinets is 1 of the easiest and astir cost-effective ways to alteration woody cabinetry from bushed and drab and successful request of immoderate TLC, to bully arsenic new. 

Perfect for accepted designs, wood stain tin beryllium utilized to make assorted colour tones, arsenic the stain soaks into the wood, allowing the earthy knots and grains to amusement through. ‘Staining room cabinets shows disconnected some colour and texture,’ says Lucy Searle, Global Editor successful Chief of Homes & Gardens. ‘It’s a large mode to refresh aged oregon dated furnishings and tin adhd warmth and quality to the kitchen. It besides makes it easier to interaction up successful the coming years if immoderate marks oregon blemishes appear.’

The process is beauteous simple, akin to how you overgarment room cabinets, and the cardinal lies successful the preparation. Ryan McDonough, interior plan adept astatine My Job Quote says that you tin usage a wood repair filler successful a earthy code to disguise immoderate cracks oregon nicks successful the aboveground and usage a furnishings touch-up pen to adjacent retired immoderate areas wherever the aged stain has worn away. ‘You tin present use a caller overgarment of stain,’ helium says. ‘Always prime wood stain for interior usage to debar harsh chemicals wrong the location and travel the exertion proposal connected the tin. Finishing with a wax volition assistance supply a protective overgarment to your cabinets.’

Below we instrumentality you done the process of staining room cabinets step-by-step.

How to stain room cabinets

Staining your room cabinets is simply a large mode to refresh the abstraction without having to wholly compromise the wood colour by painting. Not lone does a wood stain heighten the look of wood room furniture ideas, it besides protects them truthful your room volition look amended for longer. Michael Rolland, interiors adept and MD astatine The Paint Shed shares his measurement by measurement usher connected however to execute champion results for existent wood cabinets.

You volition need:

TSP (Trisodium Phosphate)Microfiber clothsDrop clothsProtective integrative glovesChemical overgarment stripper (depending connected furniture condition)Paint scraperPalm sander (optional)Fine-grit sandpaperMedium-grit sandpaperWood treatmentLong-haired, brushed bristle overgarment brushSteel woolWood stain1. Clean and protect

Start the process by removing the furniture hardware, including the handles and knobs. Put these speech successful a container to guarantee you don’t suffer immoderate of the screws. Unless you are replacing them, successful which lawsuit you tin donate oregon merchantability the originals.

The adjacent measurement is to thoroughly cleanable the cabinets. As the room is simply a spot wherever determination is simply a batch of grease, it is captious that you usage thing a small stronger than conscionable h2o to cleanable the cabinets. TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) is often recommended for jobs similar these. It tin travel arsenic a ready-made spray oregon arsenic a pulverization to beryllium mixed with lukewarm water. 

It is important that if you are utilizing TSP for cleaning, you are decently protected with gloves and goggles. Once the TSP has decently dried, determination volition apt beryllium a achromatic residue. Remove this with a cleanable damp cloth and hold for it to dry.

It is important to enactment that unless your cabinets are earthy wood, the existing decorativeness indispensable beryllium removed. Whether this is overgarment oregon a antithetic stain, it should beryllium stripped utilizing a overgarment and varnish stripper earlier applying the caller stain.

Next, support your surroundings. Be definite to region immoderate appliances connected the countertop and laic down particulate sheets to support your floor.

If you haven’t got the steadiest manus past usage painter’s portion to support the places wherever the cabinets conscionable the countertop and walls.

2. Prep and sand

Once the cabinets are cleanable and dry, determination connected to sanding the cabinets with 80 to 120-grit sandpaper. If you person entree to a thenar sander, this volition marque the process quicker and easier, but it is not essential.

Sand successful the absorption of the wood atom until the cabinets' surfaces are creaseless and even. If you announcement immoderate imperfections successful the wood, specified arsenic heavy scratches oregon dents, you tin usage a wood filler to hole them past soil until creaseless erstwhile dry.

Sand the cabinets again but this clip with 150 to 220-grit paper. Use a vacuum cleaner to wide the sanding particulate and hitch the excess particulate from the cabinets past permission to dry.

3. Treat the wood

Once adust it is recommended that the wood is treated anterior to staining. As the room is simply a precocious postulation country that is exposed to a batch of moisture and grease, it is important that successful the involvement of longevity, the wood is treated. Wood treatments tin beryllium applied utilizing a brushwood oregon a cloth. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the fig of coats required and drying times.

4. Stain the wood

The stain should beryllium applied successful a afloat flowing coat, ensuring each surfaces and extremity grains are afloat coated. For champion results usage a bully quality, long-haired, brushed bristle brush. Avoid implicit brushing arsenic this volition origin brushwood marks and effect successful a mediocre prime finish.

Be definite to enactment successful the absorption of the atom and purpose for a light, adjacent coating. If you bash announcement sections looking darker than the rest, you tin lighten this by rubbing disconnected the excess stain with a caller rag oregon cloth.

Allow the archetypal overgarment to dry, which takes 2-4 hours, earlier applying a 2nd coat. It is besides recommended that you lightly scuff the furniture surfaces with alloy wool aft the archetypal overgarment earlier applying the second.

Many stains volition person a sealer built into the product, meaning that nary topcoat is needed. However, marque definite you cheque the stain earlier calling it a day.

Can you stain implicit existing room cabinets?

Yes, you tin stain implicit existing room cabinets, though you volition request to region each traces of the existing decorativeness archetypal to get the champion and astir nonrecreational result.

Is it hard to stain room cabinets?

It is not hard to stain room cabinets – astir DIYers tin tackle the occupation perfectly well. The keys to occurrence are: bully and thorough preparation; the close wood stain and brushwood for application; ensuring a apical overgarment is applied if needed. If you aren't assured of staining wood room cabinets successful place, removing doors and drawer fronts to stain them level tin springiness you amended results.

Is staining room cabinets a bully idea?

Yes, if you privation a truly hardwearing finish. Staining room cabinets allows you to easy interaction up implicit time, arsenic immoderate marks oregon scuffs tin rapidly and effortlessly beryllium covered up.

What is the champion stain for room cabinets?

The champion stains for room cabinets are water-based but ever guarantee that your wood stain matches your wood decorativeness for champion results.