How to store bananas – so they’re fresh for longer

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Be savvy astir however to store bananas and you tin support the effect caller for longer. And, if you person to bargain bananas that aren’t arsenic ripe arsenic you’d like, you tin adjacent velocity up the ripening process truthful you tin devour them sooner if you’re successful the cognize astir the close retention techniques.

Learn how to turn a banana tree and successful immoderate zones harvesting your ain effect is possible, successful which lawsuit you’ll privation to support your harvest delicious for arsenic galore days arsenic you can. But bananas brought location from the store tin clasp the sensation and texture you similar with the close techniques, too, and this is however to store bananas.

How to store bananas

Bananas tin ripen rapidly successful definite circumstances, taking them from ripe to overripe. To devour yours conscionable however you similar them travel our usher to however to store bananas.

1. Store bananas successful the kitchen

Bananas tin beryllium be stored successful the kitchen, but if you usually enactment them connected the counter, beryllium alert that they could beryllium getting excessively hot. ‘Bananas should beryllium stored astatine astir 54ºF (12°C), arsenic they volition ripen quicker if they are excessively warm. A darker country without nonstop sunlight is ideal,’ accidental the experts astatine caller nutrient institution Dole (opens successful caller tab).

If the bananas were sold successful a integrative bag, marque definite to instrumentality them retired of it (and ne'er enactment a clump into a integrative container astatine location to store). In the warmth and moisture of a container the effect rapidly spoils.

If you privation to forestall the bananas from becoming overripe earlier you are acceptable to devour them, don’t support them attached to 1 another. ‘To support bananas from browning quickly, interruption up the clump and separate,’ advises StopFoodWaste (opens successful caller tab)

Keep bananas distant from different effect for maximum life, too. Both apples and avocados, for example, tin velocity up ripening. Of course, if you request bananas to ripen quicker, you tin usage this knowhow to your advantage.

2. Store bananas successful the refrigerator

You whitethorn person heard that you shouldn’t enactment bananas into the refrigerator to support them caller – but you can. There’s are a mates of caveats, though. Bananas stored successful the refrigerator should already beryllium ripe erstwhile you enactment them successful determination due to the fact that they won’t ripen immoderate further erstwhile they are successful the chill of that environment. 

Secondly, they’ll alteration color. ‘The extracurricular volition crook brown, but they volition inactive beryllium airy colored connected the inside,’ says Alice Henneman, MS, RDN, hold pedagogue astatine the University of Nebraska Extension (opens successful caller tab)

This won’t impact the sensation though we person to admit it does marque them look little appealing.

3. Store sliced bananas

When you’ve sliced bananas for a crockery and person immoderate near over, the slices volition crook brownish due to the fact that they are exposed to the air. To support the slices looking tasty, sprinkle them with lemon, lime oregon pineapple juice. ‘If the slices of effect are besides wrapped airtight and kept successful a chill place, they volition stay appetising for longer,’ accidental Dole.

Read that you tin usage vinegar? Well, you could, but the sensation wouldn’t beryllium good.

4. Freeze bananas – aft preparation

You tin store bananas for longer by puréeing the flesh, oregon cutting it into slices, past freezing.

Remove the skin, purée, past frost this successful an crystal cube tray. Alternatively, chopped slices, and frost connected a tray. Once the effect is frozen, store successful a freezer container for up to six weeks. Use it to marque a smoothie oregon thaw successful the refrigerator.

Do bananas past longer successful the fridge oregon connected the counter?

If a banana is already ripe, it tin past longer kept successful the refrigerator arsenic it volition forestall further ripening. 

But if a banana isn’t already ripe, don’t store it successful determination arsenic it won’t ripen – you should support greenish bananas retired of the refrigerator. Not acceptable to devour them erstwhile they bash crook yellow? That’s the infinitesimal to determination bananas into the chill of the refrigerator truthful they past longer.

How bash you support bananas caller longer?

Bananas tin beryllium kept caller longer with a fewer neat tricks. Once they’re ripe, enactment them into the refrigerator. You’ll request to place the information that the peel browns oregon adjacent blackens if you bash this and the effect should inactive sensation bully successful immoderate case.

You could besides effort wrapping the stems of bananas successful integrative wrap. Most of the ethylene state which makes the bananas ripen faster is released here, truthful wrapping tin assistance dilatory down the process. Sometimes you’ll find they’re sold with the stems wrapped this way, and if that’s the case, don’t region the integrative until you privation to devour them.

And to support bananas caller for longer don’t enactment them into a vessel with different fruits that merchandise tons of ethylene erstwhile they commencement to ripen. Think apples, melons, peaches,  and kiwifruit. Keep bananas separately from different fruits and abstracted the bunch, excessively for amended airflow.