How to store garlic – keep homegrown and store-bought cloves fresh

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To support it successful large information and flavorful it’s captious to cognize however to store garlic. If you’ve cultivated it successful your ain veggie garden, you’ll privation to payment from your harvest for arsenic agelong arsenic imaginable and it’s besides good worthy being successful the cognize successful bid to marque the ail you bought astatine the store last.

If you’re already savvy astir how to turn garlic, you’ll beryllium alert that it should beryllium dried aft harvesting and earlier storage, and you’ll find each the details connected what to bash present on with the steps to instrumentality to support ail from the store caller and tasty.

How to store garlic

Fall is the best clip to works garlic, which tin beryllium harvested successful summertime and past stored. And, of course, store-bought ail tin beryllium obtained twelvemonth round, but arsenic requires optimum conditions truthful it lasts. These are the details connected however to store garlic.

1. Select ail bulbs for storage

To successfully store garlic, the bulbs should beryllium successful optimum information beforehand. Bulbs should beryllium firm, the tegument should not beryllium broken, and they should not beryllium sprouting oregon amusement immoderate signs of mold. 

2. Dry homegrown garlic 

If you’ve grown ail successful your rootlike garden, it should beryllium dried earlier it is stored. After rinsing disconnected the soil, spot it successful a cool, adust well-ventilated indoor location, retired of nonstop sunlight.

Harvested ail tin either beryllium hung up successful bunches by the tied-together stalks oregon dispersed retired connected ligament racks oregon adjacent conscionable newspapers for drying. ‘The outer skins volition go papery successful astir 2 to 3 weeks – the full curing clip depends connected the surrounding somesthesia and the humidity,’ explains Linda J Harris, specializer successful cooperative extension, microbial nutrient safety, section of nutrient subject and technology, University of California, Davis (opens successful caller tab).

When the ail is dry, trim disconnected the roots and instrumentality disconnected the outer furniture of skin.

3. Store ail bulbs

Whether it is softneck oregon hardneck garlic, the bulbs should beryllium stored astatine country temperature. Choose a spot that is good ventilated arsenic good arsenic cool, adust and dark. The instrumentality successful which you enactment the bulbs should besides beforehand airflow: take a handbasket with ligament mesh oregon a mesh bag, for example. Never store ail bulbs successful a integrative container oregon support them successful a sealed container.

Thinking of putting the bulbs into the refrigerator? ‘The location refrigerator (typically 40ºF, oregon 4ºC) is not suitable for optimal agelong word retention of ail due to the fact that holding ail astatine that somesthesia stimulates sprouting,’ says Linda J Harris.

Garlic whitethorn commencement to sprout erstwhile it’s been stored for a while. It’s inactive usable though it’s nary longer astatine its best, but bash chopped the clove and region the greenish sprout.

How bash you store 1 clove of garlic?

One clove of ail that has been peeled tin beryllium stored successful the refrigerator – dissimilar full bulbs which should not beryllium stored successful there.

Put it into an airtight container, but marque definite to usage it wrong a mates of days. ‘I sometimes store chopped ail successful the aforesaid mode erstwhile I’ve prepared excessively much,’ says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful main of Homes & Gardens. ‘But, if you bash this, you truly request to usage it up the adjacent day.’

How bash you sphere ail for a agelong time?

To sphere ail for a agelong clip you request to see what play of retention you require. ‘Storage beingness is 3 to 5 months nether chill (60ºF, oregon 16ºC), dry, acheronian conditions,’ says Linda J Harris. We’ve fixed the details connected however to store ail bulbs successful this mode above.

Freezing is an alternate for preservation, though you should enactment that it does marque the texture of the ail softer. Either enactment full bulbs oregon cloves into a integrative freezer bag, oregon chop it and enactment it into a integrative freezer bag, past freeze.