How to store potatoes – 5 ways to keep them in good condition

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Whether you’ve grown them oregon bought them, knowing however to store potatoes correctly volition reap rewards. Unlike astir different veggies, potatoes tin beryllium stored for a substance of months, truthful they’re large value.

If you’ve learned how to turn potatoes you’ll realise that it’s casual to extremity up with a surplus and storing means you tin bask the products of your labour for longer. But adjacent if you picked potatoes up successful a supermarket, the close retention tactics marque the astir of your spend.

We’ve got the details connected however to store potatoes successfully close here.

How to store potatoes

If you turn potatoes successful a veggie garden, you tin extremity up with a ample harvest, but adjacent growing potatoes successful a container oregon growing potatoes successful a bag tin nutrient mode much than you’ll devour straightaway. 

Follow our usher to however to store potatoes to support these homegrown treats acceptable to devour on with your supermarket buys and an excess won’t beryllium a waste, though.

1. Check the information of potatoes earlier storing

Before you store potatoes, it’s important to cheque their condition. Any that are rotting, person brushed spots, oregon amusement harm from pests oregon being dug up are not suitable for agelong word storage. Store lone potatoes successful bully condition.

Bear successful caput that if potatoes person harm that tin beryllium chopped out, they tin inactive beryllium utilized but bash navigator them soon alternatively than storing them agelong term.

Should you lavation them? That depends connected whether they are store bought oregon homegrown. For the former? ‘Don’t lavation them until you’re acceptable to devour them,’ accidental the experts astatine Potatoes USA (opens successful caller tab).

But if the potatoes are from your veggie garden, they should beryllium cleaned earlier they are stored. ‘You request lone brushwood disconnected the ungraded connected potatoes grown successful coarse, sandy soil,’ advises Oregon State University Extension Service (opens successful caller tab). ‘But if the ungraded is fine, sticky clay, your potatoes whitethorn request washing. If so, beryllium definite they are wholly adust earlier placing them successful storage. Minimize tuber vulnerability to airy portion cleaning.’

2. Cure homegrown potatoes earlier storing

Homegrown potatoes should beryllium cured earlier they are stored. To cure them, support them successful a acheronian but good ventilated spot with mean temperatures and precocious humidity for a play of 1 week to 10 days, counsel the OSU experts. 

3. Keep potatoes good ventilated and cool

For store-bought and cured homegrown potatoes, the adjacent measurement is to enactment them into a receptacle for storage. 

If supermarket potatoes are successful a integrative bag, instrumentality them out. All potatoes should beryllium stored successful a mesh container oregon ventilated container oregon basket. 

4. Put them into a cool, acheronian place

The perfect somesthesia for murphy retention is astir 45 to 50ºF (7 to 10ºC), which volition beryllium cooler than the somesthesia astatine which homegrown potatoes were cured. 

This won’t beryllium the somesthesia successful your kitchen, of course. The champion spot to store potatoes is an unheated basement, oregon possibly an insulated shed.

Tempted to enactment them into the refrigerator? Don’t. ‘Storage temperatures beneath 45ºF tin origin sweetener buildup oregon sweetening,’ accidental the experts astatine OSU Extension.

It’s besides captious that potatoes are stored successful the dark. Light volition crook the murphy tubers green. ‘Green connected the tegument of a murphy is the buildup of a chemic called solanine. It is simply a earthy absorption to the murphy being exposed to excessively overmuch light,’ explains Potatoes USA. A murphy that is somewhat greenish isn’t a occupation and you tin conscionable chopped this portion distant earlier cooking and eating, but precise greenish potatoes should beryllium discarded.

5. Check potatoes from clip to time

Take a look astatine the potatoes you’ve stored each truthful often. If a murphy starts to rot it tin dispersed this to others, truthful propulsion it out. Softness, shriveling and mold each bespeak a murphy should beryllium removed from the store. 

A murphy that’s sprouted tin beryllium be eaten if you chopped the sprout off, but don’t devour immoderate that are besides brushed oregon shriveled.

What is the due mode to store potatoes?

To store potatoes, support them determination that is chill and acheronian arsenic good arsenic dry. If you aren’t storing for the agelong term, but simply privation to support them successful bully information aft you’ve bought them location from the store, support them successful a pantry oregon cabinet. Never permission them retired connected a countertop. 

‘Avoid precocious temperatures specified arsenic adjacent to appliances oregon nether the sink,’ accidental the experts astatine Potatoes USA.

How bash you store potatoes truthful they don’t sprout?

To store potatoes truthful they don’t sprout, support them successful a cool, acheronian and adust place. Make definite they’re not stored with onions, too, arsenic that tin origin them to sprout. 

The experts astatine StopFoodWaste (opens successful caller tab) suggest storing them with an apple. ‘The ethylene state fixed disconnected by an pome volition forestall potatoes from sprouting,’ they explain.