How to tile in a shower – step-by-step

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Stepping into a reviving ablution is the cleanable commencement to the day. It’s besides a large mode to unwind erstwhile you get location and with powerfulness showers and ablution jets, you tin people aching muscles and instantly consciousness refreshed and revived. 

If you’re readying to update your shower tile ideas successful  a caller shower room, bath oregon ensuite bath oregon simply privation to update a bushed design, marque definite you tile with attraction and attraction for the cleanable finish. It is besides worthy learning how to grout tiles to perfection.

‘The existent inclination for tiny rectangular tiles laid vertically oregon successful a ceramic effect tin beryllium peculiarly striking and precise effectual successful a ablution enclosure portion larger format tiles request little grout truthful are easier to clean,’ says David Talbot, caput of specification astatine Craven Dunnill Jackfield (opens successful caller tab). ‘Patterned tiles and decors are besides cleanable for creating a connection ablution enclosure that makes immoderate bath basal out. We would not urge textured tiles oregon earthy chromatic but slip-resistant tiles are a cleanable alternate to a ablution tray oregon bedewed room.’

How to take the cleanable tile layout

According to Charlotte Deprez, national room plan & showroom manager astatine MKM Building Supplies (opens successful caller tab), the mode you tile a bath wall and laic tiles volition marque a melodramatic quality to the wide look. 

Some of the astir communal tile laying patterns are: 

Straight stack bond 

The astir communal tiling signifier is to stack enslaved your tiles. The tiles are laid successful consecutive lines truthful the grout lines extremity up similar a grid. This is often the champion mode to laic larger tiles, arsenic this helps to marque tiny rooms consciousness bigger and creates a sleek effect with less grout lines. For an added spot of involvement and to assistance the walls look taller, crook them connected their vertical. 

Diagonal oregon diamond 

Similar to the consecutive stack enslaved signifier but the tiles are laid connected a 45 grade angle, turning quadrate tiles into diamonds. Laying tiles successful a diamond signifier does mean determination volition beryllium much cutting progressive and you volition request to let other for cuts and breakages. 


This is besides a favourite arsenic it’s elemental but creates a stunning plan that complements immoderate style. Use quadrate oregon rectangular tiles that are laid similar bricks successful a wall. The extremity of each tile is lined up with the centre of the tiles that are some straight supra and beneath it. This creates a staggered pattern. 


The herringbone signifier is achieved by laying rectangular tiles successful a zig-zag pattern. Perfect for adding involvement and interaction to a tiny space, it’s achieved by laying rectangular tiles successful a zig-zag. The arrow effect of the signifier draws the oculus up and down truthful it tin beryllium utilized to item diagnostic areas specified arsenic the shower. 

Basket weave 

Using rectangular tiles, the handbasket weave signifier has 2 oregon 3 tiles laid adjacent to each different to signifier a quadrate depending connected the magnitude of the tiles being used. The pursuing brace of tiles are laid astatine 90 degrees to the archetypal and truthful on. The horizontal and vertical tiles past alternate connected pursuing rows. This gives the content that the tiles are woven implicit and nether each different similar a basket.

A walk-in ablution  with square, tonal heavy  bluish  tiles and brass fittings

(Image credit: Future/Davide Lovatti)

How to tile successful a shower

Harriet Goodacre, marque communications manager and tile advisor astatine Topps Tiles (opens successful caller tab) says that to make your tiled area, marque definite the ablution tray has been fitted correctly and the discarded has been connected and tested. If you’re utilizing a tile trim, use this archetypal earlier moving onto your main tiles. 

Next, enactment retired your tile layout arsenic above. You whitethorn request to chopped immoderate of your tiles to acceptable the space. Apply your adhesive utilizing a notched trowel, holding the leaf astatine a 45 grade angle, moving connected a tiny country astatine a clip arsenic the adhesive tin harden comparatively quickly. 

Starting astatine the bottom, hole your tiles into spot utilizing tile spacers throughout, moving your mode up the walls. Any tile size and format tin beryllium utilized connected a ablution level – but the autumn oregon gradient indispensable beryllium considered. If you’re tiling your ablution floor, marque definite the tiles are gaffe resistant – porcelain tiles are large for this. Remember to see the extent of the grate for the discarded excessively and guarantee it sits beneath the level of the tiles, truthful h2o tin travel into the discarded tube without obstruction. 

Around 4 hours aft grouting, if there’s immoderate grout haze contiguous connected the tile surface, simply lavation this disconnected and use silicone sealant astir the edges of your shower. Make definite to permission your ablution for astatine slightest 2 weeks earlier utilizing it to let the grout to afloat cure.

What is the champion tile material?

Porcelain is simply a large worldly to use, arsenic it’s impervious to h2o and won’t beryllium damaged by detergents oregon immoderate chemicals. ‘Porcelain tiles are present manufactured successful a full scope of realistic finishes including marble, wood, earthy limestone and concrete, making it imaginable to execute the look you privation without the challenges and attraction issues the existent materials tin bring,’ explains Jo Oliver, manager astatine The Stone & Ceramic Warehouse (opens successful caller tab). ‘They tin besides beryllium supplied successful ample sizes, which reduces the imaginable for leaks. Large format tiles person less grout lines meaning little grout to cleanable and support caller portion creating a high-end, uninterrupted look.’ 

‘In smaller bathrooms,’ adds Andrew Bendall, selling manager astatine Craven Dunnill Jackfield (opens successful caller tab), ‘highly reflective gloss tiles are a large mode to make a consciousness of space. As airy beautifully reflects disconnected the glaze finish, it creates a fantastic consciousness of openness, making the country look wider. Color tin besides interaction the consciousness of abstraction successful a room. While light, muted and earthy tones marque a abstraction look bigger, heavy patterned tiles successful bold colors tin marque a country consciousness much enclosed.’

What's the champion grout for a tiled shower?

Epoxy grout is a large prime for showers and moist environments, arsenic it’s h2o resistant and made from resins and fillers that assistance it enactment similar a sealing adhesive. 

Where should I commencement tiling first?

After the ablution basal tiles are installed, the archetypal measurement is to chopped and instal the large backmost partition tiles first, arsenic this volition marque it easier to lucifer the grout lines connected each of the 2 broadside walls erstwhile it comes to cutting and installing these tiles.