How to update kitchen cabinets without replacing them

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You don't request to beryllium a nonrecreational to update room cabinets without replacing them. New doors, a caller lick of paint, on-trend handles oregon immoderate astute lighting tin each assistance you execute a caller look. 

You tin either refinish and paint room cabinets, of course. Or you could spell further. You tin 'add caller beading oregon edging to make a Shaker-style beforehand oregon simply update the hardware,’ says Looeeze Grossman, laminitis of The Used Kitchen Company. 'It’s astonishing however overmuch of a quality caller handles tin marque to a kitchen, particularly erstwhile you update the accessories to match. It tin look similar a wholly antithetic space.’

Here’s our usher connected however to update room cabinets without replacing them.

How to update room cabinets without replacing them

There are assorted ways to revamp your kitchen furniture ideas, immoderate much time-consuming and costly than others. We research the options for updating room cabinets without replacing them, starting with the most-budget friendly.

1. Repaint oregon stain them

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One of the astir effectual (and cost-effective, if you are reasoning kitchen furniture refinishing costs) ways to springiness them a caller fresh look is to overgarment oregon stain room cabinets. It’s casual capable to bash implicit a play and for champion results, usage chalk overgarment past wax oregon lacquer implicit it the adjacent day. 

‘You tin overgarment each kinds of room cabinets including laminate,’ advises colour and overgarment adept Annie Sloan. ‘Just use a diluted overgarment archetypal to guarantee the overgarment grips to the surface. Most important of each is to guarantee the cabinets are cleanable and escaped from grease earlier you commencement painting. You don’t privation immoderate oily stains coming through. Just usage soapy h2o and a ligament brushwood to springiness them a cleanable and guarantee they are afloat adust earlier you commencement painting.’

‘Dynamic spaces specified arsenic kitchens lend themselves good to bolder colour choices,' adds Annie, who is well-known for her bold painted room furniture ideas. ‘Rich spice colors volition bespeak flavorsome foods and get mouths salivating earlier the nutrient prep adjacent begins.’

You tin besides usage specializer room furniture paint, arsenic Emma Irving, merchandise manager astatine Rust-Oleum, explains, ‘A budget-friendly alternate to a afloat kitchen makeover is giving your furniture doors a caller lick of paint. Rust-Oleum Kitchen Cupboard Paint tin beryllium painted straight onto woody oregon melamine cupboards without the request for a primer oregon topcoat – adjacent glossy cupboards tin beryllium painted aft a airy abrade. The decorativeness is matte and hardwearing but washable excessively – cleanable for those with children oregon pets.’

2. Change furniture handles

Updating room  furniture  with caller   handles

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Another effectual mode to update room cabinets is to swap the handles for thing caller and on-trend. You tin bargain handles from location depots oregon online – conscionable marque definite you’re swapping similar for similar successful presumption of holes needed if you don’t privation to beryllium drilling new. 

‘From doorway knobs to furniture pulls, refreshing your room cabinets with caller hardware is simply a large mode to update the room without the request for a full-scale renovation,’ confirms Narendra Karnani, managing manager astatine Heritage Brass. 

‘It’s important to opt for prime erstwhile choosing often touched items, specified arsenic handles, arsenic this volition guarantee longevity and elevate the look and consciousness of your kitchen, providing a sleek finish.’

Lucy Pascall, manager astatine Pushka Home, agrees, ‘Finishing touches are important and hardware is nary exception. We’re seeing an summation successful request for knurled oregon patterned designs. These styles let homeowners to inject a hint of playfulness into their homes, successful a much subtle and understated way.’

3. Replace furniture doors

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Another enactment is to alteration the furniture doors. 

‘A afloat room renovation whitethorn not beryllium wrong everyone’s budget, truthful a cost-effective alternate and speedy mode to marque an interaction aesthetically is to regenerate the furniture doors,’ says Ben Burbidge, managing manager astatine Burbidge. 

‘It’s comparatively straightforward to measurement up and find a caller design. A elemental Shaker sheet is simply a stylish mode of creating a caller look. Although the outer fittings often instrumentality priority, don’t hide to deliberation astir the practicalities. If your existent retention doesn’t enactment for you, deliberation astir your support configurations, drawer organizers and propulsion outs. It’s worthy considering however you tin refurbish the interior fixtures arsenic good arsenic the look and feel.’

4. Add moldings to oregon reface flat-fronted cabinets

Blue invisible kitchen

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You tin reface room cabinets wholly utilizing earthy wood veneer oregon RTF (Rigid Thermofoil), which is simply a melamine-based product.

Adding moldings, trim oregon details to flat-fronted cabinets is possible, and tin make an wholly caller look for your kitchen. Whichever worldly you usage for the strips, wood oregon MDF, guarantee that they are chopped neatly, applied consistently, and attached firmly with adhesive and pins. 

You volition request to hole the aboveground of the existing cabinetry with a airy sanding to make a cardinal for some the adhesive and the caller overgarment of overgarment and topcoat some the caller trim and aged cabinetry volition request to marque it look consistent.

5. Install under-cabinet lighting

devol greenish  kitchen

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If you privation to update room cabinets without really touching them, you tin instantly make task lighting for worksurfaces beneath arsenic good arsenic ambient illumination aft dark, with under-cabinet lighting. 

‘Under cabinet lighting is an effectual mode not lone to subtly brighten up your kitchen and make focused airy but it tin besides heighten the quality of your kitchen too,’ says Kate Baker, lighting advisor astatine astute lighting adept 4lite. 

‘Using color-changing astute bulbs oregon astute LED portion lighting, you tin acceptable the brightness and colour of the airy depending connected what you’re doing. Whether you privation chill bluish hues to perfectly illuminate worktops portion you’re cooking oregon cozy warmer tones erstwhile you’re sitting down to eat.

‘Smart lighting besides gives you a speedy mode to present colour into neutral kitchens to make immoderate beauteous looks, adding warmth and texture to adjacent the astir blank canvases,’ adds Kate. ‘With entree to millions of antithetic colors and shades of airy that tin beryllium utilized to make "scenes", you tin alteration the colour of airy successful a country instantly. LED portion lighting is peculiarly effectual within cabinets to truly item glassware and kitchenware and the interaction of colour tin beryllium bold and dramatic, subtle oregon adjacent playful depending connected your mood.'

What is the champion mode to update room cabinets without replacing them?

The champion mode to update room cabinets without replacing them is by swapping retired aged doorway and drawer fronts for caller ones, made to measurement to acceptable your cabinetry precisely.

However, if your fund does not let this, the adjacent champion measurement volition beryllium to overgarment room cabinets, if the fronts are dependable and undamaged, oregon to reface them if they are.

Is it cheaper to update oregon regenerate room cabinets?

It is undoubtedly cheaper to update room cabinets than to regenerate them. However, you whitethorn privation to question however bully a occupation you tin bash of updating them versus replacing them, which volition mostly beryllium connected the authorities of them now. If your room is incredibly dated and you are considering selling your location astatine immoderate constituent successful the adjacent future, you are apt to get quicker, amended offers connected your location if your kitchen, the astir important country successful a location for buyers, is successful a bully state.