How to wallpaper a ceiling – 5 steps for getting pro results

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Keen DIYers request to cognize however to wallpaper a ceiling. Walls aren’t the lone aboveground that volition payment from wallpaper. Now it seems that decorative wallpapers are defying gravity and uncovering their mode onto ceilings. But unless you’re a champion decorator, it’s champion to commencement plain earlier you task into pattern.

Below, we instrumentality you done the steps to wallpaper a ceiling similar a pro.

How to wallpaper a ceiling

Knowing how to wallpaper a partition needs to beryllium somewhat rethought for wallpapering a ceiling. Your biggest situation is defying gravity, which makes it awkward to hole the aboveground – possibly you person to remove wallpaper archetypal earlier applying a caller 1 – and though pros tin tackle a ceiling alone, for specified mortals it definite helps to person a spouse successful crime. Below we instrumentality you done the steps to assistance you get your ceiling ideas close archetypal time.

Start with prepping and gathering the kit, including measuring for wallpaper to guarantee you person the close magnitude earlier you commencement the job. 

You volition need:

Wallpaper PastePasting brushPaper hanging brushwood oregon smoothing toolSeam rollerPasting tableBucketSpongeDamp clothSharp scissorsTape measureTacksA drawstring and pencil oregon chalklineDust sheetsTrestles oregon measurement ladders and scaffolding boards1. Prepare the ceiling

Put down particulate sheets and acceptable up a level to enactment from. A scaffolding committee arranged crossed 2 trestles oregon measurement ladders is ideal. For a creaseless finish, archetypal capable immoderate holes oregon cracks, and usage sealant implicit immoderate stains. Clean the ceiling with detergent. Brush the ceiling with size (diluted wallpaper paste) to make a bully cardinal for the wallpaper and let it to dry.

2. Mark a guideline

The accustomed spot to commencement is astatine the model and past enactment distant from it. ‘If the country isn’t a straightforward shape, take the longest magnitude of insubstantial first, arsenic the starting point,’ says James Greenwood, Wallpaper Specialist astatine Graham & Brown. 

‘For champion results with patterned wallpaper, halfway the insubstantial successful the mediate of the ceiling.’

For the archetypal length, people a line connected the ceiling, a roll-width from the wall, minus ½in (12mm), which volition let the borderline to overlap onto the wall. Use a mates of tacks oregon drafting pins with drawstring stretched betwixt them to get a consecutive line, and people it with a pencil, oregon usage a chalkline. 

3. Start hanging the wallpaper

Measure the magnitude you need, adding 2in (5cm) astatine each extremity and chopped retired the piece. Once you’ve pasted it, marque concertina folds on the length, without creasing the paper. ‘If you’re moving alone, you tin usage a cardboard conduit oregon spare rotation to transportation the value of the insubstantial portion you’re hanging it,’ says James. If you person an assistant, they tin enactment the concertina folds connected an upturned broom portion you work.

Facing the window, lasting connected the close of your enactment and holding the folded insubstantial successful your near hand, presumption the escaped extremity of the insubstantial connected the ceiling against your pencil marks oregon chalkline. Use your manus and the insubstantial hanging brushwood to creaseless it into place. Release the adjacent fold, and determination along, brushing this conception into place, and proceed successful the aforesaid way. 

Now spell backmost and propulsion the insubstantial distant wherever it meets the walls, trimming the edges to acceptable the ceiling. Wipe distant excess paste with the sponge oregon cloth. Hang the adjacent and consequent lengths, butting the edges together. Use a seam roller to creaseless them flat.

4. Wallpaper astir ceiling airy fittings

Turn disconnected the energy astatine the user portion and unscrew the fitting. Hang the insubstantial successful the accustomed way, but erstwhile you scope the fitting bent the insubstantial implicit it, and past marque a bid of cuts from the halfway constituent of the fitting outwards. (Make a chopped from the borderline of the insubstantial to the fitting if needed.) This efficaciously creates a ‘hole’ for the fitting. Continue pasting the length, past spell backmost and trim the excess paper. When you screw the fitting back, the chopped edges volition acceptable neatly.  

'For larger ceiling roses, usage the aforesaid method, making tiny cuts successful the insubstantial outwards from the halfway of the rose,’ says James. Now propulsion the roseate done the insubstantial and loosely property the insubstantial into place. Next, trim disconnected the excess astir the rose.'

5. Use paste-the-wall oregon peel-and-stick wallpaper

‘When wallpapering a ceiling utilizing paste-the-wall wallpaper, marque definite you use paste to the ceiling an inch wider than the wallpaper you are astir to hang,’ says James. 'This means you tin bent the 2nd magnitude of wallpaper without worrying astir applying paste implicit the archetypal piece. Use a tiny overgarment brushwood to adhd paste astatine the apical of the wall, oregon astir the airy fitting. This volition guarantee adjacent sum successful hard areas and debar the wallpaper “lifting” erstwhile dry.’

Applying peel and instrumentality wallpaper to a ceiling is different enactment that's large for archetypal timers since it is easier to reposition arsenic you work. It does, however, necessitate the aboveground to beryllium prepped differently: some peel and instrumentality wallpaper whitethorn necessitate you to use a overgarment of gloss paint or satin paint to the walls earlier you hang. 

Where bash you commencement erstwhile wallpapering a ceiling?

When wallpapering a ceiling, ever bent the length, starting astatine the model and ending astatine the other broadside of the room, truthful that the wallpaper is hung distant from the light. This is the champion mode to debar shadows connected the wallpapered surface.

If you are wallpapering walls, too, ever commencement by wallpapering the ceiling, earlier moving down to the walls. 

Why wallpaper a ceiling?

There are galore reasons to wallpaper a ceiling. The astir basal is to screen an uneven oregon cracked surface; you tin past paint implicit wallpaper connected a ceiling for a perfectly level finish, though you whitethorn privation to cheque how to overgarment a ceiling since again it differs somewhat to painting a wall. 

'Ceilings wallpapered with an eye-catching plan are precise connected inclination astatine the moment, which is different crushed to bash so,' says Lucy Searle, Editor successful Chief, Homes & Gardens. 'Carrying the people from the walls up onto the ceiling creates a cocooning effect successful a bedroom, portion a wallpapered ceiling successful an different plain country tin look precise effective.