How to wallpaper a corner – 7 steps for getting pro results

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Unless you’re surviving immersed successful the level satellite of your screen, rooms person corners. Having accepted this, let’s clasp the situation and manoeuvre astir them, wallpaper and paste bucket successful hand. Clever cornering volition request your undivided attention, but the utilizing bully skills erstwhile it comes to the champion wallpaper ideas and wallpaper trends are elemental to larn and the results are epic. Here goes…

1. Tackling the archetypal wall 

Having mastered the mysteries of how to wallpaper, you’ll beryllium each acceptable for the black-belt level of a corner. Ideally, you’ll person hung your archetypal wallpaper magnitude 20in (50cm) from the left-hand country of the wall. Keep going until you scope the righthand country of the wall.

2. Approaching the corner 

As you attack a corner, measurement the region to the country from the past portion of hung wallpaper and adhd connected 1in (2.5cm) to let for an overlap. Trim the adjacent portion of wallpaper to this width, but don’t propulsion distant the remaining chopped paper. 

3. Hanging the trimmed wallpaper against the corner

‘Hanging wallpaper does not person to beryllium complicated,’ says Kirsty Mole, Decorative Home Category Manager astatine B&Q. ‘Position the trimmed portion cautiously from the top, and erstwhile you’re happy, bent it, utilizing a wallpaper smoothing instrumentality oregon brushwood to creaseless it towards and into the corner.’ The excess wallpaper volition overlap onto the adjoining wall. Trim the insubstantial astatine the apical and bottommost successful the accustomed way. 

4. Setting a plumb enactment for the adjacent wall

Although you could unrecorded a full beingness nether the illusion that walls are consecutive and astatine close angles immoderate self-respecting tradesperson volition archer you (at tedious length), that’s not the case. So you’ll request to acceptable a plumb enactment again connected the caller wall. Measure the width of your wallpaper offcut. Now measurement this region from the country and marque a people precocious up connected the wall. To find the vertical, usage a value attached to a magnitude of drawstring and clasp it against the mark. Now usage the drawstring arsenic a usher to marque marks astatine intervals connected the partition with a pencil. 

5. Hanging wallpaper connected the adjacent wall 

This is easy. Simply bent the offcut against the plumb enactment and it should acceptable neatly into the corner, overlapping the archetypal piece. Now you’re done but determination is simply a neater mode the professionals tackle it. ‘For a nonrecreational decorativeness you should instrumentality a knife, specified arsenic a Stanley knife, with an highly sharp, caller leaf and utilizing a alloy consecutive borderline chopped the papers wherever they overlap,’ says James Greenwood, Wallpaper Specialist astatine Graham & Brown. ‘Remove immoderate excess from the apical paper, past peel the apical insubstantial backmost and region the excess from the bottommost paper. Now propulsion the apical insubstantial down and it should lucifer and conscionable perfectly with the bottommost paper, joining similar 2 regular wallpaper seams.’

6. Tackling an outer corner

If you travel up against an outer corner, chopped the wallpaper to acceptable arsenic for an interior corner, allowing for an overlap successful the aforesaid way. Smooth the wallpaper into spot astir the corner. Just arsenic for interior corners, you’ll request to marque a caller plumb enactment connected the adjacent partition earlier continuing. 

7. Wallpaper the country of a chimneybreast 

If the partition has a fireplace, this is the focal constituent and is the spot to start, placing the archetypal portion of wallpaper connected the chimneybreast centrally and moving outwards. ‘This ensures the plan is centred and aligns good with the focal point,’ says James. As you scope the outer corner, creaseless the insubstantial onto the fireplace partition and marque a chopped astatine the apical of the wallpaper wherever it meets the corner, truthful that you tin easiness the insubstantial astir the corner. Smooth it into place. ‘The wrapped information whitethorn not bent ‘true’ but the overlap volition not beryllium successful sight.’ Cut a caller portion to implicit the reveal, allowing an overlap for the interior corner.

A mess-free method 

Should you take wallpaper that you person to paste, oregon paste the partition instead? ‘Every wallpaper is antithetic but each Graham & Brown designs are paste-the-wall truthful you tin simply use the paste to the walls and bent the insubstantial dry,’ says James.

Getting a pro finish 

Take it easy, says James. ‘Unfortunately, determination are nary shortcuts erstwhile it comes to hanging wallpaper, truthful marque definite you person each the tools and clip you request to bash it properly. Rushed jobs volition look conscionable that – rushed. Take your clip and the process volition not lone beryllium smoother and easier, but the extremity effect volition beryllium overmuch better.’