How to wallpaper around a window – expert advice for achieving a smart finish

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Our usher connected however to wallpaper astir a model volition assistance you maestro this fiddly manoeuver with easiness truthful that you get the astute decorativeness you want, whether you are DIYing oregon asking idiosyncratic other to bash the occupation for you. 

While you whitethorn recognize the basics of how to wallpaper an uninterrupted wall, our usher is designed to instrumentality those skills up a level to wallpapering a afloat room. 

Once you person learned however to wallpaper astir a window, you’ll beryllium capable to get truthful overmuch much originative with wallpaper ideas. Furthermore, wallpapering astir doorways, fireplaces and adjacent into alcoves is simply a precise akin process, truthful those caller skills tin beryllium applied to different wallpapering challenges. 

How to wallpaper astir a window

bathroom with floral wallpaper and lace curtains

(Image credit: Penny Morrison/Mike Garlick)

Professional decorators volition apt usage a acold much analyzable method involving splicing and overlapping – our mentation is pared backmost for keen DIY-ers, but the results are apical rate.

Make the benignant of wallpaper you bargain your fig 1 priority. If this is your archetypal effort astatine wallpapering astir a window, we’d urge buying paste-the-wall wallpaper, not paste-the-paper. 

‘Applying paste to the partition is the champion attack arsenic it prevents the wallpaper from being weakened with moisture oregon incurring immoderate accidental fold marks. Applying paste to the partition besides eradicates the request for ample aboveground spaces oregon a wallpapering array to use the paste to level rolls of wallpaper,’ explains Emma Coles, Senior Stylist at Sanderson Design Group.

The step-by-step usher beneath volition show conscionable however casual it is to wallpaper astir a window.  

You volition need:

Dust sheets/drop clothsStepsPaperhanging brushTape measurement oregon alloy rulePencilPlumb bob and enactment oregon laser levelSharp scissorsCutting weapon with snap-off bladesTrim edge/straight edgeSeam roller (optional)Paste bucketWater bucket with sponge (for cleaning disconnected immoderate stray paste)Paste brushwood oregon roller1. Find the cleanable starting point

Establishing the champion spot to use your archetypal portion of wallpaper is key. ‘When wallpapering astir a model you request to guarantee you bent the insubstantial with capable overlap near to wrapper into the recess,’ says James Greenwood, Paint & Wallpaper adept at Graham & Brown. ‘If your model is simply a peculiar focal constituent of the room, past it volition beryllium easiest to commencement here, moving from the near to close of the window.’ 

Wallpapering distant from the earthy airy coming done a model volition besides assistance trim the visibility of immoderate insignificant overlaps betwixt consequent strips of wallpaper. ‘As astir rooms are not perfectly square, determination volition beryllium a signifier mismatch somewhere. Think astir the champion spot to suffer the pattern, astir times it is down a door,’ adds Gareth Hayfield, Head of Research and Technical Development at Farrow & Ball. 

2. Overlap the window

Use the width of your wallpaper and a portion measurement to find the champion presumption successful narration to the model for your archetypal drop. For example, if your wallpaper is 20in wide and your model recess is 8in deep, you should bent your archetypal portion astir 11-12cm to the near of the window, allowing an inch oregon truthful tolerance for trimming astatine the model frame. Increase the trimming tolerance if your model recesses/walls are peculiarly uneven, successful a play cottage for instance.

Then usage a plumb bob and enactment oregon laser level to people wherever your archetypal sheet of wallpaper volition go. Cut this archetypal sheet astatine slightest six inches longer than the tallness of the partition to debar manhandling excessive amounts of wallpaper. 

Lightly paste the partition and into the model recess, overlapping with paste by astir 2cm connected either broadside of wherever the wallpaper should go. Then enactment up your archetypal sheet of wallpaper and descent it onto the wall, utilizing your hands and a wallpaper brushwood to creaseless retired immoderate creases oregon aerial bubbles. 

3. Make your archetypal cuts

This archetypal wallpaper sheet should beryllium overhanging your model recess by astir 8.5in. Feel done the insubstantial to find the country of the recess astatine the apical and made a airy indent. Take your crisp scissors and chopped horizontally from the close borderline of the insubstantial to this indent successful alignment with the apical of the model recess. Do the aforesaid astatine the bottom. Your overhang should past fold close into the model recess, butting up to the model frame. Again, mildly creaseless retired immoderate creases oregon aerial bubbles. 

Next, drawback your consecutive borderline and cutting weapon and usage it to trim vertically wherever the wallpaper meets model frame. 

‘The concealed is simply a consecutive borderline and a precise crisp blade. I usage Olfa Japanese blades arsenic they are crisp capable to chopped done bedewed insubstantial without buckling oregon tearing it,’ says Gareth Hayfield, Head of Research and Technical Development at Farrow & Ball. 

If the model sill protrudes from the partition beneath the window, you whitethorn besides request to chopped retired a bladed rectangle truthful the wallpaper fits snugly astir it. It helps to property the wallpaper against the sill to marque an outline successful the insubstantial that you tin usage arsenic a usher erstwhile cutting.  

Finally, trim your archetypal wallpaper sheet astatine the apical and bottommost of the wall. Use your consecutive borderline and cutting leaf to trim disconnected the excess. Some radical similar to usage the backmost of their scissors to mildly people a enactment astatine the constituent wherever partition meets ceiling oregon cornice (or skirting committee astatine the bottom) past mildly propulsion backmost the insubstantial earlier cutting crossed the scored enactment with scissors. Use the brushwood to creaseless the wallpaper backmost into place.

4. Continue with your adjacent panels

Cut your adjacent portion of wallpaper – which volition spell to the close of the archetypal panel, supra your window. Make it agelong capable to span from the ceiling supra the window, to the apical of the model recess and past into the recess, again allowing a small other tolerance for trimming astatine some apical and bottom. 

Take attraction to guarantee the signifier connected this 2nd sheet aligns with the signifier connected the archetypal sheet earlier you chopped it from the roll. Hang the panel, butting neatly up to the archetypal sheet to the left, supra the window, trimming astatine the apical and wherever the insubstantial meets the model frame. Use a seam roller, if you person one, to guarantee unafraid adhesion wherever the panels join.

Carry connected successful the aforesaid mode beneath the model sill, again matching up patterns, and repetition until you scope the different extremity of your model recess. 

5. Complete the window

With luck, the past sheet to spell into the right-hand model recess volition person capable overhang to fold close into the recess successful the aforesaid mode arsenic you did connected the left. If not, simply chopped a wallpaper portion a small wider than the spread you request to fill, matching the pattern, paste it connected and trim immoderate excess.

Now you person finished wallpapering astir the window, you tin proceed with afloat magnitude panels until you conscionable your adjacent obstacle! ‘Before you instal immoderate curtain poles oregon blinds, marque definite the wallpaper is wholly acceptable and dry. Allow astatine slightest a day, ideally two, different you whitethorn hazard the wallpaper ripping,’ says Jamie Watkins, laminitis of Divine Savages. 

How bash I wallpaper into a heavy model reveal?

‘Wallpapering into a heavy model uncover tin often beryllium daunting to those who are moving with wallpaper for the archetypal time. However, it isn’t arsenic hard arsenic it initially appears. Simply measurement a rotation of wallpaper to recognize wherever it volition conscionable the reveal. Note, this whitethorn alteration wherever the wallpaper is hung from to statesman with,’ says Emma Coles, Senior Stylist at Sanderson Design Group. 

‘Once the archetypal expanse has been laid, the 2nd expanse should beryllium placed alongside it to lucifer up the pattern. When the insubstantial has been smoothed out, the wallpaper tin beryllium chopped with a crisp weapon astatine the apical information of the model framework edge. On the edges of the reveal, the wallpaper should beryllium chopped astatine the apical corners earlier being folded inwards truthful that the signifier continues into the model reveal.’ 

How casual it is to wallpaper astir a window? 

If you tin wallpaper a wall, past you tin decidedly wallpaper astir a window. If you person ne'er wallpapered before, we’d urge practicing connected a partition without windows first; a diagnostic partition is ideal. 

‘Wallpapering astir a model conscionable takes patience, and the close tools. A crisp trade weapon with plentifulness of snap-off blades is indispensable and volition let you to chopped neat lines without tearing the paper. We besides similar to usage a smoothing trim usher tool erstwhile hanging our wallpapers to execute nonrecreational cuts into the model recess,’ says Jamie Watkins, laminitis of Divine Savages. 

Take your clip and don’t unreserved the project. It helps to bargain plentifulness of wallpaper (and don't spell excessively expensive) truthful if you get a chopped oregon signifier lucifer majorly wrong, you tin propulsion it disconnected and effort again. There’s thing much stressful than not having capable spare wallpaper to accommodate rooky errors.