HS2: supplier sought for £20m tower crane work at Old Oak Common

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Construction firms moving connected the HS2 Old Oak Common presumption person published a £20m tender for lifting enactment astatine the London interchange site.

Balfour Beatty Vinci Systra (BBVS JV), the strategical confederation down the £1.67bn project, is looking for a supplier to supply a minimum of 4 dense lifting operation cranes.

The scope of enactment outlined includes the proviso of each associated labour, equipment, plant, and materials, with the supplier besides asked to transportation retired each signifier of delivery, from the plan to demobilisation of the cranes.

Lifting enactment connected tract volition statesman successful January 2025 and the cranes volition beryllium hired for a play of 2 oregon 3 years.

Cranes volition beryllium required to transportation retired lifting activities with maximum scope of 65-70m from the operation crane position. It is estimated that the heaviest lifts, consisting of spliced alloy beams volition scope from 15 tonnes to 24 tonnes (not including assistance and tackle weights) astatine distances of 50m to 65m.

They indispensable besides “oversail” the station's structure, which volition beryllium astir 25m supra the cranes' instauration level.

Due to the obstruction interfaces, the cranes volition beryllium operating with a capableness de-rated by 25 per cent and, therefore, luffing jib cranes are expected to beryllium used. The tract delivered is expected to beryllium astir fractional a mile long.

Access into the tract for the cranes volition besides beryllium constricted owed to them having to transverse a 79 tonne value bounds span connected way to the site's location.

In March, HS2 curate Andrew Stephenson warned that delays to the operation of Old Oak Common presumption could clasp up the full megaproject.