Hydrangeas not blooming? Here's why

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Wondering wherefore hydrangeas aren't blooming tin beryllium frustrating for immoderate location gardener. Hydrangeas are 1 of summer's astir anticipated blooms, and having 1 that doesn't angiosperm is disappointing.

'I ever cognize it's July due to the fact that radical commencement calling america and asking wherefore their hydrangeas aren't blooming,' says Jeanine Standard of Proven Winners, a starring angiosperm and works marque successful the U.S.

The causes are arsenic varied arsenic the hydrangea varieties themselves, and scope from not knowing how to attraction for hydrangeas, to predatory deer, to definite clime causes and more. To assistance you get to the basal of your hydrangea woes, we've rounded up proposal from apical plot experts, below. 

Why won't my hydrangeas bloom? 

There are 2 common, basal reasons that hydrangeas don't bloom: Lack of sun, and deficiency of time. Before you excavation deeper into your investigation, regularisation retired that 1 of these 2 contented isn't your culprit. 

'There's nary specified happening arsenic a hydrangea that likes shade,' says Standard.

Hydrangeas tin bash good successful part-sun, but necessitate astatine slightest 4-6 hours of nonstop prima exposure, and different 4-6 hours of indirect prima vulnerability per day.

The 2nd communal crushed hydrangeas don't bloom is time. 'A batch of radical privation instant gratification for a garden, and that doesn't happen. It takes perennials years to scope maturity,' says Standard. Depending connected the benignant of hydrangea you have, it tin instrumentality 2-5 years to bloom aft it's planted.

If your hydrangea gets plentifulness of sun, and it's astatine slightest a fewer years old, it's clip to look further into the crushed it isn't blooming.

Why antithetic types of hydrangeas don't bloom

bobo hydrangea

Panicle hydrangeas, similar the Proven Winners (opens successful caller tab) Bobo hydrangea, angiosperm connected caller wood

(Image credit: Proven Winners)

The adjacent measurement successful figuring retired wherefore your hydrangeas aren't blooming is knowing which benignant of hydrangea you have.

Different types of hydrangeas are susceptible to antithetic biology factors. Knowing your benignant volition assistance you not lone to diagnose what's going connected with your hydrangeas this year, but support them steadfast truthful they bloom adjacent year, too.

There are six communal types of hydrangeas:

Big leafPanicleSmoothClimbingMountainOakleaf

Each of these varieties falls into 1 of 3 categories: flowers that bloom connected aged wood, flowers that bloom connected caller wood, or flowers that bloom connected both, also known arsenic reblooming/remontant hydrangeas. Knowing which benignant you person is the archetypal measurement successful diagnosing the occupation with your hydrangeas, since they're susceptible to antithetic variables.

Hydrangeas that bloom connected aged wood

white gatsby hydrangea

A Gatsby Moon Oakleaf hydrangea

(Image credit: Proven Winner's)

Hydrangeas that bloom connected aged wood see mountain, Oakleaf, climbing and Big Leaf varieties. These hydrangeas angiosperm connected works maturation that was created past year. This means that a deficiency of blooms this twelvemonth mightiness beryllium from thing that happened to the works past year.

The astir communal reasons these hydrangeas bash not bloom are:


If you unrecorded successful a acold climate, your plants whitethorn person been damaged by frost. Typically, hydrangeas are damaged during springtime somesthesia swings. For example, if you person a vigor question 1 day, followed by a frost a fewer days later. 

'There are galore things that tin negatively impact a hydrangea that blooms lone connected aged wood,' says Natalie Carmolli of Spring Meadow Nursery, Inc., a flowering shrub grower successful Grand Haven, Michigan. 'First a foremost, weather. These hydrangeas signifier the buds for adjacent year’s flowers successful the erstwhile summertime aft they’ve finished blooming. All wintertime they person a nice, hard protective ammunition that keeps the buds safe. But if you person a warmup successful precocious wintertime oregon aboriginal spring, that outer ammunition volition commencement to soften, truthful the bud tin emerge. If you get different acold drawback oregon hard frost, those buds volition present frost and die. That means nary flowers.'

To forestall this successful the future, screen hydrangeas during immoderate outpouring freezes.


Old wood hydrangeas should not beryllium pruned, due to the fact that you'll clip disconnected immoderate caller buds. If you pruned your hydrangeas past year, they volition not bloom this year. Leave them beryllium this twelvemonth and hold for adjacent year's blooms.

'Improper pruning tin besides origin nary flowers connected this benignant [of hydrangea]' says Carmolli. 'When successful doubt, don’t prune!'


Another crushed hydrangeas don't bloom is due to the fact that cervid devour them. This affects each types of hydrangeas, and tin beryllium a harder origin to control, but determination are immoderate things you tin bash each twelvemonth to effort and steer the cervid distant from your bushes.

'You tin effort applying a cervid deterrent spray each different evening aboriginal successful the season, earlier they found their feeding patterns,' says Carmolli. 'Deer are mostly creatures of habit, and if you tin thatch them aboriginal to debar your hydrangeas, they are much similar to debar them each season. That said, erstwhile cervid are genuinely hungry, there’s nary telling what rules they whitethorn break.'

Hydrangeas that bloom connected caller wood

white creaseless  hydrangea

(Image credit: Proven Winners )

Hydrangeas that bloom connected caller wood see Panicle and Smooth hydrangeas. They angiosperm connected maturation created this year, which means that adjacent if they get damaged there's a accidental they mightiness inactive bloom this twelvemonth with a small TLC. Panicle hydrangeas are considered among the easiest to turn due to the fact that they're adaptable and angiosperm much reliably than different varieties. 

Still, similar aged wood hydrangeas, caller wood hydrangeas are susceptible to springtime somesthesia swings, which tin harm buds and origin less flowers, oregon aboriginal blooming than successful an mean year. They tin besides beryllium eaten by deer, and learning how to prune hydrangeas tin besides guarantee yours bloom each year.

But, if your Panicle oregon different caller wood hydrangea isn't blooming, it's apt not getting capable light, says Carmolli. Panicle hydrangeas volition bloom champion erstwhile they get 4+ hours of afloat prima per day.

That, oregon it's conscionable excessively young. 'Give caller hydrangeas astir 3 years to make a beardown basal system, which volition assistance promote bloom. There is simply a word called slumber (year one), creep (year two), leap (year three), erstwhile it comes to getting a plant’s roots established truthful it tin execute optimally,' she says.

Reblooming hydrangeas 

blue hydrangeas

(Image credit: Spring Meadow Nursery)

Reblooming hydrangeas bloom connected some aged and caller wood, and see the fashionable Big Leaf varieties, pictured above. 

'Remontant hydrangeas bloom connected some aged and caller wood, truthful adjacent if the aged wood blooms are damaged, the caller wood buds, which are formed successful the aforesaid season, volition inactive bloom,' says Carmolli. 'That bloom whitethorn beryllium delayed, but arsenic agelong arsenic they aren’t browsed by cervid oregon pruned distant [they tin inactive bloom]. Keep successful mind, immoderate rebloomers bloom connected caller wood faster than others. Our Let’s Dance® bid of bigleaf hydrangeas were breadstuff to rebloom sooner than accepted rebloomers.'

Although they tin tolerate immoderate shade, excessively overmuch tin besides impact bloom. 

Can you marque a non blooming hydrangea bloom this year?

Again, whether your hydrangea volition bloom this twelvemonth volition beryllium connected the type. If it's an aged wood hydrangea, unless it’s conscionable a small aboriginal to bloom than you planned, you'll person to hold until adjacent twelvemonth for flowers. 

'Getting your hydrangea to bloom good is simply a agelong game,' says Carmolli. 'You tin assistance it retired by making definite it isn’t stressed from deficiency of h2o - h2o profoundly 2-3 times a week alternatively of a small spot each day. Add a time if it’s hotter.'

She besides suggests adding 2-3” furniture of mulch astir the works to assistance support roots chill and conserve moisture, and making definite your hydrangeas are successful an country wherever they’ll get astatine slightest 5 hours of prima a day.

Finally, 'take attraction to screen tender buds successful aboriginal outpouring with a expanse oregon airy tarp, and signifier due pruning for the champion angiosperm display,' she says. 

What to provender hydrangeas to marque them bloom

'A bully shrub fertilizer, similar 1 that’s developed for roses oregon shrubs, volition assistance your full hydrangeas turn much vigorously. But determination isn’t thing that you tin provender it that volition specifically unit caller buds,' says Carmolli. 'Fertilize aboriginal successful the spring, and again successful precocious outpouring according to bundle directions. Don’t fertilize aft July, oregon your works volition conscionable propulsion caller foliage maturation (not other flowers) that volition not person clip to harden disconnected erstwhile your works should beryllium going dormant successful the fall.'