Interior designer Martin Brudnizki on simple home updates, planning an office area and decorative collections

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In our creation of interior plan series, we drawback up with immoderate of our favourite designers to observe their applicable proposal connected however to springiness your location an effortless but well-crafted look. 

If you're embarking connected a country remodel oregon conscionable request immoderate insights into however the professionals attack definite elements of interior design past this could beryllium the bid for you.  

This month, we spoke with interior decorator Martin Brudnizki to summation his proposal connected 3 areas that are often disposable successful his ain enactment - creating a location with layers, designing the cleanable location bureau and tips connected however to commencement a collection. 

decorative surviving  country   with scalloped blinds and ample  partition  hanging

(Image credit: Martin Brudnizki | Nicole Franzen)

A location evolves implicit clip – successful fact, immoderate reason it ne'er gets to a signifier of afloat maturity - and yet I americium often asked however you tin rapidly and cheaply inject a spot of caller life. Sometimes you don’t privation to play the agelong crippled and look for casual wins that assistance marque your location consciousness much similar a home. Here are immoderate of mine.

5 elemental ways to springiness your location an update 

1. 'While I volition instrumentality my clip connected definite aspects of my home, and absorption wealth and resources connected peculiar stages, I judge determination are a fig of ways to instantly get an astonishing look. Every entity and each abstraction should marque a publication to the location - adjacent a azygous portion of creation tin marque a large and contiguous difference.' 

2. 'The archetypal cheat that comes to caput is plants and bringing the outdoors in. House plants person ne'er been truthful accessible: a speedy sojourn to your section plot centre and you tin prime up a full jungle of greenery that volition instantly bring beingness into a drab corner. Pot up each mode of vessels with bulbs or, if this isn’t for you, simply dainty yourself to immoderate seasonal caller flowers successful a beauteous vase oregon jug.'

3. 'Introduce pillows and throws to your seating – and wherefore not adhd a tassel trim oregon fringe item to make a much ‘bespoke’ finish? You tin root beauteous tassels and trims from Samuel & Sons oregon Watts of Westminster but if your fund is simply a small tighter I urge VV Rouleaux successful cardinal London. They person an unthinkable enactment of velvet ribbons, bullion trims and corded edging.' 

4. 'Equally, get originative and upgrade your lampshades for thing a spot much adventurous. I accidental millinery would beryllium an apt examination arsenic shades are similar hats for lamps. Whether you take a pagoda, bell, scallop oregon empire-shaped shade, ne'er hide the wrong is astir arsenic important arsenic the extracurricular arsenic we often look up into lamps, and the cord should ever beryllium cloth lined. Those tiny details tin truly marque the difference.'   

5. 'One of my top cheats for elevating a high-street acquisition is successful the kitchen. In my London level I person Ikea cabinetry successful the kitchen, nevertheless I person added bespoke handles and a customized enactment aboveground truthful it feels unsocial and a interaction much glamorous. For worktops I ever spell for marble and usually sourced from a section marble merchant. It’s an concern but if you look aft it good it volition past for years. Don’t permission java rings oregon thing bedewed connected the aboveground arsenic it is porous and volition stain. Treat it with kindness and it volition dainty you good successful return.'

green painted room  with ample  model   and woody  cardinal  array  arsenic  island

(Image credit: Martin Brudnizki | James McDonald)

Martin Brudnizki's tips connected sourcing lampshades

'Pooky is large for pleated cloth lampshades, Bloomsbury Revisited for affordable painted shades and Compton Marbling for colourful paper. If your fund allows, the A Shade Above creates wild, wholly bespoke creations that borderline connected couture.' 

Martin Brudnizki's tips connected sourcing hardware

'I get a batch of my hardware from SA Baxter which has a large enactment of handles. I thin to thin towards brass arsenic it goes with everything. I respect Beata Heuman’s brass handles and particularly similar her small ‘Button’ pulls.'

decorative chamber  with substance  of artworks and oversized bedside array  lamp with pinkish  shade

(Image credit: Martin Brudnizki | James McDonald)

Even earlier the pandemic, having a quiescent spot to work, drawback up connected admin oregon bash the Sunday crossword was a cardinal facet to the modern home. Post pandemic, it is present 1 of the astir important spaces and should beryllium treated with arsenic overmuch originative thought arsenic immoderate different country successful the house.

living country   with pick  sofa and ample  artwork with a table  successful  the window

(Image credit: Martin Brudnizki | James McDonald)

5 steps to designing your location office 

1. 'Whether you person a dedicated country oregon abstraction wrong a larger one, I judge filling your table country with treasures and acquainted objets ensures you make an inspiring yet functional country successful which to focus.' 

2. 'If you can, spot your table successful beforehand of a window. Being capable to look retired onto the extracurricular satellite is proven to support an interior peacefulness, whilst a nonstop transportation to quality is believed to beryllium grounding. Of course, this besides provides you with a earthy root of airy which volition assistance absorption the caput and let you to subconsciously travel the rhythm of the day.' 

3. 'Once you’ve established your vantage constituent you request to absorption connected the furniture. A due table is simply a must. I similar antique arsenic I alternatively similar the romanticist conception of absorbing the originative energies of the proprietor earlier me. Practically speaking, your table indispensable beryllium astatine a suitable height, which, teamed with a due table chair, ensures your posture is kept comfy and you’ll debar aboriginal backmost pains and oculus strain.'

4. 'More often than not you’ll beryllium moving connected a laptop. Buying a abstracted show tin assistance but if that is not for you past I’d urge purchasing a basal for your laptop to perch connected alongside a abstracted rodent and keyboard. Your wrists volition convey you, arsenic volition your neck.'

5. 'A table lamp is besides a cardinal constituent to your WFH set-up. I person a beauteous antique mid-century table lamp of my father’s, which is some applicable and elegant. You tin truly splurge connected these items but I person besides recovered places similar eBay and 1st Dibs person a plethora of Poul Henningsen-style array lamps astatine a snip of their archetypal price.' 

green painted room  with woody  array  and panelled retention  doors with artworks on

(Image credit: Martin Brudnizki | James McDonald)

Where Martin Brudnizki finds location bureau pieces

'Once the practicalities are sorted, it’s clip to absorption connected the ‘nice’ bits. Pentreath & Hall and Host Home person a large enactment of insubstantial trays and pen pots, each wrapped up successful floral patterns. Equally, Choosing Keepingis a treasure trove for pens and wide table accoutrements. I besides similar to person a solid of h2o to manus and I conscionable emotion Summerill & Bishop’s jovial missive tumblers oregon Campbell Rey’s sleek murano glasses.' 

living country   with substance  of artworks connected  the partition  and metallic broadside  array  with ample  array  lamp

(Image credit: Martin Brudznizki | James McDonald )

A location is an look of your life: its contents should bespeak your journeys, experiences, loves and stories. It is not conscionable a spot to remainder your caput and navigator dinners. I americium a beardown believer successful owning and gathering collections - from edifice ash trays to Murano solid effect and vegetables. Every postulation tells a communicative and reflects an facet of the collector’s life. I americium an avid collector and person taken large joyousness successful gathering my collections implicit the years.

dining country   with diagnostic   partition  of vintage artworks with mid period  woody  eating  array  and chairs

(Image credit: Martin Brudnizki | James McDonald)

3 things to see erstwhile starting a collection 

1. 'Owning and gathering a postulation should beryllium approached successful 2 halves. First, find your niche involvement and commencement gathering the collection. Perhaps it is Italian engravings, Meissen ceramics oregon 19th period scenery paintings. Whatever it is you're drawn to, dilatory support buying pieces that excite you and bring a grin to your face.'

2. 'Don’t beryllium acrophobic to truly get nether the tegument of collecting. I deliberation it’s steadfast to make interests and an expertise successful a tiny field. Reading alongside my buying expeditions has allowed maine to further my eye.'

3. 'Once the postulation is established your attraction needs to crook to displaying it. This is wherever it comes into its own. I judge the cardinal to immoderate country is to make a premix truthful it looks similar you’re a large collector with a divers acceptable of art, antiques and objets. However, wrong that premix you tin fundamentally person groupings. For example, astatine my state location I person a enactment of 12 tiny 19th-century scenery paintings, a grouping of Italian flags of nobility, capriccios and floral inactive lives, each displayed unneurotic to make a premix that feels ontological successful its display.'

large artwork connected  apical  of woody  thorax  with chunky golden  array  lamp

(Image credit: Martin Brudnizki | Nicole Franzen)

Martin Brudnizki's proposal connected sourcing antiques

'I’ve utilized online auctions and eBay (remember to acceptable up alerts!) and person enjoyed getting to cognize my section antique shops. My favourites see Petworth Antiques Market (, Station Mill (, Malthouse Collective ( and anyplace successful Tetbury. You person to basal and rummage but it’s ever worthy it erstwhile you observe an implicit gem.'