Interior designer Natalia Miyar shares 3 secrets to creating impact with sculptural lighting

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Interior decorator and designer Natalia Miyar believes that sculptural lighting creates a stunning focal constituent erstwhile designing and decorating a room. From choosing materials that accentuate a abstraction to commissioning a unsocial artisanal piece, present Natalia giver her tips connected however to acceptable the temper done light, utilizing living country lighting ideas – and inspiration for the rooms beyond.

'At the Natalia Miyar Atelier, bespoke connection lighting often provides 1 of the galore layers of airy needed for a room. I genuinely judge that lighting is 1 of the astir important aspects of a plan arsenic it tin wholly alteration the temper of a room,’ she says. ‘Designing bespoke lighting is 1 of my favourite parts of putting a country together.’

1. Materials first

Large achromatic  room  land  with golden  basal  lining, golden  taps, achromatic  French doors

(Image credit: Natalia Miyar)

Natalia often uses lighting to item colors, textures and the architectural quality of a room. A cardinal light, whether supra a eating table, a room land oregon successful a surviving room, is simply a large mode to bring an accent worldly into a space. 

Metals specified arsenic brass oregon copper adhd a interaction of warmth, and assistance to bounce the earthy airy astir the country during the day, adjacent erstwhile the artificial airy itself is switched off.

2. Play with scale

Green and yellowish  rectangle partition  hangings, bluish  ellipse  eating  table

(Image credit: Natalia Miyar)

Be bold, and deliberation of a pendant airy arsenic a functional portion of art. 

‘I often accidental that lighting is equivalent to adding jewellery to a stylish outfit; it tin adhd truthful overmuch quality and without it, the outfit feels incomplete,’ says Miyar who often partners with talented artisans to bring her unsocial imaginativeness to life. ‘My proposal is not to play excessively harmless – this is an accidental to person a small fun.’

3. Choose the close shape

Metal angiosperm  lamp, woody  eating  table

(Image credit: Natalia Miyar)

It’s not conscionable what a light’s made of that needs to complement the remainder of the room: it’s the signifier too. Minimalist geometric lighting for instance, mightiness bespeak the lines of an abstract coating oregon mirror; the arms of a clump of pendants could tie-in with the signifier of a skylight supra portion circular globe lights whitethorn echo the brushed signifier of curving armchairs. 

‘Good sculptural lighting enhances your decoration and furnishings choices,’ says Miyar. 'It’s similar a ocular abbreviated manus and tin sum up the code oregon benignant of a room, whether modern oregon classic, successful an instant.'

Oval golden  and achromatic  airy  with achromatic  airy  balls, circular  blue-green table

(Image credit: Natalia Miyar)