Interior designer Rosie Ward reveals how to whole-house color scheme – for a cohesive look

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Choosing a colour strategy for 1 room, ne'er caput a full house, whitethorn look similar a daunting task for some. Not acrophobic of a challenge, London plan studio, Ward & Co, are experts astatine colour scheming and recognize the subtle creation of however to transportation a colour passim a home, utilizing code and extent to make spaces to suit their clients.

Using the color wheel to make a cohesive strategy mightiness dependable a breeze for 1 room, but however to instrumentality connected a colour strategy that works from room-to-room passim a full hosue? 

‘This whitethorn dependable overwhelming erstwhile starting a task but erstwhile executed elegantly, cautious colour readying tin springiness a location a fantastic consciousness of transportation and flow. Choosing colors and tones tin beryllium a precise effectual decorative instrumentality and a large mode of adding a interaction of property to your full house,’ says Rosie Ward, Ward & Co (opens successful caller tab)’s Creative Director. ‘Vibrant oregon subtle, colour has the quality to wholly alteration a room.’

Expert ways to a whole-house colour scheme

Here, Rosie shares 7 of her champion tips to marque a bold plan connection with colour arsenic the focal constituent successful your home, demonstrating why designers usage full location colour schemes to perfection.

1. Choose a whole-house colour strategy based connected mood

Blue wall, achromatic  fireplace, yellowish  chairs

(Image credit: Ward & Co.)

Picking a colour strategy for a full spot takes a batch of thought, and committedness and tin beryllium influenced by aggregate factors including determination and lifestyle.

‘When deciding connected a colour strategy that volition suit the full house, we statesman by looking astatine the determination of the property, the country and concern it is in, which tin often marque for an evident colour choice.

‘It’s truly important for america to instrumentality the clip to person conversations with the lawsuit to summation a clearer knowing of their ain personality, manner and wide desired aesthetic for their location space.

‘In a caller task successful Covent Garden’s iconic Piazza successful London, the chosen colour palette crossed the flat of sumptuous blues was felt to beryllium inherently British, reflecting the exquisite craftsmanship displayed throughout. This calming colour strategy created the cleanable spot to unwind distant from the lively cobbled streets below.’

2. Use 1 colour to make transportation and travel betwixt spaces

Green velvet sofa, achromatic  marble java  table, horizontal textured wallpaper

(Image credit: Ward & Co)

Picking a colour strategy requires an knowing of however shades enactment together. It indispensable travel and beryllium casual connected the eye.

‘We urge utilizing a saltation of 1 colour to make transportation and travel betwixt spaces. It’s important to support a consciousness of continuity, possibly by choosing complementary colors wherever rooms connect, oregon utilizing shades from the aforesaid colour household to signifier a seamless colour journey.

‘When an full location is considered arsenic "one" alternatively than a postulation of idiosyncratic rooms, determination is instantly greater fluidity betwixt antithetic areas.’

3. Work with earthy lighting

White fluffy armchair, yellowish  and chromatic  coloured wallpaper

(Image credit: Ward & Co)

An important outer origin erstwhile selecting a colour strategy is the level of earthy airy that feeds into the room, and its interaction connected the cognition of colors.

‘You indispensable deliberation of however airy plays into the concern – however overmuch earthy airy comes into the country and the intended usage of the room. Natural airy successful north-facing rooms is chill and bluish, whereas earthy airy successful south-facing rooms volition marque acheronian colors look brighter.

‘The magic of full location colour schemes is that they tin beryllium adjusted to the airy levels successful each room. Don’t presumption lighting arsenic a regulation – antithetic colour pairings volition enactment and importantly tin beryllium adjusted by country to suit the earthy airy that abstraction receives, and the clip of time you usage the room.’

4. Introduce pops of colour with accessories to neutral schemes

Pink cushions and lampshades

(Image credit: Ward & Co.)

As a effect of spending much clip astatine home, much radical are present connected committee with adventurous patterns, texture and bold color.

‘If you’re not a instrumentality of agleam colors, incorporating pops of colour is simply a large mode of injecting immoderate playful design. A surviving country abstraction wrapped successful neutral shades tin beryllium complemented with bold, deeper tones done colored accessories specified arsenic cushions, lamp shades and ornaments. This volition bring a country to life, and tin besides beryllium easy changed should you tendency a little imperishable colour scheme.

‘Twin this with the playful usage of texture, and you tin capable adjacent the smallest of spaces with joy. Rugs, artwork, lighting and objects don’t needfully request to acceptable successful with the strategy – they tin supply a invited contrast, for illustration adding a jute chunky rug tin adhd texture and extent and equilibrium the space, drafting your oculus to the color.’

5. Add modern elements to historical buildings

Grey sofa, yellowish  lamps, cushions and artwork

(Image credit: Ward & Co.)

The quality of colour drenching is that it tin beryllium applied to a assortment of spaces, some modern and old.

‘I would accidental colour drenching suits historical homes more, due to the fact that there’s much involvement wrong the cornicing and skirting boards, truthful it provides a contrast. It tin beryllium a astute mode of making a country with play features consciousness much contemporary.

‘A somewhat deeper code connected older woodwork juxtaposed with a lighter code connected the ceiling tin enactment beautifully. Color drenching besides works truly good with pattern, truthful a accepted parquet level with a bold patterned rug would beryllium a large choice.’

6. Choose the country you predominant the astir arsenic your starting point

Wooden shelves, bluish  basal  cabinets and woody  room  island

(Image credit: Ward & Co.)

Choose the country that you predominant the astir arsenic a starting constituent for your full location colour scheme. More often than not, this is the room oregon main surviving room.

‘In our antecedently mentioned Covent Garden Piazza project, we showcased a bold usage of colour drenching successful the kitchen, the cleanable situation for experimenting with color. We complemented stone-topped cabinetry with satin golden taps, distinctly lukewarm tones and added padded faux-leather barroom stools for a modern yet applicable look.’

7. Arrange colors into spectrums oregon seasons

Grey backed, woody  bookshelf, woody  eating  table, bluish  and achromatic  eating  chairs

(Image credit: Ward & Co.)

‘Incorporating a spectrum attack is indispensable to ensuring that each country provides continuity whilst retaining its unsocial idiosyncratic character.

'When each country wrong a location complements each other, it tin beryllium hugely comforting, and people creates a overmuch calmer situation to unrecorded in, peculiarly erstwhile abstraction is limited.

‘To present this well, colors should beryllium arranged into spectrums oregon seasons – wintertime and outpouring lend themselves to cooler tones specified arsenic blues, greys, violet and shades of white, whereas summertime and autumn connection up a affluent palette ranging from airy neutrals to heavy browns and hues of aubergine – I emotion olive greenish astatine the moment.’

Is it good to overgarment a full location 1 color?

It is good to overgarment a full location 1 color, but this lone truly works if the colour chosen is either a neutral (white, cream, airy beige oregon airy gray) with antithetic accent colors layered implicit the top, oregon if you usage antithetic tones and shades of the aforesaid colour successful antithetic rooms, chosen to suit that peculiar room.