Interior designer Rosie Ward shares 6 tips for a powder room that wows

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Contrary to what its applicable intent whitethorn imply, designing a pulverization country tin beryllium 1 of the astir breathtaking undertakings successful a home. For one, a tiny abstraction tin grip bursts of colour and signifier that would overwhelm larger rooms. Plus, due to the fact that it's often closed disconnected from the remainder of the home, pulverization country designs tin beryllium a implicit departure from those successful different areas.

'Because they're usually small, transient spaces, pulverization rooms often get overlooked successful the renovation process,' says Rosie Ward, originative manager of London interior plan steadfast Ward & Co. 'However, functionality doesn’t person to beryllium the lone happening astatine play here. It's apt to beryllium visited by guests truthful enactment your champion ft guardant and don’t scrimp connected style.'

Here, Ward shares six of her champion powder country ideas for ensuring your pint-size h2o closet makes an impact.

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Rosie Ward is the originative manager of Ward & Co., a London-based interior plan steadfast started by her mother, Sarah Ward, successful 1986. The award-winning workplace develops interiors for metropolis apartments, countryside homes, historical estates, restaurants, bars and more, successful London, Suffolk, and beyond. 

1. Assess the abstraction and retention requirements

white pulverization  room

(Image credit: Ward & Co / Taran Wilkh)

Function is astatine the halfway of astute pulverization country design, truthful see practicalities first.

'Every pulverization country is different, truthful archetypal measure the size of the country and deliberation astir the size and signifier of descend the country tin take. Then, see if you request retention and whether this tin beryllium free-standing oregon if it needs to beryllium incorporated into a vanity unit,' suggests Ward.

If maximizing quadrate footage is astatine the apical of your precedence list, wall-hung vanities person the vantage of making a abstraction consciousness overmuch larger, but Ward recommends adding a drawer oregon furniture present for efficiency.

'If your cloakroom abstraction is truly tight, see a country descend with an added skirt to fell immoderate toiletries and adhd a flourish of colour oregon pattern,' Ward says. 'Alternatively, you tin manufacture retention abstraction into joinery oregon niches truthful towels and toilet insubstantial are hidden successful a subtle and stylish way.'

2. Install a connection faucet and sink

modern pulverization  country   with ample  mirror

(Image credit: Ward & Co.)

In a tiny space, each item is simply a accidental to crook a ho-hum abstraction into 1 that wows. That includes things similar faucets and plumbing fixtures.  

'In presumption of faucets, this is precise overmuch related to the descend that you choose. Styles specified arsenic brass oregon matte achromatic are incredibly fashionable and enactment good with a scope of descend materials and sizes,' says Ward. 'Some sinks person holes for faucets, others bash not. If you person a vanity, deliberation whether you person the abstraction to spot a aboveground mounted tap, if not, past this should beryllium wall-mounted. Be alert that the contractor needs to get pipes into the partition if this is to beryllium wall-mounted, truthful if it is connected a masonry partition it is amended to spell for a aboveground mounted faucet.'

3. Go bold with wallpaper

tan floral wallpaper successful  a pulverization  room

(Image credit: Ward & Co. / Jon Bond)

When considering half bath ideas, deliberation beyond the decor that's successful the remainder of your home. Boundary pushing wallpaper ideas are astir a requisite. 

'You tin beryllium daring and usage a bold colour oregon chaotic signifier you emotion but aren’t brave capable to usage successful a main surviving space,' says Ward. 'There are immoderate superb wallcoverings that let you to person amusive with this abstraction - brands specified arsenic Timorous Beasties, Cole & Son, Fromental and Elitis are immoderate of my favorites and connection a immense assortment of playful patterns and textures guaranteed to impress.'

4. Strike the close equilibrium with lighting and mirrors

modern pulverization  country   with partition  hung vanity

(Image credit: Ward & Co.)

In designing a pulverization room, Ward says it's important to retrieve some the room's history, and however your guests mightiness usage it today. 

'The word ‘powder room’ harks backmost to the Regency epoch and the closet sized rooms wherever ladies had their towering wigs re-powdered. Considering the much modern operation to ‘powder one’s nose’, it is indispensable to supply due lighting for users to behaviour immoderate indispensable touch-ups,' she explains. 'A stand-out reflector is simply a pulverization country indispensable and should ideally travel with the quality to measurement up close, oregon with a magnifying constituent to them. Pendant oregon partition lights should beryllium ambient but besides beardown capable truthful that users tin use makeup.'

5. Add eclectic antiques, artwork and trinkets

gray wallpapered pulverization  room

(Image credit: Ward & Co. / Jon Bond)

Options for pulverization country partition decor are limitless, acknowledgment to the information that, dissimilar different bathrooms successful the home, it isn't a bedewed room. 

'The large happening astir a pulverization country is that determination is nary steam from a ablution arsenic is the lawsuit with a main bathroom. This means you don’t request to trust connected wholly water-resistant materials and it is besides harmless to bent treasured artwork oregon antique pieces,' Ward says.

Besides art, a curated enactment of trinkets and decor tin besides adhd to the ambience. 'Toss the basal soap dispenser and see immoderate stylish accessories for your descend - solid jars, mother-of-pearl oregon brass trinket trays and rattan oregon leather discarded bins volition adhd a interaction of elegance and you tin support to 1 taxable present oregon premix and lucifer materials for a much eclectic look,' she says. 

6. Take vantage of tiling

tan tiled pulverization  room

(Image credit: Ward & Co. / Jon Bond)

'Tiling up to 3 quarters of the mode up a partition tin marque a tiny country look larger than it truly is,' advises Ward. 'Tiles are besides applicable and casual to cleanable versus painted oregon papered walls, truthful perfect if you privation a debased attraction option.'

For an allover impact, you tin besides usage the aforesaid tile connected some walls and floors. 'Cladding a pulverization country wholly successful 1 peculiar tile (floors included) tin effect successful a show-stopping ocular effect. We regularly enactment with earthy chromatic for this benignant of design, it’s hard wearing and it's a large bathroom flooring idea for underfloor heating. The immense assortment of earthy chromatic connected connection ranges from the rustic imperfections of limestone to sleek elegance of marble oregon granite, truthful there’s thing for everyone.'