'Invisible countertops' – discover the biggest kitchen innovation for years

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It’s official: The latest sci-fi-inspired room innovation has arrived successful our homes – successful the signifier of invisible countertops – and they are arsenic futuristic arsenic they sound. 

It’s casual to statement invisible countertops arsenic 'of the moment' – but we expect this kitchen countertop idea to beryllium much than conscionable a fad. Instead, we foretell what is the biggest kitchen trend close present to acceptable the modular for astute kitchens into the future. 

Here’s wherefore invisible countertops are the aboriginal of kitchens, according to those successful the know. 

What are invisible countertops?

Invisible room  countertop

(Image credit: Invisacook)

Invisible countertops see a room hob that appears invisible to the oculus (as seen successful the photograph above). This allows the cooking country to acceptable successful seamlessly with the remainder of the countertop – leaving you with a cleanable look that becomes functional whenever you desire. 

Karen Sealy, a decorator from Sealy Design, is simply a person successful incorporating this modern room idea into her designs (more below). ‘We emotion ours because, successful a tiny space, it provides dual function,’ she says. The decorator adds that the diagnostic is easier to maintain, clean, and looks sleeker – meaning you are near with a stylish but nevertheless functional space. 

Why are invisible countertops trending? 

Invisible room  countertop

(Image credit: Sealy Design)

The benefits down invisible countertops request nary further introduction, but determination are adjacent much positives than what initially meets the eye. 

1. Invisible countertops are vigor efficient 

According to Curtis Ceballos, the CEO and Visionary of Invisacook Inc, determination are 3 main reasons we are looking to put successful an invisible countertop. However, the astir salient of these is its efficiency.

The adept explains that homeowners emotion ‘the quality to navigator usually connected apical of [their] countertop portion redeeming electricity.’ and it is easier to cleanable up too, naturally.  

2. Invisible countertops make much space 

Invisible room  countertop

(Image credit: Sealy Design)

Invisible countertops person galore benefits, but their astir unsocial is (arguably) their quality to prevention space. 

Curtis explains that this diagnostic ‘creates invaluable space’ without having to contend with a cumbersome stovetop. Therefore, you person the ‘ability to usage your countertop for a myriad of different functions.’  

3. Invisible countertops cognize however to marque a statement

Invisible room  countertop

(Image credit: Invisacook)

Alongside their functionality, invisible countertops are susceptible of demanding attraction successful a space. So, if you’re going to put successful this small room idea for 1 crushed alone, fto it beryllium that. Curtis adds that this inclination volition permission an content connected your guests whilst ‘maintaining information astatine a prerequisite.’ 

‘The aboriginal and solution for kitchens of tiny homes, apartments, condominiums, cabins, boats, planes, and recreational vehicles is here,’ helium adds. 

Will you marque the investment?