Jake Arnold reveals the correct way to use color in your home

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If anybody knows however to curate a celebrity-approved statement, it is Jake Arnold. The British-raised, LA-based decorator has decorated homes for John Legend & Chrissy Teigen, Katy Perry, and Rashida Jones (to sanction but a few), who are sold connected his quality to harvester accepted London charm with California cool. And portion of achieving this unsocial aesthetic is however helium uses colour successful a room. 

Alongside his ever-emerging presumption successful the SoCal plan scene, Jake Arnold is known for co-founding The Expert, a level that allows for one-to-one interior plan tips with immoderate of the astir recognized names successful the industry. 

However, it was successful his treatment with our Editorial Director, Sarah Spiteri, that Jake Arnold revealed his ain decorating ideas – including the close mode to harvester colors successful your space. 

Living country   - Jake Arnold's surviving  country   styling tips

(Image credit: Jake Arnold)

In the unrecorded treatment for London Design Week, Jake revealed what you request to retrieve erstwhile experimenting with bold colour successful your abstraction – to make a perfectly balanced statement.  

Jake Arnold’s concealed for utilizing colour successful your location  

Dining country   with woody  eating  array  and eating  armchairs, level  lamp with pinkish  lampshade

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The decorator reveals that, successful a room, you should presumption each diagnostic arsenic an ‘event’ oregon a ‘non-event.’ 

‘It’s uncovering what the lawsuit successful the abstraction is. For example, the sofa is the main event, but the rug for maine is not,’ Jake says. ‘It’s wherever you find the equilibrium of wherever you person the propulsion and propulsion and wherever you’re going to person that bold statement.’ 

Therefore, to guarantee your bold furnishings and paint ideas are capable to marque a statement, you request to incorporated subtler tones that let the pieces to basal retired successful your space. ‘For me, the understatedness of it each is what makes the statement,’ helium adds. 

Modern chamber  with colorful headboard

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When it comes to playing with color combinations successful your home, Jake adds that you tin curate the cleanable tonality by pairing the right-toned textures fabrics and accent pieces. 

‘It mightiness beryllium successful a sconce oregon the trim of something, but it’s not needfully 1 large portion that’s a agleam color,’ helium explains. ‘My full thought is that I privation to person high-impact successful a space, but livability. A batch of clients who travel to maine privation thing timeless – and not stuck successful a abstraction that was designed astatine a clip erstwhile they made those decisions.’

We’re pursuing these plan notes from the interiors guru astatine the earliest opportunity.