Jenni Kayne's serene LA home celebrates a neutral palette of natural materials

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Few houses link with their surroundings arsenic perfectly arsenic the Los Angeles location of manner and manner guru Jenni Kayne, which is undoubtedly 1 of the world's champion homes. 

Tucked distant successful a canyon to the westbound of the city, the gathering is the enactment of Belgian designer Vincent Van Duysen, whose modernist-inspired plan appears to bring its wooded mounting close into the location itself. ‘There is nary existent obstruction betwixt exterior and interior; the architecture merges with the outdoors,’ helium affirms.

Jenni, whose eponymous marque offers manner and interiors staples, approached Vincent successful 2015. ‘There was an contiguous connection,’ she says. ‘He’s unthinkable to enactment with arsenic helium truly cares astir who you are arsenic a household and however you privation to relation successful the space.’ 

Taking into relationship the lifestyles of Jenni, her hubby Richard Ehrlich – proprietor of a spot bureau – and their children, Tanner, Ripley and Trooper, Vincent designed the location arsenic a bid of interlinking volumes acceptable astir a courtyard. ‘The unfastened program creates an informal atmosphere, wherever the travel of spaces turns rooms into a continuous experience,’ helium says. 

Living room

white ceramic  walls, built successful  seating, achromatic  sofa, achromatic  sheepkin chairs and woody  java  table

(Image credit: Stephen Kent Johnson/ Otto)

Inside, the volumes are punctuated with full-height glazing framing sylvan views, astir notably successful the surviving country wherever living country ideas see a partition of sliding solid opening up to a hillside dotted with oaks and sycamores. ‘We wanted to get arsenic adjacent to quality arsenic possible,’ says Jenni.


woman and canine  by plaster spiral staircase

(Image credit: Stephen Kent Johnson/ Otto)

To necktie successful with the surroundings, materials are constricted to airy oak, French limestone and textural plaster. One of the hallway ideas was to usage textural plaster for a spiral staircase that leads to an office, the house’s lone first-floor space. ‘The lone crushed we enactment the bureau up determination is due to the fact that I insisted connected having a staircase – Vincent makes the astir beauteous ones,’ says Jenni.

Family room

family country   with achromatic  ceramic  walls, limestone flags, built successful  woody  seating with achromatic  cushions, java  array  and vintage lounge chair

(Image credit: Stephen Kent Johnson/ Otto)

Built-in seating maximizes the abstraction and ensures an uncluttered feel. The restful palette is enlivened with textures including oak, limewashed ceramic and French limestone flags.

The architecture has been complemented with creation and vintage Scandi pieces sourced by Jenni arsenic good arsenic brushed furnishings made by her person Molly Isaksen.


kitchen with oak cabinetry and island, wood   and enactment      barroom  stools, plaster walls and pendant

(Image credit: Stephen Kent Johnson/ Otto)

Kitchen ideas see utilizing beautifully crafted oak cabinetry that has been tailored to the needs of a household that loves to entertain. The room’s textural plaster decorativeness chimes with the pendant lights and lends subtle question to the scheme.

Pale arsenic the interiors are, Jenni insists that ‘nothing is excessively precious; I judge everything is simply a surviving aboveground truthful I don’t get upset if there’s a ringing people connected a countertop.’


white chamber  with achromatic  1940s sheepskin chair, achromatic  bed, woody  screen, achromatic  rug and lamp and bedside drawers

(Image credit: Stephen Kent Johnson/ Otto)

‘I wanted everything to consciousness grounded and timeless,’ notes Jenni of the elemental furnishings, which see a 1940s sheepskin chair. 

Among the bedroom ideas are an oak screen, designed by Vincent, to bring a consciousness of intimacy to the space.


bedroom with oak slats successful  the ceiling, woody  floor, plaster walls and vintage woody  thorax  of drawers

(Image credit: Stephen Kent Johnson/ Otto)

The ceiling’s oak slats guarantee an absorbing interplay of airy and shade. The doors starring to the couple’s 2 bathrooms person been designed to vanish into the wall.


neutral bath  with achromatic  rotation  apical  tub, achromatic  drawers, marble floor, fireplace, achromatic  pendant and achromatic  metallic  framed windows

(Image credit: Stephen Kent Johnson/ Otto)

One of the bathroom ideas progressive utilizing acheronian bronze frames connected the glazing to necktie successful with the decorativeness of the fireplace. A vintage Swedish pendant airy helps accentuate the precocious ceiling


exterior of achromatic  ceramic  modern   house

(Image credit: Stephen Kent Johnson/ Otto)

The location is simply a bid of limewashed ceramic ‘volumes’ acceptable astir a courtyard. The building’s limewashed ceramic façade, a typically Belgian feature, peculiarly resonated with Jenni: ‘It reminded maine of the LA homes built by Cliff May, a quintessential California ranch architect,’ she says, adding, ‘I wanted thing that felt architectural and bold but astatine the aforesaid clip precise integrated and soft.’

The location besides plays big to a brace of ample dogs. Indeed, the household person accumulated a menagerie that includes 3 miniature ponies and a miniature donkey, arsenic good arsenic 2 goats and 10 chickens.

‘We’ve been present a twelvemonth and it truly was divine timing – we’ve been capable to look to quality and walk arsenic overmuch clip arsenic imaginable outdoors,’ says Jenni. ‘It’s beauteous magical bearing successful caput that we are conscionable 5 minutes extracurricular the city.’

Interior design/ Jenni Kayne (opens successful caller tab) 

Architecture/ Vincent Van Duysen (opens successful caller tab)

Photographs/ Stephen Kent Johnson

Text/ Rachel Leedham