June Oven review: ideal for stress-free cooking

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The best toaster ovens person made it some easier and quicker to navigator full meals. However, the June Oven elevates the full countertop oven experience. Most countertop ovens let you to toast, broil, bake, and respective different functions – and June is 1 of those ovens, providing the quality to usage up to 12 antithetic functions. That successful and of itself is simply a fantastic diagnostic that allows 1 appliance to instrumentality the spot of respective antithetic machines.

But what makes the June Oven genuinely unsocial is that it claims to beryllium the world's archetypal astute oven, and it guides you each measurement of the cooking process, eliminating immoderate guesswork and the imaginable for errors. It genuinely is cooking for dummies. And successful this fast-paced world, who wouldn’t privation that? The oven adjacent has a camera that tin place food, a 5-inch touchscreen show panel, and the quality to power the oven via the mobile app.  

I’ve utilized the June Oven to navigator astir each of my meals, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed not having to look up cooking times oregon temperatures – successful fact, not having to deliberation astir the cooking process. I person the June Oven Premium, which includes much accessories, but each of the June Ovens enactment the same, truthful if you’re connected a budget, you tin prevention respective 100 dollars by purchasing the modular June Oven, which comes with everything you need: a nonstick pan, ligament shelf, crumb tray, and nutrient thermometer.

Buy nonstop from juneoven.com: $899, oregon $1299 for the June Oven Premium (opens successful caller tab)June Oven review: specs

June Oven Premium

(Image credit: June Oven)

Dimensions: 12.75” H x 19.6” W x 19” D  

Weight: 39 pounds

Cooking modes: Convection Bake, Keep Warm, Toast, Broil, Reheat, Slow Cook

Volume: 1.0 cubic foot

Comes with: Nonstick Pan, Wire Shelf, Crumb Tray, Food Thermometer

Warranty: 1 year

Getting started

June Oven statement  earlier  use

(Image credit: Future)

I’ve had the June Oven since October, 2021 – and I threw that container distant a agelong clip ago, truthful I can’t amusement you the unboxing process. However, I callback that it was well-packaged, and I had to region a batch of protective movie and tape. In the photograph below, you tin spot the ligament support successful the mediate rack position, and the crumb tray inserted beneath the heating elements.

Interior of the June Oven

(Image credit: Future)

You tin besides spot the 2 convection fans successful the backmost of the oven, and the thermometer jack connected the apical near side. What you don’t spot connected the apical interior broadside are the c fibre heating elements, camera, and LED lights.

To guarantee due aerial circulation, June recommends leaving astatine slightest 2 inches of abstraction connected either broadside of the oven and astatine slightest 4 inches above.

June Oven downloading updates

(Image credit: Future)

To get started, I needed to link the oven to Wi-Fi truthful I could acceptable it up. I chose my web from a database of disposable options, and entered my password. And past there’s an on-screen notification which requires you to hold to the presumption and conditions. 

The adjacent measurement was to download updates to the oven. Afterwards these downloads hap automatically – successful fact, 1 nighttime I heard a dependable successful the kitchen, and went to investigate, but it was simply the oven updating. 

I besides downloaded the June app connected my smartphone. The oven unsocial comes with a complimentary 100-day proceedings period, but the yearly app subscription costs $120 connected apical of the purchasing price, which is simply a shame fixed the ongoing cost. 

Connecting to the oven provides the quality to remotely preheat the oven and set the somesthesia and time, ticker the nutrient cooking, get alerts connected your telephone erstwhile the preheat conception is implicit oregon the timer has ended, etc. You tin besides presumption recipes connected your telephone (or spell to June’s website). The June Oven is besides compatible with Alexa, truthful you tin besides contented dependable commands to preheat the oven.

I’m definite that galore radical volition admit the quality to power the oven remotely, but it was conscionable arsenic casual for maine to usage the controls connected the oven itself. 

Since I person the June Oven Premium, it comes with a ton of accessories: 3 air fryer baskets, roasting rack, 2 nonstick pans, ligament shelf, crumb tray, and nutrient thermometer.

There are galore attachments, from a (very heavy) enameled grill/griddle to a lightweight pizza peel, which besides doubles arsenic a stain-resistant cutting committee that won’t dull knives, an further roasting rack, and a 2nd thermometer.

Using the June Oven

The June Oven comes with a touchscreen for casual controls. Under Programs are assorted selections, including vegetables, seafood, poultry, meat, and vegetarian (so you tin purchase, for example, Chickenless Nuggets and Impossible Burgers and navigator them arsenic well).

Swiping to the adjacent Program model reveals different options, specified arsenic frozen food, baked goods, toast, leftovers, fruits, and nuts.

For example: If I wanted to navigator burgers, I would spell to Meat, and the prime Burgers. The oven tells maine that it takes 23 ½ minutes to broil the burgers.

I’m besides instructed to enactment the cookware of burgers successful the mediate support presumption successful the oven.

In addition, the oven recommends that aft cooking, I region the burgers and fto them remainder for 5 minutes.

Cooking chickenhearted successful the June Oven

Before cooking chickenhearted  successful  the June Oven

(Image credit: Future)

My archetypal trial was cooking chickenhearted thighs. I placed them successful the oven and selected Programs, and past Meats, and past Chicken Thighs. The June Oven chooses the cooking method, temperature, and time, which takes a batch of accent retired of the equation. 

June Oven cooked chickenhearted  thighs

(Image credit: Future)

Once finished, the chickenhearted thighs were tender and juicy, and were neither overcooked oregon undercooked.

Once the cooking rhythm is complete, you person an enactment to support roasting, oregon prime Finish and instrumentality the chickenhearted thighs out.

June Oven chickenhearted  thighs finished cooking

(Image credit: Future)

Making cookies successful the June Oven

I tested the June Oven for respective weeks, and sometimes, erstwhile I was distracted, I would enactment the nutrient successful the oven earlier I take thing connected the screen. However, the camera was capable to admit what I was putting successful the appliance. 

For example, erstwhile I enactment a tray of cookies successful the oven and closed the door, a paper would popular up for maine to take either “cookies” oregon “meatballs” since the oven detected that I’d inserted thing tiny and round.

June Oven cooking cocoa  spot   cookies

(Image credit: Future)

The photograph supra shows the cocoa spot cookies arsenic soon arsenic I enactment them successful the oven. Note that the oven erstwhile again acceptable the clip and started baking.

The finished cookies were gooey successful the mediate and crunchy astir the edges – the mode I similar homemade cookies. 

June Oven cocoa  cookies

(Image credit: Future)

Grilling pork pork

My last trial was grilling pork chops. I had a prime of grilling them utilizing the ridged formed robust sheet oregon roasting them successful the non instrumentality pan, but if you opt for the June Oven without the premium bundle you won't get the formed robust plate.

Cooking pork chops successful  the June Oven

(Image credit: Future)

I chose to effort the grilling function. The photograph supra shows the earthy pork chops erstwhile I enactment them successful the oven.

 The chops came retired perfectly and I particularly liked the char-grilled effect and taste. One happening I truly similar astir the June Oven is that it doesn’t fume up my room careless of what I’m cooking.  

How to cleanable the June Oven

The institution recommends cleaning the oven with Easy Off, Barkeeper’s Friend, oregon Thieves Cleaning Solution. It is recommended to mildly lavation the June pan, roasting rack, crumb tray, aerial basket, and thermometer with soap and lukewarm water, but not to enactment these items successful the dishwasher. (That whitethorn beryllium a con to immoderate people, but I similar to manus lavation items anyway.) The show touchscreen tin beryllium wiped with a solid cleaner and microfiber cloth.

There’s besides a cleaning app connected the June Oven. When activated, the lights volition enactment on, but the heating elements won’t travel on.

If, for example, I prime Oven Interior, connected the adjacent screen, I tin prime Regular Cleaning oregon Deep Cleaning. The oven volition besides stroke itself adust astatine the extremity of the cleaning cycle.

How does it compare? 

I’ve tested implicit a twelve countertop ovens, including Wolf Gourmet, Breville, Tovala, Brava, De’Longhi Livenza, Ninja, Calphalon, and this is 1 of my favorites.

Sure, each countertop ovens tin roast, bake, toast, and connected and on. But they don’t locomotion you done the steps and marque recommendations similar the June Oven. The closest rival is the Brava Oven, which is besides a astute oven, and it besides uses a camera, truthful you tin presumption the nutrient connected your phone.

The Brava has the vantage successful not needing to beryllium preheated unless you’re baking.  However, the Brava is besides overmuch much expensive, doesn’t admit food, and requires a dedicated circuit. Brava’s controls are connected the top, alternatively of the front, which you whitethorn oregon whitethorn not prefer. Both countertop ovens bash a fantastic occupation of cooking nutrient to perfection.

Should you bargain the June Oven?

June Oven Premium

(Image credit: June Oven)

For consumers similar maine who see cooking to beryllium a indispensable evil, the June Oven is simply a godsend. In fact, it mightiness animate maine to go much adventurous since I don't person to interest astir trying to fig retired however a peculiar nutrient should beryllium cooked, astatine what somesthesia and for however long.  In addition, I don’t person to fig retired rack placement and each the different factors that tin marque oregon interruption your meal.

The June Oven almost made it amusive to navigator – and it was surely amusive demonstrating to others however it operates.

On the different hand, if you’re a seasoned cook, I’m not definite you would beryllium arsenic impressed, arsenic you whitethorn already person an thought of however you similar to navigator your meals, and already cognize the somesthesia and desired time.  

I decidedly deliberation it’s worthy the price, particularly if you opt for the archetypal June Oven, which is respective 100 dollars cheaper.

Buy nonstop from juneoven.com: $899, oregon $1299 for the June Oven Premium (opens successful caller tab)About this review, and the reviewer

Terri hates cooking – but loves investigating room appliances. She’s tested implicit a twelve countertop ovens, and has written buying guides connected countertop ovens and different room appliances and location goods for respective fashionable websites.

Terri has had the June Oven Premium since October of past year, truthful she’s been capable to trial it long-term, and volition enactment it backmost into rotation to supply updates connected the appliance’s performance.