Kate Upton's Benedict Canyon home is currently on the market for $11.75 million

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Justin Verlander and Kate Upton's house, a traditional-style property with tennis tribunal and swimming pool, is presently connected the marketplace for a chill $11.75 million. 

After 5 years successful Benedict Canyon, Hollywood, shot prima Justin Verlander, and Sports Illustrated exemplary Kate Upton are moving their young household to Florida. The brace are selling their erstwhile location for much than treble the $5.25 cardinal they paid for it successful 2016, records show.

The hillside compound, with a airy and airy updated 1970s L-shaped 5521 sq ft location astatine its heart, was erstwhile owned by tennis prima Pete Sampras, but Upton and Verlander bought it from movie shaper Jon Peters (Witches of Eastwick, Superman). 

It's a beauteous spot among 1 of the world's champion homes. The listing is presently held by Susan Smith of Hilton and Hyland.

white surviving  room

(Image credit: Hilton and Hyland)

The precocious updated location conscionable southbound of Mulholland Drive is hidden down a backstage gated thrust and has been cautiously designed successful keeping with the sloping hillside tract of 1 and a fractional acres.

The surviving country has a rustic consciousness with a ample chromatic fireplace. Vaulted ceilings adhd a consciousness of abstraction and light. Glazed doors pb retired seamlessly to the garden. There’s a abstracted household room.

grey room  with marble counter

(Image credit: Hilton and Hyland)

A relaxed consciousness to the room space, with a built-in array nook, a marble-clad island, and streamlined room appliances. This each flows easy done the modern archway into the much ceremonial eating room.

white surviving  room

(Image credit: Hilton and Hyland)

Laid-back, chilled-out, the household surviving country feels comfy and relaxed. Beamed ceilings, white-washed paneling, and absorbing timber textures adhd beachfront vibes.

The spot besides includes a excavation array and break-out country with sofas and a location movie theatre are perfect for household clip and entertaining guests. There is adjacent a walk-in temperature-controlled vino country and barroom country for guests to enjoy.

Grey bathroom

(Image credit: Hilton and Hyland)

There are 5 and a fractional bathrooms successful full successful the property, this resort-like bath is the centerpiece. It features duplicate vanity mirrors, tons of storage, and an astonishing burnished alloy stand-alone bath. 

Also instrumentality a person look astatine the astute bathroom wallpaper idea, a stormy unreality plan bordering the ceiling adding involvement and extent to the space. 

grey and achromatic  bedroom

(Image credit: Hilton and Hyland)

All 4 bedrooms, including the abstracted two-bedroomed impermanent suite, are airy and airy. The superior suite features cleanable pitched ceilings on with immoderate stunning white chamber ideas.  

The location besides includes a Hollywood indispensable - a well-designed and spacious walk-in closet with plentifulness of country for dressing up successful style.

Pool with ceramic  situation   and trees

(Image credit: Hilton and Hyland)

There’s a existent backyard oasis vibe, with a ceramic excavation and a ample writer country overlooking a title tennis court, wherever there’s plentifulness of further platform abstraction for hanging retired and entertaining.

Private and secluded with the shadiness of trees, the property has been designed for casual living, with each country – main house, gardens, excavation and tennis tribunal - connecting seamlessly together.