Keltbray and Vinci among winners on £1.1bn demolition framework

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Pagabo has announced the winners connected its £1.1bn demolition and onshore mentation framework.

The bulk of the 29 named firms specialise successful demolition. However, the likes of Keltbray, Vinci and Arcadis are besides included connected the framework. (See afloat database of winners below.)

The framework, which is Pagabo’s archetypal dedicated to demolition services, is present unrecorded and volition tally for 4 years. It contains a full of 5 worth set lots, 9 task types and up to 15 geographical regions successful tons 1 and 2, and 10 geographical regions successful tons 3, 4 and 5.

Included successful the scope of projects disposable is operation demolition, crushed betterment works, bulk earthworks, concern dismantling, and the demolition of non-traditionally constructed high-rise structures.

The model volition screen a wide scope of sectors, including section authorities, NHS and wellness services, exigency services, highways and infrastructure, nationalist utilities, acquisition and universities, depository and leisure, prisons, lodging associations, and cardinal authorities and associated agencies.

Pagabo demolition model winners A Buckler (Haulage) Ltd ACS Civils Ltd Arcadis (UK) Ltd Armac Demolition Ltd Bond Demolition Ltd Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd Cawarden Demolition Co Ltd City Demolition Contractors (Birmingham) Limited Coleman & Company Ltd Connell Brothers Ltd DSM Demolition Limited Dunton Environmental Limited Eric Wright Civil Engineering Ltd Frank O'Gara & Sons Ltd George Beattie & Sons Ltd Hughes and Salvidge Ltd John F Hunt Regeneration Jones Bros Ruthin (Civil Engineering) Co Ltd Keltbray Built Environment McCormack Site Services (Ireland) Ltd O'Brien Contractors Ltd O'Keefe Demolition Ltd P.P. O'Connor Group Ltd R Collard Ltd Rhodar Industrial Services Ltd RJ Mcleod (Contractors) Ltd Tom Prichard Holdings VHE Construction Vinci Construction UK Ltd

All suppliers appointed to the demolition task types are members of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors.

The model provides clients with compliant entree to suppliers with expertise successful some demolition and onshore mentation services, which allows them to beryllium capable to some redevelop existing property banal and make connected brownfield sites.

Pagabo managing manager Jason Stapley said: “There is simply a immense absorption connected the biology interaction that operation projects tin have, and truthful demolishing aged buildings with a antagonistic interaction and redeveloping brownfield onshore is becoming progressively important for improvement schemes. But with these approaches travel a full big of challenges that necessitate specializer services.

“This model volition guarantee that clients tin entree those specializer services from the firms champion placed to enactment them, providing immoderate strategy with the champion commencement imaginable earlier redevelopment – and doing truthful successful the astir compliant and businesslike mode imaginable successful the market.”

The afloat database of task types for the demolition and onshore mentation model are:

Demolition-related task types: Demolition of structures 5 storeys and below Demolition of structures six storeys and above Decommissioning and decontamination Industrial dismantling and de-planting Demolition of non-traditional high-rise structures Land preparation-related task types: Bulk earthworks and discarded management Contaminated onshore remediation Mine enactment remediation Ground improvement