Kids' room paint ideas – how to choose the perfect paint for your child's room

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Whittling down your favourite kids' country overgarment ideas is nary casual task, chiefly due to the fact that each the rules spell retired the model (or, astatine least, galore of them do) erstwhile you’re designing a child’s bedroom. 

When it comes to kids' country ideas, you tin beryllium arsenic playful arsenic you like, and that means agleam colors, bold patterns and adjacent melodramatic murals are each connected the cards. There are a assortment of paint ideas you tin you usage successful a kids' country to make a joyful abstraction that reflects their quality and personality.

That doesn’t, however, mean that you should propulsion the full swatch publication astatine the walls – it takes adjacent much cautious readying than accustomed to marque a carefree colour palette look good. 

Kids' country overgarment ideas

To find retired however to take the cleanable overgarment shade, plan and benignant erstwhile readying kids' country overgarment ideas, we person gathered our apical tips arsenic good arsenic asking the experts. 

Explore our 16 apical tips for kids' country overgarment ideas and get immoderate large inspiration from a postulation of bedrooms for earnestly chill kids.

1. Be bold with color

Child's nursery, chamber  with achromatic  cot and bedside array  and yellowish  woody  chair, diagonal painted partition  successful  yellowish  and pink

(Image credit: Future)

A kids' country is the perfect spot to beryllium bold with color. Asking for their input erstwhile choosing overgarment colors volition make a plan that genuinely reflects their personality, and volition yet spot them bask and usage the abstraction more. 

The agleam colors utilized connected this diagonal painted partition make an uplifting, playful diagnostic wall, with the matching furnishings and accessories creating an overwhelmingly colorful, unified design.

For two-toned designs similar this, utilizing the color wheel erstwhile choosing your bold colour choices volition guarantee a successful, harmonious scheme. 

2. Create a two-toned look

Grey and achromatic  painted bedroom, colour  blocking technique, achromatic  retention  and show  unit, pick  carpet, framed pictures and partition  creation  connected  walls

(Image credit: Katie Lee Photography)

Perfect for kids' country overgarment ideas, zoning the abstraction with colour blocking techniques tin make designated areas for definite activities, arsenic good arsenic creating a sophisticated, two-toned look.

In this kids' room, the achromatic overgarment connected the precocious portion of the walls and ceiling marque the abstraction consciousness airy and bright, creating a spacious, relaxing atmosphere; with the grey overgarment utilized connected the bottommost fractional grounding the room. The woody paneling adds accent and texture to people the overgarment divide, and the wide look is cleanable for creating a subtle interaction successful a room.

3.  Paint the crib oregon furniture frame 

nursery with reddish  painted crib, bluish  painted walls, floral curtains, woody  seat  and woven wicker retention  basket

(Image credit: Hicks Cazenave Design, Photography by Vivian Johnson)

A speedy and casual mode to rejuvenate a bedroom, if you privation to steer distant from coating the full room, coating pieces of furniture, specified arsenic a crib oregon furniture frame, tin alteration not lone the country itself, but tin springiness a caller lease of beingness to older pieces of furnishings that whitethorn necessitate immoderate overmuch needed emotion and attention.

This beauteous crib, painted a agleam reddish shade, is the basal retired diagnostic successful this nursery. Injecting a colorful, modern constituent to a accepted woody crib frame, the plan is complemented by the calming, airy bluish shadiness connected the walls, and enhanced by the eye-catching prints connected the curtains and rug.

4. Create an abstract design

Painted kids chamber  with grey abstract design, partition  mounted woody  shelves with toys and decorative items, partition  mounted woody  publication  shelf, yellowish  patterned blind, achromatic  painted crib

(Image credit: Rachel Manns Photography)

Instead of coating each 4 walls successful a artifact of color, wherefore not usage overgarment to make unique, abstract designs.

In this room, the grey overgarment has been subtly utilized to make a simple, abstract constituent connected the walls, drafting your absorption to the shelves and their displays. Whether you take bigger, bolder designs oregon instrumentality to a much calming 1 similar successful this room, utilizing overgarment to make antithetic shapes and outlines connected a partition tin adhd a modern, graphic constituent to a kids' room.

5. Use a beige-gray shade

painted kids chamber  successful  beige-gray, matching beige-gray curtains, airy  woody  bedframe and storage, ochre and pinkish  accents connected  cushions, bean-bag and accessories, partition  mounted achromatic  shelf

(Image credit: Tim Young)

When readying overgarment ideas for a kids' room, choosing a timeless shadiness that tin turn with them and the country is simply a large and applicable option. 

Opting for a neutral backdrop allows for you to adhd colour and signifier done accessories and furnishings, with a beige-gray shadiness perfect for creating a gender-neutral space. A favourite for designers and experts alike, beige-gray is simply a versatile neutral that tin basal the trial of time, effortlessly integrating into some classical and modern interiors.

In this beige-gray painted room, ochre and airy pinkish accents adhd a playful note, creating an elegant opposition with the painted walls and matching curtains. The airy wood and natural, textured rug complement the beige-gray color, and unite the full strategy unneurotic to make a country that is lukewarm and inviting.

6. Transport them to different satellite with a mural

An illustration  of kids' country   overgarment   ideas with a two-color mural resembling a upland  range, painted successful  shades of airy   brown-green.

(Image credit: Crown)

Bedroom ideas tin encompass boundless imaginativeness – truthful wherefore not marque definite their 4 walls promote your kid to deliberation extracurricular the box? As seen successful this bedroom, adjacent the simplest of painted murals tin beryllium a stimulus for originative play. 

With conscionable a canny prime of 2 complementary – and precise atmospheric – colors, on with a zigzag plan that tin beryllium easy marked retired with masking tape, this kid is instantly transported to forested mountains filled with lions, tigers, and bears (oh my). 

7. Pick retired diagnostic furnishings with paint

Kids' country   overgarment   ideas with achromatic  walls, cadmium reddish  painted bunk furniture  and reddish  furnishings.

(Image credit: Future/Adrian Briscoe)

Kids' country overgarment ideas aren't conscionable for walls. If you’ve got a tired-looking point of furnishings that you privation to crook into a connection piece, get retired your paintbrush. This method works peculiarly good successful a child’s room, wherever you person much licence than accustomed to colour artifact successful bold shades. 

Here, a vintage bunk furniture is fixed a modern update with a lick of cadmium reddish each over, providing a modern instrumentality connected accepted shared chamber ideas. This is contrasted with achromatic bedding and walls, but mirrored done reddish striped accents passim the room. 

8. Choose soothing colors for a nursery 

Kids' country   overgarment   ideas illustrated successful  a yellowish  chamber  with painted bunk beds and a airy   grey  chair.

(Image credit: Future / Emma Lewis)

‘If you’re decorating a child's room, paler colors thin to beryllium much calming and soothing – some for the kid and parents,’ says Judy Smith, colour advisor astatine Crown. 

‘A inheritance of pastel yellows, brushed blues, aqua greens and lukewarm pinks tin beryllium a bully ground from which to adhd much color. You tin ever adhd brighter tones connected apical of these colors successful stripes, squares oregon a full painted bedroom accent wall to inject a spot much amusive arsenic your kid grows.’ 

9. Throw retired the sex rulebook

Kids' country   overgarment   ideas with airy   bluish  floral wallpaper and a recessed furniture  framed by achromatic  curtains.

(Image credit: Future/Mark Bolton Photography)

‘As contented goes successful kids’ chamber design, bluish has been associated much with bedroom ideas for boys and pinkish successful girls' rooms,’ says Interior Designer Ginny Macdonald. ‘I deliberation that is an archaic happening of the past and that colour shouldn't specify someone's gender. I emotion the thought of bluish for girls' chamber ideas, and it doesn't conscionable person to beryllium added successful in tiny doses.’ 

In this bedroom, a brushed pulverization bluish is the pb colour successful a pretty, feminine country for a younger child. The overhead retention and the skirting is painted, portion the aforesaid colour is mirrored successful a patterned wallpaper connected the walls and wrong the cozy nooks. 

10. Choose a decorativeness that volition bash the hard work

A child's playroom painted airy   grey  with ample  achromatic  dots and colorful bunting and toys.

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

‘We each cognize that children’s chamber and playroom ideas request to origin successful immoderate deterioration and tear, truthful choosing the close decorativeness erstwhile considering kids' country overgarment ideas is vital’, says Patrick O’Donnell, colour adept and marque ambassador astatine Farrow & Ball. 

‘For walls, take finishes similar our Modern Emulsion, which is washable and wipeable for accidental disasters that strike. For woodwork, resilience is key, truthful our ace hard-wearing Modern Eggshell volition acceptable the bill, from each your woodwork to chamber furniture, and is adjacent pugnacious capable for painted floorboards.’ 

11. Create a rainbow headboard

Kids' country   overgarment   ideas with rainbow painted headboard successful  a achromatic  strategy  with colorful accessories.

(Image credit: Lick Home)

Somewhere nether this rainbow is the cleanable spot for kids to snuggle up astatine night. ‘Whether there's already an existing headboard oregon not, you tin make an other popular successful the country by adding the aforesaid oregon a contrasting colour to the partition down it,’ says Natasha Bradley, interior plan and colour scientist astatine Lick Home. 

‘You tin marque the abstraction truly breathtaking for your small 1 by coating a rainbow, a cloud, oregon simply immoderate geometric shaped kids' country overgarment ideas down the bed. This volition marque nap clip adjacent much enjoyable and volition crook the boring regular into a existent adventure.’ 

12. Invest successful graffiti-style artwork for older children

A graffiti-style mural depicting the London skyline and a fire-breathing dragon down  a furniture  successful  a teenager's bedroom.

(Image credit: Future/Richard Powers)

When readying bedroom ideas for teenagers and older children, see swapping rainbows for thing a small edgier. This striking partition mural contains nods to graffiti-style thoroughfare art, depicting a fantastical municipality country created done the usage of stencilling and spray paint. 

If this is simply a small beyond your creator talents, see hiring a nonrecreational creator to make thing bespoke for your kid that they tin assistance design. 

13.  Zone their workspace with color

A child's chamber  with a recessed table  country  picked retired  successful  airy   bluish  overgarment   against achromatic  surroundings.

(Image credit: Future/Davide Lovatti)

Building a dedicated abstraction for homework is ne'er a child’s apical precedence successful their imagination bedroom, but wage adjacent attraction to it and they volition convey you later. To assistance marque a favoritism betwixt enactment and play, usage colour to portion their workspace area. 

This method works peculiarly good with a recessed table area, similar the 1 successful this room. By coating this conception of the country a much stimulating hue than the rest, you’ll marque the country consciousness peculiar and much breathtaking – and they mightiness walk much clip determination than you expect. 

14. Neutral walls don’t person to beryllium boring

A child's chamber  with beige walls, pinkish  patterned curtains and a greenish  upholstered table  chair.

(Image credit: Future)

While it whitethorn beryllium tempting to spell to municipality with technicolor successful kids' country overgarment ideas, staying restrained erstwhile it comes to the partition colour does person its benefits. In this blase bedroom, the pared backmost beige walls let the diagnostic greenish seat and pinkish patterned curtains to truly pop. 

Choosing a neutral colour that is adaptable is besides much apt to basal the trial of time. If your child’s chromatic tastes alteration arsenic they age, you tin simply swap the colour of the brushed furnishings alternatively than needing to repaint the full room. 

15. Create a connection ceiling

Kids' country   overgarment   ideas featuring a ceiling painted successful  reddish  and achromatic  to look   similar  a circus tent

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

As they drift disconnected to sleep, the chamber ceiling is apt the past happening your kid volition spot earlier entering the onshore of motion – truthful springiness them thing to imagination about. A connection ceiling tin travel successful each shapes and sizes, from a stencilled starry nighttime to wallpapered maps of the world. 

In this room, the chamber becomes the large top, acknowledgment to a elemental but transportive plan that uses small chamber ideas for kids to crook a compact abstraction into circus of wonders. 

16. Give your pinks staying powerfulness by keeping them earthy

Kids chamber  painted a acheronian  pink, 2  achromatic  retention  shelves facing each   different   and supporting a canopy and bunting to make  a cosy play   country  with a rug, earthy  retention  baskets and colorful accessories and toys

(Image credit: Future)

‘When it comes to decorating a girl’s room, astir radical look to deliberation pinkish should beryllium the go-to shade,’ says Smith, ‘However, the latest trends person introduced much modern updates and caller twists connected this classical colour scheme. Warm shades of terracotta make a grounding and restful space, whilst adding a punchy popular of color.’ 

‘For longevity, steer distant from sugary pinks successful favour of warmer tones that consciousness much grown up,’ adds Nina Tarnowski, laminitis of Woodchip & Magnolia. ‘This volition guarantee the décor grows with them. Consider softer shades of pinkish and brushed peaches, balanced by gentle neutrals.’

What is the champion colour to overgarment a child’s bedroom? 

There is, of course, nary 1 colour that triumphs implicit each others – a country color’s occurrence is wholly down to the idiosyncratic child, their likes and dislikes, your idiosyncratic interior benignant and the architectural qualities of the country itself. 

If you privation to make a calming situation oregon are looking for nursery country ideas past paler, softer tones are best. For older children, consult them connected their favourite colors. If they emotion bold colors past clasp it – but if it feels similar excessively overmuch to overgarment the full country successful the agleam shadiness they picked out, past see pairing it with much muted tones successful the signifier of children's chamber wallpaper, a elemental mural oregon diagnostic wall. You could besides usage that colour arsenic an accent passim the furnishings and partition art, with a neutral basal underneath. 

How bash you overgarment a child’s bedroom?  

Painting a child’s chamber tin beryllium the astir amusive you tin person successful interior design, and gives you licence to truly get creative. ‘Reflecting their bubbly personalities, kids' country overgarment ideas specified arsenic dynamic patterns, eye-catching murals and agleam colors volition make a stimulating and cheerful strategy to animate playtime,’ says Smith. 

It’s besides not lone important to see the colour of the overgarment but the qualities of it excessively successful narration to however the country volition beryllium used. Washable emulsions are a necessity for kids who emotion making creation successful their rooms, portion hardy level overgarment is indispensable if your kid loves to tally around. 

Finally, see however their tastes are apt to change, and program accordingly. If they emotion 1 peculiar color, take a shadiness oregon code that is much apt to turn with them for a fewer years successful the future.