Kier and SNC-Lavalin shortlisted for restructured £2.7bn Birmingham roads contract

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The conflict for Birmingham’s restructured £2.7bn highways PFI declaration has been whittled down to 2 contractors.

SNC-Lavalin and Kier Highways volition conflict it retired for the occupation aft Birmingham Highways Ltd (BHL), the council’s special-purpose vehicle, formally invited them to tender for the restructured contract.

The procurement process began successful February with a five-week pre-qualification stage, much than 2 years aft Amey bought itself retired of the declaration aft 5 years of ineligible wrangling.

Since Amey’s exit, Kier has been carrying retired the declaration connected an interim basis, portion the presumption of the PFI were redrawn by Birmingham City Council and BHL.

It has present been announced that some Kier and SNC-Lavalin progressed done the qualification stage, demonstrating suitability, method ability, and a committedness to wellness and safety.

The restructured declaration covers superior works and attraction of much than 2,500km of roadways and 5,000km of footways crossed the UK’s largest section authority.

Briefing meetings are owed to instrumentality spot with SNC and Kier this month, pursuing the invitation to enactment successful dialogue. The 2 competing firms volition beryllium expected to hole interim submissions and draught bids to assistance pass dialog and advancement negotiations.

Final declaration bids are expected for the extremity of the twelvemonth and should beryllium formally submitted successful January 2023, with the caller declaration owed to beryllium awarded successful April 2023.

During the intervening period, some bidders volition undertake further owed diligence, engagement and dialogue. Bidders volition person entree to the updated absorption accusation system, which has been brought up to date, and contains the latest elaborate accusation connected the grade and information of the network. Bidders volition besides person entree to a elaborate task accusation bundle and advisor briefings, which purpose to supply a level for a competitory and transparent process.

The full tender process for the Birmingham Highways PFI declaration has been structured to supply participants with the accidental to enactment successful dialog to guarantee the declaration provides worth for wealth and a robust hazard profile. This volition alteration the winning bidder to present an exemplar service, optimise collaboration and supply a amended roadworthy web for Birmingham.

Birmingham City Council adjunct manager for highways and infrastructure Kevin Hicks said: “The metropolis assembly has worked hard with BHL to restructure the declaration and guarantee that it remains an breathtaking accidental to present prime services successful Britain’s 2nd city.

“We are looking guardant to this adjacent signifier of dialog with the bidders and processing however they suggest to present road services connected our behalf done to 2035.”