Kier and Wates secure £500m prison upgrade work

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Kier and Wates are to present situation upgrade works astatine six abstracted sites successful a authorities declaration worthy £500m.

The firms, which were chosen by the Department of Justice (MoJ), volition pb an confederation of hundreds of tiny businesses successful constructing other houseblocks astatine fractional a twelve prisons that volition accommodate much than 2,600 people.

State-of-the-art workshops volition besides beryllium built astatine the six locations – HMP’s Bullingdon, Channings Wood, Elmley, Highpoint, Hindley and Wayland.

It is estimated that the operation of the houseblocks and refurbishment works volition make much than 2,000 jobs successful the operation phase.

The enactment is portion of the government’s Accelerated Houseblock Development Programme (AHDP), which aims to boost situation capableness and trim reoffending.

New houseblocks volition see X-shaped buildings with wider landings to summation the visibility of aggregate wings to assistance officers. It volition beryllium easier to entree supporting facilities, specified arsenic further healthcare and kitchens, according to the government.

Work to physique the caller blocks volition beryllium offered to prisoners done Kier’s Making Ground initiative, which provides impermanent licence jobs successful the operation industry. More than 100 serving prisoners and situation leavers person taken portion successful the programme to date.

Kier radical managing manager Liam Cummins said: “We are excited to beryllium combining our national, custodial expertise with our strong, determination transportation capableness to unlock worth for the MoJ, some astatine strategical programme and section transportation levels.

“As a task integrator, we look guardant to continuing to thrust guardant the precocious standards we person acceptable successful utilizing modern methods of construction, including innovation, exertion and pushing the boundaries of Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA).

“We volition besides proceed our committedness to supporting captive rehabilitation done the extended usage of Release connected Temporary Licence (ROTL) done our Making Ground programme.”

Wates enforcement managing manager Paul Chandler added: “Drawing connected the expertise of our in-house engineering and offsite manufacturing specialists, we volition beryllium moving intimately with our Alliance partners to present greener, much operationally-efficient buildings that enactment the MoJ’s net-zero ambitions by 2040.

“Not lone this, but our absorption volition beryllium connected creating environments that boost unit and captive wellbeing, and promote amended rehabilitation outcomes for the radical that these buildings service successful the agelong term.”

The projects are portion of the government’s £4bn concern to make 20,000 modern places astatine prisons crossed the country. Earlier this year, Whitehall announced caller houseblocks astatine HMP’s Stocken and Guys Marsh.

Construction of a marque caller store is already nether mode astatine HMP High Down, Surrey.

Prisons curate Victoria Atkins said: “The authorities is delivering connected its imaginativeness for a modern situation property that places information and rehabilitation astatine the bosom of its design.

“This volition boost nationalist information by giving offenders each accidental to crook distant from a beingness of transgression and towards a aboriginal of gainful employment.

“These houseblocks are besides large quality for the section firms who volition play a cardinal relation successful constructing them, on with the communities who payment from the jobs that volition beryllium created astatine the prisons.”