Kier bags £420m highways job

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Kier has won a highways attraction declaration worthy up to £420m.

The contract, awarded by North Northamptonshire Council, is worthy £30m a year. It is owed to tally for astatine slightest 7 years, with the enactment of being extended for up to 14 years.

Kier bushed 3 different shortlisted bidders to the contract, which has been updated by the caller assembly that came into beingness successful April 2021.

Since April 2021, highways attraction has been delivered crossed Northamptonshire by KierWSP, nether arrangements inherited from the erstwhile region council.

Starting afresh from the erstwhile arrangement, the assembly said the “new declaration has been importantly updated to align with the challenges faced today, and implicit the adjacent decennary and beyond”.

A assembly spokesperson added: “The woody has been drawn up to guarantee determination is proviso for a safe, legal, customer-focused and value-for-money service, portion besides making tangible contributions to the council’s committedness to societal value, and its effect to clime alteration and protecting the environment.”

They continued: “Kier successfully won the procurement workout by submitting a bid that offered the champion worth for wealth and highest-quality highways work for the radical of North Northants.

“​​​​​​The caller declaration is precise overmuch tailored towards gathering the challenges that we are presently facing and those implicit the coming years, and we are assured that each the ingredients are successful spot for the transportation of the service.”

The caller plans volition spot North Northamptonshire Council and the neighbouring West Northamptonshire Council tally their ain abstracted contracts and services. However, arsenic West Northamptonshire Council has besides appointed Kier, this allows for immoderate economies of standard to instrumentality spot done sharing immoderate administrative functions and declaration absorption roles.

North and West Northants councils worked intimately connected the process for procuring the caller highways contracts, which started successful November 2020, and it has progressive respective enactment stages to constrictive down and shortlist prospective suppliers.

Graham Lawman, enforcement subordinate for highways, question and assets astatine North Northamptonshire Council, said: “The intent of this procurement workout has been to guarantee we name a supplier that tin connection the champion worth for wealth for our residents. I americium looking guardant to moving with Kier to guarantee residents person a high-quality highways service. This is an breathtaking caller section successful North Northamptonshire, and I’m looking guardant to seeing improvements made to the web implicit the coming months and years.”

The determination for North Northamptonshire was made nether delegated authorization by Lawman, successful consultation with the enforcement subordinate for concern and the enforcement manager for spot and economy, and the monitoring officer.

The caller declaration is owed to commencement connected 12 September.

In its astir caller yearly accounts, to 30 June 2021, Kier’s gross came successful astatine £3.33bn, though it was affected by the coronavirus pandemic. In the erstwhile year, it reported gross of £3.48bn.

In April 2021, Kier main enforcement Andrew Davies told Construction News that the “quality of the net and the cashflow that is coming through” would tempt investors to the firm, adding that Kier had bully visibility of its cashflow, arsenic overmuch of its enactment came done frameworks and semipermanent public-sector contracts.