Kier scoops £350m Leatherhead regen job

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Kier’s spot limb has been appointed to regenerate the centre of Leatherhead.

The contractor was named arsenic Mole Valley District Council’s joint-venture (JV) spouse to regenerate a 10.2-acre agelong of the town. It is divided into 2 plots, Bull Hill and the Swan Centre.

In the abstraction of 8 to 10 years, the assembly and Kier Property volition make 450 flats, 3,000 quadrate metres of bureau abstraction and 600 quadrate metres of assemblage hub floorspace successful the country known arsenic Bull Hill. Two-thirds of the site, which sits adjacent to Leatherhead Station, is presently brownfield.

Over the aforesaid period, the Swan Centre (pictured) volition beryllium developed into astir 50 caller residential units, 40,000 quadrate feet of retail space, 12,000 quadrate feet of bureau abstraction and a 70-bed hotel.

The 2 projects person a gross improvement worth (GDV) of £350m.

The ineligible broadside of the JV inactive needs to beryllium ironed out, portion the 2 groups anticipation to statesman contacting stakeholders this summertime to commencement engagement and grow the concern plan.

“[The task will] heighten the leisure, amusement and taste offering of the municipality centre, amended accessibility, enactment with businesses and present an charismatic municipality centre, providing a high-quality nationalist realm and important societal worth for Leatherhead,” said Kier Property managing manager Leigh Thomas.

Property consultancy Montagu Evans worked alongside ineligible advisors Freeths LLP and the assembly to name a JV spouse for the project.

Montagu Evans spouse John Percy said the strategy would beryllium “truly transformational” for Leatherhead.

“[It volition bring] guardant a wider scope of uses to amended service the section assemblage and lend to the area’s economical growth,” helium added. “It’s a wide reflection of however the marketplace is evolving and the request to deliberation otherwise astir our municipality centres, from drivers of alteration close done to transportation strategies.”

The 2 projects comprise portion of the bigger Transform Leatherhead plan, which involves the improvement of a mixed-use strategy of 35 affordable homes, a caller assemblage abstraction and a caller park. The improvement spouse is acceptable to beryllium announced successful June. Last year, the assembly completed different portion of the bumper project, successfully shoring up 75 properties with flood resilience measures.

Kier’s assignment connected the regen occupation comes weeks aft it scooped a £70m regen occupation successful February, to present 125,000 quadrate feet of bureau space, a 116-bedroom edifice and leisure abstraction successful Gloucester.