Kier scoops contract on £65m Oxford railway station project

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Kier has been picked to present the adjacent signifier of Network Rail’s £65m betterment works astatine Oxford railway station.

The contractor volition supply the elaborate plan and enabling works bundle astatine the station, which is undergoing extended upgrade enactment arsenic portion of the Oxford Corridor Phase 2 Project.

Kier has secured the declaration to instrumentality Phase 2C and 2D of the task done Governance for Railway Investment Projects (GRIP) Stage 5 up of the last backing determination by the Department for Transport, which is expected successful the coming months.

Phase 2C Botley Road enhancement includes the replacement of the existing railway span spanning Botley Road with a new, wider operation which volition incorporated 4 metre wide cycle/footways connected either broadside of the road. Highway lowering and realignment volition supply further tallness clearance resulting successful double-decker buses being capable to comfortably walk underneath the span for the archetypal time. This volition besides spot the replacement of the existing footbridge.

Phase 2D level 5 and presumption betterment works volition impact the operation of an further level and overhead canopy, a caller occidental presumption entrance, summons office, waiting room, toilets, café and shops, alongside the operation of a subway to link the occidental entranceway to the caller platform.

The bundle includes the demolition of buildings surrounding the station, and roadworthy alignment works astatine Roger Dudman Way, including the replacement of Sheepwash Bridge, to amended information astatine the junction with Botley Road.

Once complete, the caller 5th level and enhanced facilities volition importantly amended the capableness of the station, accessibility, information and rider experience.

Mark Pengelly, radical managing manager astatine Kier Infrastructure, said: “The Oxford Corridor Phase 2 Project is of nationalist value fixed its absorption to amended rider journeys, not lone to the northbound and south, but besides to the eastbound and westbound owed to the nexus with East West Rail [the task to nexus East Anglia with central, confederate and occidental England].

“Kier volition beryllium moving alongside our strategical plan spouse WSP to make the elaborate plan and transportation retired enabling works for the project, combining our cognition and expertise of analyzable civilian engineering successful the obstruction assemblage to present safely, whilst minimising the level of disruption to the travelling nationalist and adjacent businesses.”