Kier sees rise in applicants since implementing family-friendly policies

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Kier has seen a crisp emergence successful occupation applications during the archetypal 4th of 2022.

Since the crook of the year, applications to enactment astatine the contractor person risen by 20 per cent compared with the erstwhile quarter.

Kier radical HR manager Helen Redfern (pictured) attributes the emergence successful applications to the contractor’s alteration of mindset erstwhile it comes to moving policies.

In particular, Redfern puts the uptick successful funny candidates down to a raft of family-friendly policies that person been implemented to diversify Kier’s workforce.

Earlier this year, the contractor announced large changes to its unit policies. It accrued paid maternity permission to 26 weeks and scrapped the qualifying play needed for it to footwear in.

Paid paternity permission was acceptable astatine 8 weeks and the industry’s first-ever gestation nonaccomplishment argumentation with paid permission was introduced.

A carers’ policy, giving 5 days of paid permission to those with caring needs, was besides announced, and a guidance papers for managers and employees connected the menopause was drawn up.

Redfern said the latest changes person been portion of a longer travel for the firm. Redfern, a parent of 2 children, joined the operation manufacture astir a decennary ago, from retail.

“When I joined the sector, 9 and a fractional years ago, I benignant of adjacent struggled to find the maternity policy,” she said. “So, astatine that point, I truly saw this arsenic a spot of a idiosyncratic ngo to thrust change.”

Redfern added that erstwhile she joined the assemblage a decennary ago, it was not recognised arsenic an manufacture made up of people, and truthful quality resources policies were a reflection of the aforesaid understanding.

“I spot this arsenic an implicit radical sector, but person radical ever been astatine the centre of each of the decisions made? And I deliberation that is astir apt not successful the past, to beryllium honest,” she said.

Last year, Kier held an worker diverseness survey to instrumentality banal of things that needed to alteration wrong its structure. Select responses from the survey were fashioned into posters for others to spot (pictured below). These included quotes specified arsenic “Banter is not an excuse”. Redfern noted that the posters had stirred important conversations successful the workplace.

Another cognition that Kier is tackling is the conception that a occupation successful operation requires a definite background. The latest applications interruption the trend.

“We saw a 20 per cent uplift successful applicants, but astir apt what was much breathtaking is the antithetic backgrounds that radical were applying from wrong that premix arsenic well. People are applying from antithetic sectors,” said Redfern.

Hand-in-hand with getting radical done the doorway is getting radical to stay. Redfern said that Kier’s household policies are besides a effect to the challenges of giving employees much crushed to belong, adding that the steadfast needed to instrumentality with radical done the demands of antithetic beingness phases.

She said: “The full absorption connected household isn’t conscionable astir 1 constituent successful clip – it’s done your lifecycle and your travel arsenic an employee. We request to enactment each the antithetic phases.”

Redfern said that employees wrong Kier had been affirming the policies arsenic well. She utilized the illustration of a societal media station from a manager astatine Kier, who thanked the steadfast arsenic helium took his twins location from the hospital.

Kier is moving its mode towards recruiting 1,200 employees, as announced earlier this year. In the contiguous future, the steadfast is recruiting for 100 spots connected projects specifically successful the West Midlands.

The monolithic post-pandemic recruitment thrust comes aft a cost-cutting run successful 2020, erstwhile Kier shed much than 1,200 jobs owed to the interaction of the pandemic.