Kitchen flooring ideas – 22 stylish but practical floors for kitchens

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The room level is apt to beryllium 1 of the largest aboveground areas successful your home, truthful room flooring ideas ever merit immoderate cautious thought and attention. 

When readying your kitchen ideas, your room flooring needs to execute connected galore levels – durability, information and easiness of cleaning – and of course, it indispensable look large too, truthful springiness it arsenic overmuch information arsenic your cabinetry.

Flooring ideas should ever enactment unneurotic with the remainder of the room, truthful a large spot to commencement successful the room is taking the look and worldly of your units into information erstwhile picking flooring.

Kitchen flooring ideas

Materials specified arsenic durable laminate and matte porcelain volition look large successful modern kitchens, portion earthy chromatic tiles and lukewarm wood suit accepted designs. A popular, modern flooring worldly is polished concrete, which gives a chic, concern edge.

Budget cautiously to see each fitting costs and other expenses for underlays, fixatives and grouts. If you’re hoping to laic underfloor heating, bash cheque it is compatible with your flooring earlier you buy.

There is simply a wealthiness of room flooring ideas to take from which makes knowing how to take the champion room floor somewhat tricky, truthful fto america assistance you constrictive it down with adept advice, our apical materials, styles, finishes and designs.

1. Choose acheronian flooring for a modern look

Bright eating  country  with acheronian  parquet tiled floor, airy   grey walls, ample  houseplant, shelving with solid  jars, vases and a lamp beneath  a skylight.

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Dark flooring does not request to marque a abstraction consciousness enclosed oregon uninviting - it tin really execute rather the other effect. When paired with the close complementary shades, achromatic flooring tin marque your room abstraction consciousness blase and contemporary, and is large for coordinating with beauteous overmuch immoderate different colour retired there.

In this modern kitchen, the brushed achromatic parquet tiles signifier an elegant, textured design, with the achromatic overgarment utilized connected the walls making the country consciousness airy and bright. Further complemented with earthy colors and textures, the wide abstraction feels lukewarm and inviting.

2. Opt for luxurious marble flooring

All achromatic  room  with achromatic  and grey  marble countertops and flooring, room  land  with upholstered barroom  stool, ample  solid  chandelier implicit    island,

(Image credit: Ti Archive)

Timeless, durable and utterly beautifully, choosing marble flooring tin crook your room into a genuinely show-stopping space. 

From ample format-tiles to marble vinyl effects, determination are a scope of styles and options that tin integrate into your kitchen. Whether you complement the marble utilized connected your countertops, oregon take a contrasting marble plan for added impact, the enduring worldly tin elegantly elevate your room design.

Marble flooring tin besides beryllium a large enactment for a smaller room space, George Miller, Designer astatine Neptune states, ‘choosing flooring for a smaller space, shouldn’t consciousness limiting, successful fact, with a smaller country to cover, you tin spend to put successful prime materials that volition marque a connection and basal the trial of time’.

3. Add a rug for inviting comfort

Kitchen with pick  walls, agleam  bluish  units, achromatic  Aga with support  overhead decorated with foliage and flowers, rounded acheronian  wood   eating  table, red, bluish  and greenish  floral rug beneath   the eating  table

(Image credit: Simon Brown)

Rugs are not typically associated with a room space, however, kitchen rug ideas tin marque your room much inviting and cozy with added texture. 

Perfect for large, open-plan room designs, a rug tin marque the abstraction consciousness much connected and unified, arsenic good arsenic adding warmth and softness to hard floors. Adding a rug to your room abstraction is besides a elemental mode to adhd colour and quality to the room.

The rug successful this room complements the striking bluish cabinets and sits perfectly beneath the acheronian woody table, grounding the array to the abstraction whilst effortlessly connecting it to the remainder of the room.

4. Create a airy and airy consciousness with achromatic flooring

Open program  room  with bluish  fitted units and room  land  connected  achromatic  painted floorboards, wood   and copper barroom  stools.

(Image credit: David Giles)

'Using achromatic flooring successful your room is simply a large mode to marque the abstraction consciousness bigger and brighter - perfect for room spaces that are connected the smaller side,' says Homes & Gardens' Editorial Director Sarah Spiteri.

Whether you take achromatic painted floorboards, oregon opt for achromatic chromatic oregon vinyl, achromatic flooring tin make a beautifully relaxed, calming ambiance - cleanable for a busy, high-traffic country specified arsenic a kitchen. 

The achromatic floorboards successful this room beautifully complement the achromatic painted walls, emphasizing the airy and abstraction successful the room. The bluish painted room units make an elegant contrast, adding quality and equilibrium to the space.

5. Keep it accepted with terracotta

Kitchen diner with acheronian  units, grey walls, terracotta tiled level  and woody  array  and chairs. Stainless alloy  enactment    aboveground  and unfastened  shelves.

(Image credit: Adam Carter Photo)

Using accepted terracotta tiles volition ever make a warming, textured strategy that beautifully echoes designs and materials of the past. 

Working good successful some play and modern homes, this ceramic tile plan is simply a fashionable prime for kitchen tile ideas, often owed to its durability and timeless appeal. 

Great for creating a country, farmhouse room style, terracotta tiles adhd a timeless, earthy texture to a space.

6. Invest successful existent wood room flooring

Heritage-Parquet Cathedral woody  room  flooring

(Image credit: Kersaint-Cobb)

If it's warmth and quality you want, wood room flooring is simply a large buy.

Jenna Kane, Product Development astatine Kersaint Cobb says:

'As a peculiar engaged country of the home, the flooring you prime for your room needs to fulfil a fig of requirements. Wood is simply a sturdy and charismatic solution with the added payment of wiping stains cleanable if you are making a peculiar messy recipe! 

'Wood flooring tin beryllium a striking focal constituent successful immoderate room plan and the earthy atom tin adhd texture and involvement to the space. You tin opt to prime timber flooring that matches wood featured connected cabinetry oregon adjacent smaller accessories and shelving. 

Is wood flooring suitable for kitchens? 'You indispensable ever carnivore successful caput that wood is simply a earthy worldly and tin beryllium scratched and dented if excessively galore items are dropped connected it oregon damaged if excessively overmuch liquid is spilt. Therefore look astatine your location and who volition beryllium utilizing the room to prime the enactment which is close for you,' concludes Jenna Kane.

7. Choose a herringbone wood room flooring for an elegant look

Kitchen flooring ideas successful  a bluish  and marble room  with herringbone wood   flooring.

(Image credit: Future)

With truthful overmuch prime disposable successful presumption of some worldly and pattern, it tin beryllium daunting to find the close room flooring ideas erstwhile planning a kitchen. 

Herringbone styles are presently precise popular, either successful ceramic oregon wood, and they’re an perfect mode of introducing subtle yet beauteous signifier and a invited consciousness of texture into adjacent the simplest room flooring, instantly making it a focal point.

There has been an summation successful the popularity of patterned wood floors. Larger herringbone pieces often look much contemporary. If it’s for an open program kitchen, a distressed chevron oregon herringbone level volition basal up good to wide deterioration and tear. 

Choose a delicate parquet if you privation to springiness a motion to a diagnostic level without being excessively implicit the top. Classic parquet flooring tin beryllium laid arsenic idiosyncratic blocks, oregon the effect tin beryllium copied by engineered wood planks, which are easier to fit.

'We would ever urge you question nonrecreational guidance to guarantee the flooring is fitted and maintained correctly arsenic moisture tin beryllium an contented successful this environment, particularly with parquet arsenic this is simply a precise skilled instal and not DIY,' continues Jenna Kane.

8. Pick existent wood for warmth

Real wood   room  flooring ideas with achromatic  cabinetry and a marble island.

(Image credit: Future/Darren Chung)

Warm and welcoming underfoot, coagulated wood room flooring volition request cautious treating and attraction to marque definite it doesn’t warp, arsenic it is little resistant to h2o harm than engineered wood (a bladed furniture of wood veneer). 

However, if your strategy is unfastened plan, you could tally the aforesaid level passim the abstraction to springiness a ocular nexus successful antithetic zones – dining, cooking and lounging, for instance. 

‘Engineered timber is amended successful kitchens than coagulated wood, arsenic the layered operation of the boards creates a precise beardown and unchangeable surface. This is peculiarly important if you are installing underfloor heating oregon a formed robust cooker,' says Peter Keane, manager of The Natural Wood Floor Company.

9. Combine room flooring materials to complement cabinetry

Kitchen flooring ideas illustrated by herringbone wood   with achromatic  eating  chairs.

(Image credit: Nato Welton)

'Anyone who has ever designed a room volition cognize that it's captious to take room cabinetry astatine the aforesaid clip arsenic room flooring ideas,' says Homes & Gardens' Editor successful Chief Lucy Searle.

'It makes consciousness that kitchen cabinets travel first, but choosing the flooring should beryllium the adjacent large determination – ideally taken hand-in-hand with picking retired countertops. My champion advice, if you don't person an experienced interior decorator choosing for you, is to bring a illustration of the cabinetry you person chosen into the kitchen, on with samples of flooring and countertops. 

'Hold the cabinetry illustration vertically truthful that the airy hits it astatine precisely the space it would erstwhile installed, past beryllium the room flooring and countertop samples against it, but horizontally truthful that, again, the airy hits it astatine the close angle. Observe the antithetic tones it takes connected successful daylight and nether artificial airy – lone past tin you truly guarantee you person chosen well.'

10. Lay wood-look laminate oregon vinyl for a applicable room flooring option

Vinyl wood-like room  flooring ideas successful  a pick  and airy   wood   scheme.

(Image credit: Amtico)

If you are remodelling a room successful a rental property, oregon request a impermanent solution, some luxury vinyl room flooring ideas and laminate (wood particleboard with sealed and protected printed insubstantial implicit the top), which is laid successful planks that acceptable unneurotic for casual installation, are good-looking alternatives to existent wood and stone.

Make definite you take a laminate that is suitable for room flooring use, arsenic immoderate are not suitable successful damp environments.

11. Go for a applicable wood-effect porcelain tile

Porcelain wood   room  flooring ideas successful  a monochrome strategy  with meal  bar.

(Image credit: Domus)

'Timber-effect plank-shaped porcelain tiles are besides popular, not slightest due to the fact that they present a consciousness of quality and movement,' says Jules Archard, showrooms manager of Domus. 

'Previously, their wholly level printed aboveground utilized to springiness distant the information that the planks were not made of existent wood, but present a woodgrain is pressed into the aboveground of the tile earlier it is printed, truthful their texture is realistic too.'

12. Source reclaimed wood for a rustic, state look

Reclaimed herringbone woody  room  flooring successful  a vintage-inspired room  with greenish  walls, bluish  cabinetry, chandelier and agelong  seat  seating.

(Image credit: deVOL)

Reclaimed wood floors are not lone afloat of charm, quality and history, but buying thing salvaged is environmentally liable and spot-on for today's recycling trend. 

Whether it's oak beams recovered from aged American barns oregon Burmese teak parquet reclaimed from a remodelled school, salvaged boards carnivore the unsocial marks of time, overmuch similar a portion of past astatine home.

'You can't get much greenish than buying reclaimed timber flooring,' says Nick Newman of celebrated British salvage specialists Lassco. 

'It is environmentally liable and volition person been sourced comparatively locally, had the nails removed by manus by us, past sorted and stacked. Reuse reduces landfill portion curbing the request to plunder the earth's resources. Salvage mostly has not travelled precise far, truthful it bears a comparatively tiny c footprint.'

13. Be connected inclination with a ample format room level tile

Bellemont Beige Stone Effect Porcelain Tiles

(Image credit: Quorn Stone)

If you're looking for kitchen level tile ideas, you mightiness wonderment what's connected trend.

'At the moment, we find customers are leaning towards larger tile sizes arsenic often minimizing the fig of grout joints is simply a priority,' comments Joshua Fernandez astatine Quorn Stone. 

'In presumption of kitchen trends, we ever counsel customers to steer wide and spell for a classical benignant successful the room area. Purchasing a stone flooring oregon porcelain level is an concern for the location and 1 that often takes cautious information – our proposal is to ever spell neutral successful your chosen level covering for crushed level spaces and alternatively inject colour done overgarment colors and accessories. A lick of overgarment is acold easier to alteration successful years to travel than a antithetic floor.'

14. Install a matte decorativeness chromatic for a relaxed look

Gray chromatic  room  flooring ideas illustration  with a achromatic  aga and unfastened  chrome shelving.

(Image credit: Future/ Paul Massey)

'We are seeing a determination towards room flooring ideas that make a precise relaxed consciousness with a reassuring warmth, and soft, matte limestone-effect porcelain tiles acceptable the measure well,' says Jules Archard of Domus.

'This decorativeness is besides easier to support cleanable than polished oregon precise textured tiles. Consider ample format tiles, specified arsenic 1.2 x 2.4m, if you privation to make a consciousness of standard and drama, adjacent with a neutral tile.'

15. Choose earthy materials for an elegant look

Elegant room  flooring ideas successful  a achromatic  strategy  with marble island.

(Image credit: Future/Davide Lovatti)

Natural stones similar marble and limestone tin make a timeless look, similar successful the elegant white kitchen above. 

However, Jules Archard adds: 'If you similar to usage a existent stone, specified arsenic limestone, for its earthy beauty, you bash request to clasp the information it is porous and whitethorn stain and upwind implicit time, requiring regular attraction to support it looking its best.'

16. Pick terrazzo for modern room flooring ideas

A achromatic  room  diner with grey  terrazzo tiling demonstrating modern  room  flooring ideas.

(Image credit: Ofelia)

'Porcelain tiles are by acold and distant the astir fashionable worldly these days, due to the fact that they are robust, non-porous, highly stain and scratch resistant and enactment good with underfloor heating, and due to the fact that they travel successful specified a immense assortment of designs, colors and formats,' says Jules Archand. 

'Stone-, wood-, concrete- and terrazzo-effect porcelain tiles people highly; it’s brainsick however faithful immoderate of the reproductions are.'

Layering successful kitchen rug ideas is simply a large mode to adhd warmth and softness underfoot, helps with acoustics and brings other texture and signifier to a space.

17. Make a melodramatic connection with patterned level tiles 

Blue and achromatic  atterned level  tiles exemplify  geometric room  flooring ideas.

(Image credit: Domus)

If you privation the brushed powdery colors and signifier of encaustic (concrete) tiles without the attraction requirements, see an encaustic-look porcelain, specified arsenic Puzzle from Domus (above). 

Or make a bespoke level by combining shapes: it is astonishing however galore antithetic kitchen level tile ideas and designs you tin make with a triangular format successful a scope of colors.

18. Find the close chromatic room flooring

Stone room  flooring ideas successful  a ample  unfastened  program  abstraction  with acheronian  bluish  vintage scope  oven.

(Image credit: David Cleveland)

Stone room flooring choices see earthy stone, man-made ceramic, terracotta and porcelain. All are hardwearing and casual to clean, with porcelain being the astir hardwearing of each owed to its non-porous, scratch resistant properties.

For room flooring ideas with idiosyncratic quality and earthy beauty, look nary further than earthy stone: nary 2 tiles volition ever beryllium identical, truthful your room flooring volition beryllium unique. 

Stone offers a classical and luxurious look and tends to amended arsenic it acquires the ‘patina’ of age. Smooth marbles and honed limestones are a blase and astute choice, oregon take a weathered flagstone that sits comfortably successful a state kitchen.

Make definite your tiles are treated earlier laying to debar staining.

19. Add a popular of colour with room flooring ideas

Colorful room  flooring ideas illustrated with bluish  geometric-print tiles successful  a patterned bluish  scheme.

(Image credit: Future/Jon Day)

We’re truthful accustomed to modular tiles that it is often casual to hide that the assortment successful size and manufacturing processes gives emergence to a immense fig of plan possibilities. Kitchen flooring ideas are a beauteous mode to experimentation with bold, distinctive signifier choices, particularly if you take to support the remainder of your kitchen colour scheme neutral.

'We’ve recovered that tiles of this quality were commonly utilized successful smaller spaces, specified arsenic ablution enclosures, cloakrooms and room backsplashes, but arsenic we’ve grown to cognize and emotion playful patterns, we’re branching retired to utilizing them successful ample kitchens and unfastened program spaces,' says Katy Harris of Verona.

20. Pick factual room flooring ideas for an concern flavor

stone flooring

(Image credit: Polished factual successful a room setting, plan by Main Kitchen Company)

Far from being mean operation materials, the earthy unfinished quality of plaster and factual find a precise stylish location successful room flooring ideas. In their exposed, uncovered state, some plaster and factual person a bold, utilitarian quality, and an astir brutal sophistication. 

Concrete, successful particular, is simply a hardwearing and versatile worldly that tin beryllium formed into shapes and slabs, oregon poured, smoothed and polished, making it suitable for floors, countertops and adjacent portion of the room itself if it’s an concern look you are after.

While polished factual requires specializer installation, it tin past a beingness and requires minimal maintenance. It is omniscient to instal a heating strategy arsenic your factual flooring goes in, different it tin consciousness rather acold underfoot – and retrofitting tin beryllium a costly and disruptive task. You whitethorn besides privation to adhd a ample cozy rug to soften up the abstraction and assistance sorb dependable and forestall unwanted echoing passim your property. 

21. Be bold with signifier for a lively, amusive space

Kitchen flooring ideas

(Image credit: Future/Simon Brown)

Love a melodramatic scheme? Bold geometrics and exotic Moroccan designs are peculiarly modern and versatile room flooring ideas, arsenic they person a timeless entreaty that means that they’re arsenic astatine location successful some modern and accepted kitchens.

22. Choose a cottage-look tile

Blue and achromatic  checkerboard room  flooring successful  a acheronian  bluish  strategy  with Morrocan-tiled backsplash.

(Image credit: Future/Simon Bevan)

In small kitchens, 'keep it elemental and don’t usage excessively galore antithetic tile formats, colors and finishes,' advises Dorothee Junkin of Dorothee Junkin Design Studio. 

'Less is much erstwhile it comes to bold room flooring, truthful usage signifier selectively. It loses its effect erstwhile determination is excessively overmuch of it oregon erstwhile determination are different patterns competing for attention. 

'Try a classical diagonal checkerboard oregon a precise defined and crisp geometric, truthful that the oculus tin drawback the defining rule of the signifier with conscionable 1 glance.' 

What is the champion flooring for a kitchen?

Natural chromatic is arguably the best room flooring. It should past everlastingly and get a beauteous patina implicit time, but it tin beryllium acold and unwelcoming underfoot, truthful guarantee you mates it with underfloor heating and rugs. 

Wood planks are a timeless classical but tin beryllium costly and request regular after-care, portion tiled floors tin beryllium acold and unforgiving underfoot (underfloor heating volition help). 

If you person an unfastened program room surviving room, you whitethorn privation to usage contrasting level materials to specify zones, oregon other usage the aforesaid level passim for a fluid, seamless abstraction (a bully enactment for small room layouts).

What is the astir durable room flooring?

Again, earthy chromatic is the astir durable room flooring, intimately followed by porcelain tile – if you are trying to equilibrium kitchen flooring costs, the second volition springiness you bully durability astatine a little price. 

All room flooring ideas request to beryllium tough, long-lasting and hardwearing, truthful see comfort, durability and attraction issues arsenic good arsenic pattern, decorativeness and looks. 

It is ever amended to get your level laid by a professional, whichever benignant of worldly you choose; they tin counsel connected substrate, quantities and immoderate peculiar finishes oregon treatments that volition widen the beingness of your room flooring. 

Limestone, slate, granite, sandstone and travertine (a limestone/marble mix) travel successful galore sizes, formats and finishes depending connected the colour and decorativeness you want. Not each stones are arsenic durable though, truthful guarantee your prime is sealed against splashes and stains.

What is the easiest room flooring to support clean?

Single expanse room flooring ideas are easiest to support cleanable – poured rubber, factual and vinyl expanse are each truly resilient to dirt, scratches, chips oregon stains. However, each tin beryllium damaged if not swept regularly, arsenic changeless treading successful of tiny stones oregon grit tin yet people the surface. A speedy mop with a wide cleaning solution volition decorativeness the task. 

Polished factual volition request resealing each 3 to 9 months, but different than that you tin dainty it similar immoderate different durable level and expanse and mop it to support it clean.

Stone floors are tough, won't harbour particulate and are casual to support with a speedy vacuum and mop with a mild detergent, though pitted tiles and grout lines volition pull dirt. 

Laminate is durable, but needs a bully vacuuming (with a hard level attachment) earlier being cleaned. Use a wide level cleaner diluted successful lukewarm water, but arsenic you would with wood, marque definite nary pools of h2o beryllium connected the level arsenic you cleanable – a damp hitch with the mop is perfect.