Kitchen island seating ideas – 15 ways to create comfort and style

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Great room land seating ideas tin marque abstraction for household and guests, eating and breakfast, location moving and homework, and more.

Bar stools are a favourite choice, but arsenic kitchen land ideas mightiness see table-level areas, too, eating chairs and banquettes are besides chic possibilities.

The proportions arsenic good arsenic the configuration of the land volition find which seating works champion – and which complements your kitchen ideas successful presumption of style, materials, and finish, and we’ve collected room land ideas with seating to animate you.

Kitchen land seating ideas

From fitted room land seating to eating options and elemental barroom stool arrangements, these are the champion ways to instrumentality the value off.

1. Complement natural, integrated materials

statement room  land  made of wood

(Image credit: Minotticucine London)

Team an land made from people unsocial materials with room land seating ideas that echo its tones for a pulled-together look. Here, barroom stools repetition the hues of wood and marble veining for understated style.

‘We emotion to usage quality made, integrated materials successful a precise contemporary, structured way,’ says Achala Knights, caput of plan astatine Minotticucine London. ‘The opposition betwixt the earthy fluidity of defined woodgrain oregon heavy veined marble, against the crisp lines of modern cabinetry feels unexpected and other special. The elemental signifier of our furnishings is deliberate, truthful determination are nary ocular distractions, conscionable the quality of nature.’

2. Consider use

Metallic golden  land  with conduit  lighting supra  the worktop

(Image credit: Darren Chung)

Always deliberation astir however room land seating volition beryllium utilized erstwhile selecting a design. A padded upholstered spot and backmost aren’t indispensable for barroom stools that are much impermanent seats for meal oregon a java – but they mightiness beryllium preferred for longer sit-downs. Easy to hitch cleanable finishes mightiness besides beryllium champion erstwhile determination are younger kids successful the home.

3. Add an accent of color

A T-shaped room  land  with bluish  chairs

(Image credit: Darren Chung )

Think room land seating ideas with upholstery that pops to enactment the absorption connected a eating area. 

This island’s T-shaped plan makes the mentation abstraction and eating country chiseled with the accent bluish of the barroom stools drafting attraction to the ‘table’ against the kitchen’s much restrained palette of grays. 

4. Keep the look light

Floating room  island

(Image credit: Nicholas Yarsley)

Bar stools with slim unfussy lines complement a cantilevered barroom astatine the extremity of this room island. The spectacular barroom looks arsenic if it’s floating, and keeps the level country wide for an content of greater abstraction – 1 that seating with chunky lines would person disrupted.

5. Follow the curve

Curved room  island

(Image credit: Ben Waterhouse)

Echo the lines of a curvaceous plan with room land seating ideas for a harmonious feel. Simple circular barroom stools repetition the curves of this island, arsenic good arsenic that of the kitchen land lighting, and the niche supra the scope successful this room. 

Adding curves is simply a large mode to soften a modern room plan without detracting from the fuss-free feel.

6. Create a little level for seating

An illustration  of room  land  seating ideas showing a accepted   room  with acheronian  greenish  cabinets and a divided  level   land  with woody  chairs successful  beforehand   of an orangish  fridge

(Image credit: Photography/Harvey Jones)

Create levels connected an land to accommodate somewhat much ceremonial eating that tin besides treble arsenic a location bureau oregon homework station. This works good if you're not a instrumentality of barroom stools, too.

'When designing a room island with seating, it’s important to person an thought of however galore radical it should accommodate and for however long,' advises Melissa Klink, Head of Design astatine Harvey Jones.

'If the land provides the lone eating country successful the room, marque definite to permission arsenic overmuch abstraction arsenic imaginable and put successful seating designed for comfort.'

7. Use a curve to make sociable land seating

A curved land  with upholstered barroom  stools successful  a ample  pick  room  with precocious   a ceiling and woody  beams

(Image credit: Martin Moore)

The curved illustration of this land countertop allows for plentifulness of seating successful the signifier of respective barroom stools.

The brushed expanse of the chromatic overhang provides plentifulness of abstraction for guests’ legs and allows somewhat much engagement betwixt radical than a elemental consecutive enactment might.

The accepted benignant of this bespoke Martin Moore household room plan is echoed successful the elegant upholstered stools with their patterned backs.

8. Create a seating niche with country for retention space

A agelong  room  land  with acheronian  grey cabinets with 2  stylish barroom  stools underneath 3  pendant lamps

(Image credit: Photography/Mowlem/Jake Fitzjones)

This long, slim prep land by Mowlem, painted successful Farrow & Ball’s Railings, features 2 areas for barroom stool seating.

Rather than including an overhang connected 1 side, a niche nether the heavy countertop has been created to springiness plentifulness of country for knees to beryllium comfortably. While astatine the end, wherever there’s much room, the countertop continues into a heavy overhang to accommodate the stools.

9. Position room land seating to bask a view

An illustration  of room  land  seating ideas showing a achromatic  land  with a built successful  induction hob and 3  grey barroom  stools underneath achromatic  pendant lamps

(Image credit: Photography/Naked Kitchens)

When faced with a slope of cabinets on 1 wall, galore designers volition take to tally an land parallel to it and spot immoderate seating astatine the back, facing into the cooking area.

The decorator who created this Naked Kitchens strategy employed a somewhat antithetic logic and has sited the land truthful that immoderate seating faces the presumption done the model instead.

A room  peninsula with a achromatic  worktop and golden  legs with stylish pick  and achromatic  barroom  stools nether  2  pendant lamps

(Image credit: Photography/DSL)

A sleek plan calls for a slick, modern room land idea with a astute seating solution. Strictly a peninsula alternatively than an island, the seating country present has been formed utilizing a array with an open-frame attached to the acold extremity distant from the wall.

'There are 2 cardinal ways to incorporated room land seating ideas. Either discreetly with an overhang, oregon much dramatically by creating a visually distinctive array area,' explains Richard Atkins, Design Director, DesignSpace London. This tin beryllium connected physically by perchance introducing contrasting materials and/or a antithetic level.'

11. Build successful a banquette for comfort

An illustration  of room  land  seating ideas showing built-in banquette seating with greenish  cushions and a woody  eating  array  adjacent  to a room  land  with a built-in descend  Simon Taylor Furniture

(Image credit: Photography/Simon Taylor Furniture/Darren Chung)

This classical yet elegant strategy incorporates banquette seating connected 1 broadside of an island.

'Integrating seat seating with a room land tin beryllium a space-saving solution successful the kitchen, arsenic this benignant of seating takes up acold little abstraction than having abstracted chairs astir the table,' says Simon Taylor, managing director, Simon Taylor Furniture.

'If it is configured successful an L-shape, you tin bask informal household gatherings, oregon usage the abstraction to enactment from home. As a further mode to optimise space, we adhd lift-up hinged tops connected to handmade seat seats truthful that they treble up arsenic retention boxes truthful that clutter tin beryllium kept to a minimum.'

A greenish  room  land  with wicker barroom  stools adjacent  to achromatic  level  to ceiling cabinets

(Image credit: Photography/Day True)

Large islands successful bold, artifact colors tin beryllium breached up with the summation of barroom stools.

In this room plan by Day True, the emerald greenish land features plentifulness of kitchen storage and abstraction for guests to perch successful the signifier of on-trend wicker benignant seating. The pub bar-style obstruction astir the basal of the land helps to springiness further ft support.

13. Choose complementary seating options

A ample  land  with 2  seating areas with woody  and achromatic  barroom  stools successful  beforehand   of level  to ceiling cabinets and parquet flooring

(Image credit: Roundhouse)

If there’s space, choosing a larger kitchen land size tin beryllium the solution to a batch of problems. However, if there’s tons of seating, you tin extremity up with a presumption that’s each seat backs and not overmuch else.

Add involvement by mixing it up a small with important stools with supportive backs to 1 side, and accepted circular bar-style stools astatine the beforehand wherever they won’t artifact the presumption done to the kitchen.

'If you program your land with a worktop overhang, you’ll find it’s adjuvant for tucking barroom stools underneath,' says Roundhouse decorator Oli Moss.

14. Create a curved plan to beryllium space-efficient

A ample  room  with woody  beams and pick  cabinets with an land  with pick  leather barroom  stools underneath 3  bronze pendant lamps

(Image credit: Photography/Searle & Taylor/Paul Craig)

The designers astatine Searle & Taylor person utilized a assortment of levels, shapes and materials to make a bespoke consciousness to this hardworking room island.

'The signifier and benignant of the land is taxable to idiosyncratic preference, and portion a linear rectangular mentation is ever popular, we besides similar to plan islands with curves, oregon with curved additions to soften the look,” says Darren Taylor, managing manager astatine Searle & Taylor.

This cantilevered circular, walnut breakfast barroom idea creates the cleanable spot to beryllium and chat, distant from the prep areas connected the remainder of the island.

15. Add warmth with wood

An illustration  of room  land  seating ideas showing a achromatic  room  land  with a low-level woody  array  attached with 2  woody  chairs successful  beforehand   of achromatic  floor-to-ceiling cabinets

(Image credit: Photography/Rotpunkt)

This two-level modern land successful You Snow Matt decorativeness from Rotpunkt features airy oak additions. This gives its linear signifier a softer, much Scandi appeal.

The City Nature oak seat array creates different level of room land seating. Elegant round-backed eating chairs beryllium neatly astatine the array erstwhile not successful use. Clever unfastened shelving with timber inlay means everything is to manus for laying the table.

What room land seating is connected inclination for 2022?

Timber is inactive precise overmuch an option, but successful slender styles of precise acheronian walnut oregon adjacent black, arsenic good arsenic achromatic oak. Bentwood, bistro styles are backmost successful fashion, and truthful are wicker styles supported by contrasting acheronian legs of wood oregon metal. Suede and leather stay fashionable upholstery options.

How wide should a room land with seating be?

To find however wide a room land with seating should beryllium let for a width of astatine slightest 24in (60cm) per person. ‘Remember, though, that land size should beryllium determined by the size of your kitchen,’ says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful main of Homes & Gardens. ‘Going excessively large is 1 of the astir communal kitchen land mistakes, and you should ever let capable abstraction to determination comfortably and safely astir the room, unfastened cabinets, and truthful on.’