Kitchen lighting ideas – 50 ways to set the scene for cooking, eating and entertaining

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Kitchen lighting ideas are an important portion of immoderate palmy plan scheme, with functional and aesthetic illumination peculiarly important successful a abstraction that is utilized progressively for entertaining arsenic overmuch arsenic cooking. 

Apart from its cardinal function, lighting tin person a transformative effect connected your kitchen ideas from making the abstraction look bigger to highlighting cardinal pieces and creating a circumstantial ambience.

Kitchens usually request to see task, temper and diagnostic lighting. Task lighting is the astir applicable and covers hardworking areas similar the prep space, cooking country and the sink; temper lighting creates antithetic atmospheres and diagnostic lighting is eye-catching and tin simply present a spot of character.  

A layered attack to lighting volition not conscionable acceptable the temper to your room but bring involvement and depth. Here are conscionable immoderate of the room lighting ideas that tin bring a caller magnitude to your kitchen.

Kitchen lighting ideas

Investing successful a room lights plan that provides some effectual task lighting and creates the cleanable ambience is essential. These room lighting ideas and adept proposal volition assistance you commencement that journey.

1. Mix up your fixtures, but support it coherent 

Kitchen lighting ideas with achromatic  pendants, golden  two-buld chandeliers with achromatic  lampshades and brass partition  sconces successful  a monochrome converted barn kitchen

(Image credit: Richard Felix-Ashman Design/Aaron Leitz)

As each kitchens volition necessitate aggregate antithetic types of lighting, see exploring a multitude of kitchen lighting trends successful your abstraction by mixing and matching antithetic fixtures.

‘Have amusive with antithetic shapes and shades, but if you’re mixing it up, instrumentality to a taxable oregon a halfway code truthful that everything hangs unneurotic visually,’ says Tom Howley, Design Director of his eponymous room plan brand.

This rule is wide successful this ample barn conversion room by Richard Felix-Ashman, wherever 3 differing styles of pendant, chandelier and partition lighting person been utilized implicit the counters, land and eating tables. All of them diagnostic the colour achromatic with 2 sporting brass accents, with the full strategy exploring a modern instrumentality connected vintage styles. 

2. Add punch to a neutral strategy with diagnostic lighting

Kitchen lighting ideas with achromatic  pendants successful  a achromatic  and airy  oak flat  kitchen

(Image credit: Cathie Hong/Christy Q. Photography)

Not lone tin lighting fixtures marque a large interaction done their illumination power, but their signifier tin often beryllium the last portion of your room plan puzzle that brings everything together. 

The modern room lighting ideas utilized successful this San Francisco flat by Cathie Hong spot a brace of achromatic and acheronian greenish pendant lights bent implicit an land successful a room that is mostly colored with achromatic and airy oak. Along with the faucet, the lights make a standout opposition with their dramatically acheronian color, adding operation and a thoughtful plan interaction to the space. 

3. Use lighting to Illuminate texture to bring successful extent  

kitchen with discreet lighting

(Image credit: Ray Main )

Choosing room lighting acceptable adjacent to earthy surfaces volition play connected airy and shadow, enhancing texture and patination and bringing the materials to life. 

'To truly maximize beauteous surfaces, prime fittings that are debased glare and supply discreet illumination,' says Luke Thomas, plan director, John Cullen Lighting. 

'Recessed downlights oregon spotlights with frosted solid lenses make a diffuse airy for a brushed wash, portion linear LEDs springiness a continuous, adjacent glow. It’s captious to usage lighting with fantabulous colour rendering properties, CRI 95 is best, truthful materials, peculiarly earthy materials, are seen successful their existent signifier without colour warping oregon level lifelessness.'

4. Consider a solo airy to item a focal point 

kitchen with solo connection    pendant airy  implicit    circular island

(Image credit: Darren Chung)

A azygous decorator airy poised supra an land portion tin beryllium each it takes to unite a scheme, inject elegance, and emphasise a focal point, particularly successful an unfastened program space. 

'If you’re going for 1 lone fitting, it should beryllium scaled successful proportionality with the island. Not truthful large it overpowers, nor truthful tiny it looks mislaid successful the space,' says Mike Fetherston, plan director, Hetherington Newman. 'Position either centrally if the signifier of the land suits, oregon supra a barroom seating area. The bottommost of the pendant should beryllium wide of caput height, truthful astatine slightest 90cm supra the worktop.'

5. Create a quirky diagnostic with oversized lighting

Kitchen lighting ideas with oversized achromatic  lampshades hanging implicit    an land  with a marble coountertop, bluish  cabinetry and brownish  leather barroom  stools

(Image credit: Tiffany Leigh Design/Lauren Miller)

When reasoning astir how to program room lighting, don’t beryllium acrophobic to spell large astatine your kitchen’s heart. Daringly oversized lighting features are a large mode to adhd quality to a room – conscionable beryllium definite to presumption them carefully. In this room by Tiffany Leigh, oversized lampshades bent from the ceiling implicit the land – their positioning maximizes task lighting implicit the workspace, portion besides creating a wide lukewarm glow astatine the halfway of the room. Crucially, they are kept precocious capable not to interfere with the eyeline, and adhd a quirky interaction acknowledgment to their somewhat surreal size. 

6. Incorporate reflective materials to bounce airy astir the room 

Kitchen lighting ideas with a mirrored lampshade airy  fixture implicit    a teal land  with solid  fronted cabinets

(Image credit: Liz Caan/Eric Roth)

When reasoning astir how overmuch airy your room needs, it’s important to see a equilibrium of earthy airy and artificial light. One instrumentality you tin usage to heighten some – time oregon nighttime – is to incorporated reflective surfaces into your design. In this room by Liz Caan, brass metallic accents glow successful the sunlight, solid furniture doors bespeak airy successful the darker little areas of the kitchen, portion a reflector adjacent to the model and a connection mirrored ceiling airy creates a glistening jewel astatine the halfway of the room. 

7. Choose airy fittings with a akin signifier oregon decorativeness to your room furniture 

kitchen land  with connection    horizontal light

(Image credit: Caesarstone)

Sourcing room lighting that shares a plan dialog with your room furnishings volition assistance your strategy consciousness blase and considered. Look for airy fittings successful akin shapes, thicknesses and, of course, coordinating finishes. 

Here, the horizontal barroom of the pendant lights artfully align with the brass trim connected the cabinetry behind. Warm metallic finishes tin beryllium peculiarly hard to lucifer with accuracy, truthful bash petition samples to comparison earlier you buy.

Ensure your brass items are either each lacquered oregon each unlacquered to clasp uniformity. Lacquered volition support brass from tarnishing, portion unlacquered allows gradual patination. If the taps you similar don’t travel successful a matching brass, take black, which goes with immoderate metal.

8. Use partition lights arsenic an alternate to downlights 

kitchen with unfastened  shelving and partition  lights

(Image credit: Maxwell Attenborough)

The beingness of kitchen partition lighting ideas is growing, arsenic the ‘fitted’ rigidity of partition units progressively springiness mode to relaxed unfastened shelving. 

'Stylish room partition lights are a large alternate to ceiling downlights and volition adhd an other plan diagnostic connected emptier walls. Set connected abstracted circuits, they are large for layering with overhead and task lighting. Alone, they volition supply softer, ambient illumination successful the evening,' says Rohan Blacker, founder, Pooky.

 Go for adjustable partition lights suitable for usage with precocious wattage bulbs if they are to beryllium utilized arsenic task lighting. Connect to dimmer controls for other flexibility. 

9.  Select lights that are successful enactment with the room island 

kitchen land  with linear lighting

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

When readying your room lighting, fewer modern room island oregon peninsula units consciousness implicit without immoderate signifier of stylish lighting above. Getting it close requires beforehand planning, particularly connected islands beyond 2 metres long. Determining what volition hap connected the land archetypal volition assistance program wherever you request illumination. On longer surfaces it’s often amended to people lighting supra cardinal points, similar the prep country and meal bar, alternatively than enactment pendants up successful arsenic spaced rows. 

'We similar to purpose for practicality but with immoderate flair,' says Roundhouse decorator Ben Hawkswell. 'This six-light pendant boasts large directional lighting for targeting enactment areas and its streamlined plan maximises sightlines.'

10. Group smaller, understated lights for a much melodramatic impact 

kitchen with pendant lights and greenish  partition  tiles with copper pans

(Image credit: deVOL)

The unexpected positioning of these beauteous vintage pendants elevates their appeal. It besides bears applicable benefits, bringing the airy root person to the task successful hand. The faded elegance and jewel-like colors of these antique solid pendants are unique, but the shades person been visually agreed utilizing matching retro fittings. Individually, they whitethorn beryllium tiny and dainty, but worked unneurotic they consciousness acold bolder. 

'You tin easy tyre of connection lighting that dominates the kitchen,' says Helen Parker, originative director, deVOL Kitchens. 'Discreet and understated designs inactive drawback our attention, but we don’t get bored of them truthful easily.' 

Kitchen with LED lighting

(Image credit: Kitchens Of Holloways)

A fewer LED strips tin spell a agelong mode successful the kitchen, bringing shelving to beingness and dialling the temper to relax. The astir blase solutions are wholly hidden erstwhile the lights are off, which requires aboriginal discussions with your designer. 

'It is indispensable to guarantee that the LED strips are decently acceptable into recesses wrong the shelves oregon cabinetry,' explains Mark Holloway, managing director, Kitchens By Holloways. 'Angling them astatine 45 degrees, backmost towards the wall, volition execute the champion lighting effect and forestall garish reflections oregon disposable fittings.' Look for LEDs emitting lukewarm light, astir 2700k, for an inviting atmosphere. 

12. Choose a vintage airy for a unsocial one-off connection piece 

Kitchen with oversized partition  airy  implicit    the island

(Image credit: Fiona Lynch)

If you’re going for 1 connection light, marque definite it’s a keeper by seeking retired timeless design. This monochrome kitchen, created by Australian interior decorator Fiona Lynch, is punctuated by Jean Prouvé's purist masterpiece for Vitra. Designed successful the 1950s, its pared-back concern lines inactive consciousness modern much than fractional a period later. We emotion however the tubular alloy plaything limb tin beryllium effortlessly moved betwixt descend and meal bar. 

Similarly enduring lighting brands see Flos, Lampe Gras and Louis Poulsen. Find archetypal examples astatine 1st Dibs. Modern productions of this concern look tin beryllium recovered astatine Industville, Pooky and Holloway of Ludlow’s Old School Electric.

13. Blend modern and accepted styles 

A room  lighting thought  with coned chandelier fitting implicit    grey land  with marble counter

(Image credit: Evens Architects/Windsor Smith/Karyn Millet)

Kitchen lighting isn’t conscionable a applicable necessity – erstwhile chosen with creativity, it tin adhd an impactful twist to a room’s plan scheme. For example, don’t beryllium acrophobic to usage them to blend the contiguous with the past. 

In this room by interior decorator Windsor Smith, modern room lighting is utilized to bring a modern borderline to a room with a steadfast ft successful tradition. The coned fittings enactment a modern twist connected the classical chandelier arrangement, overmuch similar however the slick, brushed brass furniture handles update the paneled doors. 

14. Layer lighting successful gangly kitchens 

A room  lighting thought  with downlighters and pendants hung from treble  tallness  ceiling implicit    brownish  cabinetry

(Image credit: Rachael Smith/

When readying modern kitchen lighting, you whitethorn good request to deliberation astir covering the country vertically, arsenic good arsenic horizontally. Fitted downlighters volition bring wide airy crossed the kitchen, but little lighting whitethorn good beryllium needed to bring absorption into peculiar parts of the room. 

This is particularly important if you’re moving connected a room with precocious ceilings, wherever the diminished interaction of downlighters mean you whitethorn privation to adhd other lighting person to oculus level. In this room with a treble tallness ceiling, low-hanging pendant lights are utilized implicit the land to bring much airy into the nutrient mentation area. 

15. Consider the regularisation of three

Kitchen lighting ideas with pendant lights implicit    a bluish  island.

(Image credit: Smallbone)

There are 3 main types of lighting successful a modern kitchen: task, temper and feature, and the astir palmy room schemes see each three. 

Task lights are the brightest and people the moving areas specified arsenic mentation surfaces, cooker and sink, portion temper lighting, which is brushed and diffused, is utilized to make ambience. 

Feature lighting tin notation to the fitting itself, which makes a connection whether it is connected oregon off, arsenic successful the room above, oregon to thing absorbing similar a color-changing system, in-cupboard illumination oregon plinth-level lighting, which adds an other magnitude but is not essential. 

‘Always opt for much airy sources alternatively than brighter ones, and acceptable decorative and temper lighting connected dimmers, truthful they tin beryllium adjusted with ease,’ advises Giovanni Corrado of Baroncelli.

Another regularisation of 3 applied to room lighting ideas? Three pendants implicit a room island, alternatively than 2 oregon four. This is due to the fact that unusual numbers are much pleasing to the eye. 

16. Plan for an eye-catching room lighting idea

Kitchen lighting ideas successful  a greenish  room  with quartz worktop.

(Image credit: Caesarstone)

One mode to springiness your room lighting ideas existent interaction is to prime a stand-out centerpiece that tin beryllium implicit the land oregon eating table. It needn't supply thing but bully ambient lighting, but making it dimmable is simply a bonus for adjusting the room's ambiance erstwhile you request to.

Black way lights are besides becoming progressively popular, due to the fact that they tin supply plentifulness of airy and adhd a small 1970s style. 

Jamie Blake, originative manager of Blakes London, says, 'Use them successful spot of a pendant, oregon opt alternatively for a azygous pendant implicit the island, alternatively than a set. One ample and spectacular pendant, possibly suspended implicit the land to 1 broadside oregon implicit a meal bar, tin look similar a portion of art.'

17. Highlight a eating country with pendant lights 

A room  lighting thought  with achromatic  pendant lights implicit    the achromatic  oak land  and meal  area

(Image credit: Ginny Macdonald/Sara Tramp)

When considering how to take room lighting, it’s important to lucifer the due benignant to its determination successful the room. Adding other airy to a eating country is simply a large mode to boost ambiance and marque definite your culinary creations look their champion erstwhile served, and pendant lights hung from the ceiling bash this portion besides creating an unmissable plan feature. 

In this room by decorator Ginny Macdonald, pendants are utilized implicit some the land and the meal area. Their debased hanging quality means they are ever champion utilized implicit a array oregon counter, wherever radical aren’t going to locomotion underneath them. 

18. Give unsocial nooks dedicated lighting

A room  lighting thought  with brass partition  sconces utilized  to airy  a barroom  alcove

(Image credit: Barbara Sallick/William Abranowicz)

Because beingness is ne'er wholly straightforward, not each room has 4 walls – particularly successful older buildings, you whitethorn find yourself with the unusual nook oregon cranny that needs to beryllium worked with. Recessed areas and alcoves tin beryllium large spaces to crook into dedicated areas for definite functions, but they tin besides extremity up being a small darker if tucked distant from the room’s main lights. 

In this room owned by Waterworks Co-Founder Barbara Sallick, an alcove has been turned into a barroom area, deliberately lit with its ain brass partition sconces to guarantee location bartenders tin enactment their magic with ease.

19. Double up successful larger spaces 

A room  lighting thought  with downlighters and achromatic  pendany lights implicit    brace  of achromatic  islands

(Image credit: Claudia Afshar Design/Meghan Bob Photography)

Big kitchens oregon an open program kitchen needs large lighting plans – truthful don’t beryllium acrophobic to treble up connected airy fittings some horizontally and vertically. In this sprawling room by Claudia Afshar, the airy needed to beryllium distributed crossed a counter, a meal barroom and not one, but 2 islands. Afshar truthful chose to usage some a multitude of downlighters fitted into the ceiling, arsenic good arsenic pendant lights implicit some islands to guarantee each spot of the country is good lit. 

20. Choose beauteous accent lamps that are applicable too

Gold partition  lights implicit    a bluish  room  portion   with marble countertops.

(Image credit: Future)

‘Often, lighting tin beryllium the past happening considered successful room design,’ says Andrew Hall, managing manager of Woodstock Furniture. 'However, for a room to look its champion and relation well, the abstraction indispensable beryllium lit properly.’

Experts hold that the champion clip to instal a caller lighting strategy is mode backmost erstwhile you are inactive readying your kitchen, arsenic you are signing disconnected your kitchen layout ideas and drawings. Leave it until aboriginal and it becomes an after-thought with constricted possibilities.

However adventurous you would similar to beryllium with your scheme, it’s important to found your fund early. As a wide rule, John Cullen recommends spending arsenic overmuch connected your kitchen’s lighting arsenic you bash connected the flooring.

21. Light nether room cabinetry to make a floating feel

A acheronian  bluish  room  with golden  faucet and support  lighting ideas.

(Image credit: Smallbone)

As the layout develops, commencement reasoning astir the lighting, not lone for wiring purposes, but besides truthful that you tin occupation lick arsenic the plans unfold, says Blake. 

'For example, I would usually usage LEDs nether the partition cupboards to airy the countertop. Without them, different lighting solution is required, truthful alternatively I mightiness see kitchen partition lighting connected plaything arms that tin beryllium angled to suit.'

The room lighting ideas supra are incredibly practical, but they besides item the exotic chromatic backsplashes and countertops, the level and the shelving display, creating a floating consciousness that is cleanable for enhancing abstraction if you are looking for small room lighting ideas.

22. Light wrong cabinetry – and pantries

A grey pantry with downlighting room  lighting ideas connected  the shelves inside.

(Image credit: Humphrey Munson/ Paul Craig)

Consider applicable lighting wrong pantries, meal dressers and partition cupboards, ideally connected switches that automatically crook connected the airy erstwhile the doorway is opened and disconnected erstwhile shut, advises Blake.

Lighting wrong glazed cabinets tin beryllium utilized to marque a diagnostic of glassware, portion a elemental array lamp connected a console oregon dresser helps nexus room with eating oregon surviving areas successful an unfastened program room. 

'I seldom usage plinth- oregon cornice-level lighting, due to the fact that it isn’t usually indispensable and tin marque a country look similar a spaceship. There are exceptions, specified arsenic erstwhile a gangly tally of cabinetry stops abbreviated of the ceiling. Here, a brushed glow of airy could beryllium utilized to illuminate a acheronian spot to make a balanced look.'

23. Add concern accents

Kitchen lighting ideas successful  a modern   grey room  with concern   pendant lights implicit    a achromatic  island.

(Image credit: Martin Moore )

Industrial styles person go progressively fashionable implicit caller years, with metallic accents and factual surfaces cropping up much and more. These metallic trapeze lights springiness this classical Tom Howley room an municipality edge.

24. Go for gold

Gold room  lighting ideas successful  a grey kitchen.

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

Gold lights person unthinkable reflective properties and are perfect for bouncing airy astir the room. They are besides a superb summation to darker kitchen colour schemes, arsenic they assistance to assistance and lighten a country – arsenic seen successful this stunning Tom Howley kitchen.

25. Mix and lucifer vintage finds

A devol greenish  room  with eclectic colored pendant lighting ideas.

(Image credit: DeVOL)

This classical English room by deVOL uses mismatching vintage-style pendants to make a wholly unsocial lighting solution. Sometimes venturing backmost to erstwhile eras works good – adjacent successful much modern kitchens.

26. Charm with a chandelier

A acheronian  bluish  room  with ample  windows and a chandelier room  lights design.

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

Chandelier lights are superb for adding a consciousness of juncture to an entertaining space. 

What's more, not lone bash chandelier crystal droplets look visually pleasing, but they besides shimmer and bespeak light, casting it astir the country – perfect if you're reasoning of going bigger and bolder with your space, similar successful this gorgeous Tom Howley kitchen extension. 

27. Love linear lights

Kitchen lighting ideas successful  a DeVOL room  with linear lights.

(Image credit: DeVOL)

Linear lights tin beryllium a large modern room idea, arsenic they are in-keeping with the streamline quality and cleanable lines typically recovered successful them.

Whether it's a portion airy oregon a parallel rows of spotlights, determination are truthful galore ways this linear look tin beryllium achieved - arsenic seen successful this gorgeous Sebastian Cox Kitchen by deVOL. It's besides a large solution for kitchen land lighting.

28. Make your land radiance bright

Three pendant lights implicit    a bluish  land  successful  a greenish  and pinkish  room  design.

(Image credit: DeVOL)

One thought to adhd a small much play to a room is to showcase your island. A mode to bash this is to person pendant drop-down lights solely implicit your room land and ceiling spotlights passim the remainder of the room. This means each the attraction volition beryllium connected this cardinal hub - wherever you're astir apt to beryllium cooking and entertaining anyway.

This classical English room by deVOL does precisely that.

29. Go backmost to basics with azygous bulbs

A acheronian  greenish  deVOL room  with bulb benignant   room  lights plan  implicit    an island.

(Image credit: DeVOL)

Exposed bulb lights person been everyplace the past fewer years and springiness an concern look to a space. We emotion these bulb pendant lights successful this deVOL existent shaker kitchen.

30. Be an vigor saver

LED room  lighting ideas successful  a modern   woody  and achromatic  kitchen.

(Image credit: Future/Richard Powers)

Incorporate LEDs astatine aggregate levels to flood your room successful light, without costing the earth. LEDs are by acold the astir energy-efficient option, lasting astatine slightest 20,000 hours oregon 10 years.

Look for those with lukewarm colour rendition to debar a objective feel. A 12W clump LED spotlight compares successful warmth and brightness to a 50W halogen spotlight.

31. Creat a dynamic trio

A Tom Howley bluish  room  with 3  lights implicit    an island.

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

Boost the interaction of connection pendants by arranging them successful a enactment on the magnitude of an land oregon table. As we said above, unusual numbers enactment best; opt for 3 oregon 5 depending connected the area.

32. Go to large lengths

Wooden pendant room  lights plan  successful  a achromatic  and airy   wood   kitchen.

(Image credit: Future/Richard Powers)

In a country with a precocious ceiling, lower-level pendants enactment particularly good supra an land oregon eating table, wherever they won’t origin an obstruction.

33. Put connected a airy show

Three antithetic  achromatic  and golden  room  airy  designs supra  a grey sofa.

(Image credit: Future/Mark Bolton)

'Never consciousness excessively compelled to person a airy successful the centre of a ceiling. Install respective lights and guarantee they are fixed circumstantial tasks. If the eating array is apt to beryllium successful the country of the kitchen, bent a pendant implicit there. It’s much functional and looks much considered,' says Busola Evans, Homes & Gardens' room and bath supplement editor.

34. Add an arty installation

Circular solid  pendants arsenic  an arty room  lighting thought  implicit    a achromatic  table.

(Image credit: Future/Davide Lovatti)

Kitchen lighting should not conscionable beryllium thought of arsenic purely practical. It tin besides beryllium utilized to adhd a dynamic look to your kitchen. Contemporary fittings similar these striking pendants successful mismatched styles, supply a plan diagnostic that captures the imagination.

35. Get the partition factor

A metallic  metallic  partition  airy  supra  an oven, coating  and vase of flowers.

(Image credit: Future/Paul Raeside)

'The cleanable tallness of lights depends connected 2 factors: the tallness of the radical surviving successful the location and the tallness of the ceilings. Wall lights enactment good successful a tiny kitchen, particularly ones with small earthy light,' says Kenny Collins, president of The Lighting Store.

36. Show disconnected prima quality

Black hanging room  lights plan  successful  a grey and achromatic  colour  scheme.

(Image credit: Future/Mark Bolton)

The saying 'go large oregon spell home' mightiness beryllium the mantra of youth, but it surely rings existent for the kitchen. 

'There’s a existent inclination for architectural lighting successful kitchens close now, similar large pendants with respective arms, and they marque a existent statement. Ensure that they bent astatine slightest 2m supra the land oregon table,' explains Sarah Spiteri, editorial manager of Homes & Gardens.

37. Create the eventual showstopper

Statement room  lighting thought  supra  a woody  island.

(Image credit: Future/Jonathan Gooch)

A good, well-thought-out lighting strategy tin marque each the quality successful a kitchen. 'Match the benignant of your airy fittings to your room – absorbing airy fittings volition halt your room looking overly clinical. 

'Prismatic solid and bony china enactment wonderfully successful state benignant kitchens, metallic pendants springiness an concern flavor, and brightly-painted pendants bring an often-needed popular of color,' enthuses Peter Bowles, managing manager of Original BTC and Davey Lighting.

What benignant of lighting is champion for kitchens?

Most residential lighting is present LED, arsenic it is energy-efficient and long-lasting. It is besides compact, truthful you tin bargain tiny lamps connected a flexible portion to tally on support edges and nether counters and plinths, which tin importantly lighten the look of a hefty island.

LED downlights person replaced the halogen bulbs of old. Look for directional options that fto you radiance airy wherever you request it. Broadly, determination are 4 types of lighting to consider: task lighting to illuminate countertops, descend and hob; wide lighting to springiness wide brightness; ambient lighting to adhd a brushed glow to sociable spaces, and decorative lighting to make focal points and show areas.

What's trending successful room lighting?

Controllability is key. ‘Lighting is the astir important constituent to carnivore successful caput erstwhile zoning successful a kitchen,’ explains Tom Howley, plan manager of Tom Howley. 

‘Spotlights successful the ceiling should ever beryllium dimmable, truthful you tin set the temper successful the room erstwhile you person guests. Task lighting is indispensable implicit the astir utilized worktop areas. This is cardinal erstwhile prepping nutrient successful the evening, allowing you to support the ambiance relaxed elsewhere with the dimmable lights.’