Kitchen sink ideas – 20 designs for your remodel

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Kitchen descend ideas are easy overlooked successful favour of much glamorous fittings, but this hard-working constituent of room plan is much than conscionable practical. From worldly choices to size and shape, determination are plentifulness of room descend ideas to alteration your space.

Despite the information that the room descend is nary longer the workhorse that it erstwhile was, it is inactive a stalwart of your kitchen ideas. It indispensable beryllium capable to grip the largest pans and the astir delicate of china, each the portion maintaining a flawless appearance.

Here, we instrumentality you done our favourite room descend ideas – and our experts bring you immoderate utile advice, too.

Kitchen descend ideas

Your room descend ideas person to beryllium capable to withstand the knocks and scratches astir cooks volition propulsion astatine it, and it besides has to beryllium casual to clean, but its material, installation benignant and adjacent signifier and size tin person a large interaction connected however your room looks. So, erstwhile considering your agelong database of traditional room ideas, adhd the room descend – and the faucets that spell with it – close astatine the top. 

It is besides important that you see however to design a room descend area to guarantee your room descend ideas stay the prima of the show. 

1. Bring classical elegance with a Butler's sink

butler descend  successful  room  with grey cabinetry

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

Butler sinks person a timeless benignant that makes them 1 of the astir iconic room descend ideas, a veritable icon they tin beryllium seen successful vintage room ideas done to modern room ideas. Originally designed for usage by the unit successful expansive households, they are renowned for their durability, elegant looks and generous size. Characterised by a heavy azygous vessel and crafted from hard wearing fireclay, the plan has remained mostly unchanged since its instauration successful 1897. 

2. Make a connection with a scalloped sink

white scalloped descend  successful  greenish  room  with plaster pinkish  walls

(Image credit: British Standard)

Opting for room descend ideas with a quality is simply a large mode to adhd quality to your space. 'Statement sinks are a inclination that continues to summation momentum,' says Adrian Bergman, plan manager astatine British Standard. 'More and much clients are focused connected uncovering 'the one' erstwhile it comes to their room sinks with vintage and vintage-style pieces, specified arsenic this fluted farmhouse design, amongst the astir covetable.'

3. Add a lukewarm code with copper

copper descend  successful  room  painted successful  greenish  paint

(Image credit: Mylands)

A versatile choice, copper room descend ideas tin beryllium conscionable arsenic comfortably successful rustic  kitchen ideas arsenic they tin successful a much modern oregon concern scheme. As good arsenic its timeless appearance, copper is besides people antimicrobial, helping to support it cleanable and hygienic – essential for the kitchen. Add texture by opting for a plan with a hammered finish, similar that featured here.

Copper sinks enactment peculiarly good with green room ideas oregon blue room ideas arsenic the lukewarm tones of the copper assistance to brighten the darker colour scheme. 

4. Opt for factual for an concern edge

concrete descend  with brass taps and pinkish  and achromatic  encaustic tiles

(Image credit: Perrin & Rowe)

Concrete has rapidly go a fashionable worldly successful the functional rooms of the home, whether arsenic a countertop worldly oregon for room descend ideas, particularly successful concern designs. Since the sinks are formed alternatively than moulded they are disposable successful a scope of colours and shapes. However, factual is people porous and truthful volition necessitate sealing successful bid to prolong its life, but, erstwhile sealed it is highly durable, arsenic good arsenic being resistant to vigor and stains and volition past for decades. 

5. Add involvement with an illustrated sink

illustrated descend  with grey  cabinetry Shaws of Darwen

(Image credit: Shaws of Darwen)

White apron beforehand room descend ideas supply an under-utilised canvas successful the kitchen. While scalloping is simply a fashionable mode to adhd a decorative flair, see illustrative designs for thing a small much unique. With beauteous artwork detailing, Shaws of Darwen’s Gallery scope features abstract patterns and decorative illustrations baked into the descend arsenic portion of the glazing process to bring works of creation into your space.

6. Think astir signifier arsenic good arsenic style

circular descend  successful  woody  countertop

(Image credit: British Standard)

Shape tin besides marque a quality erstwhile it comes to room descend ideas. Of course, the classical is the rectangular basin, however, this doesn’t mean that it’s the lone option. For supernumerary sinks, specified arsenic erstwhile the main descend is located successful a utility, see a smaller, circular design. Sunk into the worktop it is practically invisible, portion inactive providing a utile spot to lavation hands oregon rinse a mug.

7. Add practice with a reclaimed piece

reclaimed chromatic  descend  successful  rustic kitchen

(Image credit: Tom Bouwer/

If you're looking astatine farmhouse room ideas, past it is worthy considering reclaimed room descend ideas – there are galore salvage yards, effort your section salvage gait for a wide scope of materials and styles. Stone sinks are highly durable, and portion displaying characterful grounds of property volition inactive beryllium much than up to the practicalities of the job. 

8. Select stainless alloy descend for a low-maintenance option

stainless alloy  descend  successful  room  with bluish  cabinetry and pinkish  patterned wallpaper

(Image credit: Simon Bevan)

Stainless alloy room descend ideas connection a hardwearing and modern look to your kitchen. Easy to maintain, it is simply a large prime for a family room ideas. With nary worries astir chipping oregon cracking, they are low-maintenance, resistant to vigor and stains and 1 of the astir affordable options. Stainless alloy sinks tin beryllium inset into a countertop oregon tin beryllium open-fronted similar this design. 

If opting for this classical material, marque definite you cognize how to cleanable a stainless alloy sink to support it streak-free and shining.

9. Integrate a descend into your island

White room  with a bluish  land  by Tom Howley

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

When designing a room island, it is worthy considering however you tin incorporated amenities into the space, room descend ideas are specified a worthwhile addition. 

‘Adding a descend oregon hob into the premix volition boost the functionality of your kitchen land ideas. This volition marque cooking and cleaning tasks a breeze whilst inactive allowing you to beryllium portion of the conversation,’ says Tom Howley, plan manager astatine the eponymous room company.

10. Be inspired by classical elegance

marble descend  with flowers successful  kitchen

(Image credit: Devol/Our Food Stories)

Marble is simply a luxurious worldly and arsenic specified tin instantly elevate your kitchen’s appearance, particularly erstwhile utilized arsenic portion of room descend ideas. However, arsenic good arsenic its age-old elegance, it is besides astir indestructible truthful agelong arsenic you periodically reseal and debar abrasive oregon acidic cleaners. If opting for this high-end material, opt for a Belfast oregon Butler-style oregon an integrated plan to amusement disconnected its quality to the champion effect. 

11. Make a connection with black

Neptune Henley oak kitchen

Henley oak kitchen, Neptune

(Image credit: Neptune)

If your kitchen countertop ideas are favoring black, teaming a achromatic room descend with them volition springiness you a sleeker, much modern decorativeness than a contrasting achromatic room sink. You tin inactive person a classical consciousness – arsenic shown successful this room above, wherever a traditional-shaped Butler descend is impactful successful a caller colorway.

‘We chose a achromatic Belfast descend successful this oak Henley kitchen,’ says Meaghan Hunter, Neptune. ‘Not lone is this a modern instrumentality connected a classic, it besides blends seamlessly with the enactment aboveground and sets disconnected the black-bronze handles beautifully.’

12. Consider handcrafted copper

white room  with copper sink, taps and pendant lights

(Image credit: John Lewis Of Hungerford)

Do you emotion modern farmhouse style? Then this copper beauty, which has been subtly hammered to execute a rustic style, is the cleanable piece. Copper doesn’t conscionable look beautiful, it’s recognized for its anti-bacterial properties too, making it a large prime for a room sink. 

Whether you support it polished oregon fto it make a affluent patina is up to you. There’s the enactment to person it oxidized for a beauteous burnished effect arsenic well.

13. Team with brass fittings

Kitchen descend  thought  successful  room  land  successful  achromatic  and achromatic  kitchen

Spitalfields kitchen, Plain English

(Image credit: Plain English)

Country room ideas telephone for faucets successful a accepted material. And wherever you person opted for a accepted scope cooker with brass fittings oregon person chosen furniture and drawer handles oregon hardware successful the aforesaid lukewarm metallic hue, a burnished brass volition blend perfectly with the metallic finishes. 

‘Brass ages beautifully and its warmth complements the chill colour strategy here,’ says Merlin Wright, plan director, Plain English, they besides brace beautifully with a wide scope of room descend ideas.

14. Opt for sturdy and stylish stone

Black kitchen

Antique worktop, from £970sq m; custom-made existent chromatic sink, from £1,000, some Lundhs

(Image credit: Lundhs)

Easy to maintain, highly hard- wearing and beauteous to boot, Lundhs' Antique chromatic surfaces are a fantastic prime for room countertops. So wherefore not spell 1 amended with chromatic room descend ideas for seamless style? 

Many of Lundh's chromatic surfaces are made from igneous stone formed from the cooling of magma millions of years ago, and quarried successful Norway; they are known for their blend of bluish and brownish crystals, which enactment particularly good with wood grains and different earthy earthy materials, oregon successful a achromatic room wherever immoderate texture is needed arsenic relief.

15. Keep it delightfully discreet

Perfect achromatic  kitchen

(Image credit: Valspar Paint)

If you similar not to marque a diagnostic of the sink, an undermounted model, with a drainer carved into the countertop, volition discreetly vanish portion giving you ample abstraction for the practicalities of cooking, preparing oregon clearing up aft a meal. 

16. Go for the double


(Image credit: Future/James Merrell)

If your room is ample capable and you’re a keen cook, past research treble room descend ideas. 

‘Although fashionable for its luxurious aesthetic, 1 of the main benefits to a treble plan is the abstraction to abstracted items, whether this is cleanable and soiled dishes, dense and fragile items oregon nutrient prep,’ says Ben Burbidge, managing director, Kitchen Makers. 

‘However, deliberation astir the plan of the cabinets nether your descend astatine an aboriginal signifier arsenic the heavy dimensions request to beryllium factored into your plan.'

17. Create quality with Carrara

Milano Penthouse Carrara marble sink

Milano Penthouse Carrara marble sink, £3,050, deVOL

(Image credit: DeVOL)

Marble is admired for its earthy beauty, and these spectacular room sinks are made from a azygous artifact of Italian Carrara marble. 

Known for its nuances, this worldly champion suits those who similar their room to make quality implicit clip arsenic Carrara volition people and property quickly, however, erstwhile it has ‘settled in’ it volition past a beingness and connection a luxurious twist to utilitarian farmhouse style.

18. Pick a vintage look for farmhouse kitchens

deVOL room  descend  with houseplants

(Image credit: deVOL Kitchens)

Traditional room ideas telephone for timeless, vintage room descend ideas, with this fluted plan our favourite front-runner. The width of this room descend plan allows for a shallower extent – an perfect plan if the idiosyncratic who does the dishes is tall, arsenic deeper room sinks tin make discomfort and backache.

19. Choose a tiny descend for a tiny kitchen

grey room  with tiny  sink

(Image credit: Future/Mark Luscombe-Whyte)

Small room ideas dictate the request for a tiny room descend ideas. To support the abstraction feeling sleek, person the descend under-mounted oregon moulded from the aforesaid worldly arsenic your countertop and backsplash ideas. Also, person fluting chopped into the countertop worldly truthful that you drain dishes without the request for a space-eating rack.  

20. Fit a surface-mounted descend for a rustic appeal

Kitchen successful  the Bunyans' Grade II listed 16th period  erstwhile  coaching inn from Period Living magazine

(Image credit: Penny Wincer)

A countertop-mounted ceramic – oregon so stainless alloy – descend is the easiest of the descend styles to instal and replace, making it a fashionable prime amongst renovators. Beware with ceramic sinks that they tin beryllium prone to tiny scratches and cracks that tin amusement up stains. If you are going for a rustic appeal, this whitethorn not substance to you; however, if you privation a streamlined modern look, you whitethorn privation to take a tougher material, specified arsenic a composite.

What is the astir fashionable room descend style?

Countertop-mounted room sinks are the astir fashionable due to the fact that they are casual to instal – oregon to region and regenerate compared to different room descend ideas. However, erstwhile choosing a room descend style, you request to see however often you entertain oregon navigator for a assemblage and whether others similar to assistance with the prep. 

‘The benignant of descend you take should bespeak the size and signifier of your room arsenic good arsenic your aesthetic and lifestyle,’ says Ben Burbidge, managing director, Kitchen Makers.

What is the champion room descend configuration?

The champion room descend configuration is 1 that has astatine slightest 1 vessel a minimum of 8in successful depth. You volition find immoderate sinks that are adjacent deeper than that, and the deeper the sink, the easier it volition beryllium to capable and lavation ample pots. Some sinks besides diagnostic a smaller, shallower vessel intended conscionable for usage with the garbage disposal.

Think astir whether you privation a left- oregon right-hand drainer, oregon adjacent both. ‘A drainer is useful adjacent with a dishwasher,’ says Helen Parker, originative director, deVOL. ‘We ever suggest grooves successful a chromatic worktop for draining. Wood drainers are an option, but request drying aft usage and oiling.’

How bash I take the descend size? 

Think however you’ll beryllium utilizing the sink. Is it conscionable for filling pots and washing up oregon are you a keen gardener who whitethorn beryllium harvesting muddy veg? 

‘The descend has to suit each your regular needs, arsenic good arsenic however you’d similar it to look,’ says Annie Tullett, location designer, Neptune.

'The descend is determination you usage frequently, truthful our proposal is to spell big. A descend tin beryllium truthful beauteous if you get it right,' adds Helen Parker, originative director, deVOL.

What benignant of descend is easiest to clean?

‘Stainless alloy is functional and the easiest room descend to look after, but doesn’t property arsenic good arsenic copper and brass,’ says Helen Parker, originative director, deVOL. ‘Marble tin stain, but support it cleanable and it volition service you well.’ Durable and casual to clean, ceramic is bully for a engaged kitchen, however, debar placing blistery pans onto it.