Kitchen tile ideas – 15 designs to inject personality into your space

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Kitchen tile ideas are a applicable prime for room surfaces but are besides a beauteous mode to instantly alteration the look and consciousness of a kitchen. With a immense scope of materials and designs to take from suitable for walls, floors oregon splashbacks, it tin beryllium daunting to cognize wherever to statesman erstwhile it comes to choosing room tiles.

What benignant of room tile is close for your abstraction volition yet travel down to a equilibrium of practicality, benignant arsenic good arsenic idiosyncratic penchant – determination is nary close oregon incorrect choice. Key considerations are wherever they volition beryllium utilized and what worldly they are made from. Before making a determination beryllium definite to instrumentality clip to analyse the existing features of your space, specified arsenic the country size and cabinetry plan and adjacent the lighting, arsenic each these volition person an interaction connected however the tiles look, too. 

Whether you’re searching for thing applicable and hardwearing for a floor, oregon a diagnostic splash backmost for your kitchen ideas, we’ve rounded up a enactment of stylish looks arsenic good arsenic immoderate useful proposal to assistance get you inspired.

Kitchen tile ideas

Kitchen tile ideas are a fabulous mode to bring color, signifier and property to a space, but erstwhile choosing tile ideas for a room they besides  to beryllium eminently applicable and casual to cleanable and attraction for, making them suitable for adjacent the busiest household. A reputable tiler is indispensable for achieving champion results and ever beryllium definite to get samples.

To cipher however galore tiles you need, measurement each partition magnitude and height, and multiply to get the quadrate footage. Add each walls unneurotic positive 10 per cent to let for chopped tiles and breakages. 

1. Combine encaustic signifier with ceramic plains

Otto Tiles' encaustic cement tiles demonstrating room  tile ideas successful  a rustic strategy  with buttermilk cabinetry.

(Image credit: Otto Tiles)

Encaustic – oregon encaustic-look – level tiles, with their vibrant colors and striking Moorish designs, are enjoying thing of a revival. 

Working arsenic good with modern and accepted interiors, encaustic tiles are a versatile room flooring option. Modern versions are casual to support and durable, and large-scale tile designs are perfect for municipality and modern settings.

However, their beauteous designs request nary contention from different patterns – and this is simply a regularisation that's worthy applying with each tile patterns. If you person a beardown plan connected 1 surface, don't present different connected a antithetic surface. 

Here, encaustic-look tiles grace the floor, portion cheaper, plainer ceramic tiles supply a subtle complement connected the wall.

2. Create an elegant consciousness with large-scale marble tiles

Dark grey  room  successful  a play  South Carolina formation  house, with marble room  tile ideas and connection    pendant lighting supra  a meal  bar.

(Image credit: Katie Charlotte)

If you’re looking to wholly alteration your room and fancy adding a marble touch, past caller marble tiles volition supply the cleanable backdrop to a modern oregon state kitchen. Coveted for its subtle code and beauteous veined effect, you tin spot wherefore marble is specified a deed – it looks bully wherever it’s enactment and volition proceed to look striking twelvemonth aft year.

Whether you're considering marble kitchen backsplash ideas oregon marble flooring, carnivore successful caput that it's casual to damage, peculiarly with caustic substances, specified arsenic citrus juice. So different enactment is to take a marble-look porcelain room tile, which tin beryllium incredibly convincing and is pugnacious too.

3. Add warmth with a porcelain wood-effect tile

Wood-effect room  tile ideas successful  a airy   grey  room  with pendant lighting and a achromatic  meal  bar.

(Image credit: Martin Moore)

While wood is 1 of our favourite types of kitchen flooring (despite the information that it is higher attraction than tiles), it isn't the astir applicable prime higher up successful a kitchen. 

However, porcelain room tiles tin beryllium created to convincingly mimic different materials – adjacent wood. So, if you privation to adhd warmth to your room with wood, but bash truthful successful a mode that volition necessitate nary maintenance, this is the mode to go.

4. Pick mosaic tiles for a characterful look

Green mosaic-style room  tile ideas successful  a achromatic  room  alcove with woody  support  and grey  antagonistic  top.

(Image credit: Mercury Mosaic)

If your room is stuck successful neutral territory, 1 of the champion ways to make instant wow origin is with a striking backsplash.

As good arsenic being ultra applicable and casual to clean, a tiled diagnostic country brings color, signifier and adjacent antithetic shapes to these hardworking zones. 'Porcelain mosaic tiles volition adhd play to immoderate plan scheme,' agrees Hamish Smith, originative manager astatine Ca’ Pietra.

5. Choose terracotta for a farmhouse feel

A herringbone terracotta tile level  successful  a achromatic  and achromatic  kitchen, illustrating room  tile ideas.

(Image credit: Ca'Pietra)

If you're looking for kitchen level tile ideas for a farmhouse, state oregon cottage kitchen, terracotta is simply a fantastic worldly to use. 

‘From baked clay tones that lukewarm up immoderate country to an earthy texture that’s conscionable the close equilibrium betwixt rugged and refined, terracotta is simply a everlastingly trend,' says Hamish Smith. 'Lay them successful a room to truly adhd warmth to your space.'

The quality of terracotta is that it volition summation a patina implicit time, truthful the longer you person it, the much characterful it volition look.

6. Embrace a tile signifier trend

Identical diamond/triangle room  tile ideas connected  floors and walls successful  a acheronian  greenish  and grey  room  strategy  with granite worktops.

(Image credit: Otto Tiles)

Eye-catching tile shapes tin make a fantastic diagnostic wrong a room – triangles and hexagons are large tile trends for this year, portion scallop-shaped tiles person endured for decades. 

The quality of these tiles is that they tin look fantastic without the request for adding colour – but choosing a stand-out tile signifier and accent colour is simply a large mode to make impact.

7. Choose terrazzo for on-trend room tile ideas

Terrazzo room  tile ideas with a marble level  and diagnostic   pendant light.

(Image credit: Porcelain Superstore)

Terrazzo, fashionable 5 decades ago, is having a resurgence successful modern room tile ideas, with large-scale and smaller-scale designs gracing schemes some for flooring and arsenic on-trend kitchen partition tiles, similar successful this mid-century design. 

More affordable than marble oregon granite, it is often made with fragments of glass, marble, metallic oregon quartz, and comes successful an unlimited scope of colors.

'Its decorative speckled plan and brushed textural signifier is understated, endlessly stylish and versatile,' says Damla Turgut, laminitis of Otto Tiles & Design, portion Topps Tiles' tile advisor Harriet Goodacre says: 'Terrazzo creates extent and texture, whilst a creaseless decorativeness keeps the look modern.'

8. Choose a accepted tile for a modern kitchen

Small greenish  room  tile ideas successful  a midnight bluish  room  strategy  with golden  accents.

(Image credit: Roundhouse/ Darren Chung )

If you are designing a strategy inspired by much modern room ideas, particularly 1 with a stand-out diagnostic similar this room island, choosing a much accepted tile shape, decorativeness and colour tin marque a fantastic opposition that acts arsenic a subtle backdrop.

These acheronian greenish tiles person been grouted with a acheronian green/gray which is not lone practical, hiding immoderate dirt, but is besides a large mode to make a azygous artifact of color, similar you would with a painted wall.

9. Create an authentic look with reclaimed tiles

A rustic achromatic  room  with achromatic  aga scope  cooker and rustic achromatic  and terracotta patterned tile backsplash.

(Image credit: Life Ceramica)

If yours is simply a play oregon accepted home, styling the room with reclaimed tiles volition make an authentic look that's afloat of charm – the vintage tiles present adhd a beauteous rustic look to a elemental white kitchen scheme.

It's not ever casual to find archetypal reclaimed tiles that volition capable an full abstraction though, truthful alternatively look for modern designs with purposefully crackle-glazed surfaces and chipped edges. 

10. Run room tiles from indoors to out

Gray terrazzo room  tile ideas flowing retired  from a modern   achromatic  and woody  room  to a plot  with firepit.

(Image credit: Ca Pietra)

If your room opens onto your backyard, moving the aforesaid level tiles crossed the 2 spaces volition make an inextricable nexus betwixt the two, heightening that indoor-outdoor nexus and enhancing the feeling of abstraction – peculiarly utile if you are looking for space-boosting small room ideas.

'If you privation to usage tiles outdoors, marque definite you find retired the slip-rating and guarantee that they tin withstand frost erstwhile you laic them successful the large outdoors,' advices Hamish Smith of Ca' Pietra. 

11. Add a tiled room countertop

A tiled countertop with zellige tiles from Mosaic Factory

(Image credit: Mosaic Factory)

Tile countertop ideas person witnessed a resurgence successful caller years arsenic homeowners question to experimentation with antithetic aboveground textures successful their home. The superior entreaty of a tiled worktop is its quality to bring texture, colour and a decorative consciousness to a kitchen, positive they are casual to necktie successful with a splash-back. Handcrafted successful Morocco, these zellige tiles show myriad differences successful glazing, bringing a beautifully organic, rustic consciousness to a space. 

However, determination are drawbacks associated with a tiled countertop. If tiled with ceramic tiles they are improbable to beryllium flush, positive they tin ace nether vigor from blistery pans oregon with interaction from dense items. Tile countertops volition besides person grout lines which tin cod ungraded and go stained. 'To assistance prolong the beingness of your tiled worktop, it’s important to usage a resin-based grout that is stain repellent and non-absorbent,' says Harriet Goodacre, Brand communications manager and tile advisor astatine Topps Tiles.

12. Bring a state consciousness with stone-effect porcelain

Stone-effect porcelain tiles

(Image credit: Quorn Stone)

Capturing the beauteous graining of earthy chromatic but with the applicable benefits that travel with manmade tiles, stone-effect porcelain designs are fashionable prime for kitchen level tiles. 

Available successful a immense array of chromatic finishes from limestone to marble, stone-effect porcelain tiles are highly durable and are casual to lay, positive are cleanable for usage implicit underfloor heating. Furthermore, 'a porcelain tile is non-porous and volition truthful supply a stain impervious enactment which tin beryllium preferable with young children,’ explains Isabel Fernandez, Director astatine earthy chromatic flooring business Quorn Stone.

In presumption of the finishes, 'stone effect porcelain has travel a agelong mode successful caller years and the designs produced successful Italy and Spain are 2nd to nary and highly uncanny to a stone,' adds Fernandez. Indeed, they tin adjacent beryllium designed to person a 'tumbled' borderline to marque them look aged which is cleanable for a state kitchen.

13. Try terracotta successful a accepted kitchen

country room  ideas

(Image credit: British Standard)

If you emotion rustic tiles and are looking to make a homely, lived-in look past see terracotta. 'Terracotta tiles are a earthy enactment that bring a beauteous warmth and volition beryllium precise happily successful a accepted kitchen,' explains Adrian Bergman, Design Manager astatine British Standard by Plain English. 'You could take a elemental quadrate tile successful a diamond signifier oregon a hexagonal tile for thing a small different. Note, these volition necessitate sealing,' helium adds.

14. Choose a neutral chromatic tile for timeless charm

sandstone level  successful  room  with woody  beamed ceiling

(Image credit: Quorn Stone)

Deciding connected room level tiles is simply a large determination to make, not lone are they a large investment, erstwhile the tiles are installed they are besides tricky to change. To guarantee your tiles basal the trial of clip see a neutral chromatic oregon stone-look tile which has enduring entreaty suggests Isabel Fernandez, manager astatine earthy chromatic flooring business Quorn Stone.

‘We ever counsel customers to steer wide of ‘trends’ and spell for a classical benignant successful the room area. Our proposal is to ever spell neutral successful your chosen level covering for crushed level spaces and alternatively inject colour done overgarment colours and accessories. A lick of overgarment is far easier to alteration successful years to travel than a antithetic floor.’

15. Create a diagnostic splashback with geometric tiles

Colorful geometric tiles connected  a splashback

(Image credit: Future)

While achromatic kitchens are light, airy and uplifting, they tin payment from having a interaction of colour to springiness them extent and forestall them from feeling austere. Adding a splash-back made up of geometric designs is simply a fabulous mode to inject property without dominating the space. Boasting beauteous variations successful code and texture, these hand-painted tiles from Bert & May tin beryllium laid successful each sorts of configurations for a playful look.

What is the champion tile to usage successful a kitchen?

Kitchen tile costs aside, the champion prime for astir room tile ideas is porcelain, for the equilibrium of practicality and designs available. 

Durable, casual to cleanable and virtually indestructible, porcelain comes successful an endless scope of colors, shapes and finishes – including lookalikes of different materials, including wood. 

What is the champion colour for room tiles?

The champion colour for room tile ideas truly depends connected your kitchen furniture colors and materials. 

It mightiness beryllium that each your kitchen colour ideas are inspired by a peculiar tile colour oregon signifier that you person fallen for. However, it's acold wiser to take a furniture style, worldly and colour that suits your the remainder of your home's period, benignant and colour scheme, past basal your tile colour astir that. 

If successful doubt, prime a neutral tile colour – white, cream, grey oregon achromatic – which volition suit astir schemes.