Kitchen trends to avoid – 5 features designers are rethinking in 2022

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Design decisions are important successful each country of the home, but ne'er much truthful than successful the kitchen. The abstraction wherever you cook, dine, and besides entertain needs to beryllium applicable – but besides stylish. But much than that, the fixtures and fittings are incredibly costly and hard to alteration erstwhile installed. So knowing which room trends to avoid, which are conscionable passing fads to beryllium resisted is indispensable to guarantee your abstraction stays successful vogue for seasons to come. 

Kitchen trends, similar each trends, are a provocative talking constituent amongst designers. Most bully designers volition archer you to debar 'trends' and take timeless, proven plan features for a classical strategy that endures. That said, immoderate trends are worthy taking enactment of, due to the fact that they showcase the newest kitchen ideas, innovations and materials. But portion immoderate features whitethorn look large successful immoderate spaces, others whitethorn request immoderate reconsideration. 

So which room trends to debar and what to spell for instead? We analyse below.

5 room trends to debar – according to plan experts

These are the 5 room trends that designers impulse you to rethink this 2022.

1. All-white kitchens 

Kitchen trends to avoid

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White volition ever person a spot successful the kitchen, whether that's done painted cabinetry oregon a marble countertop. However, going all-white is simply a plan mistake that whitethorn marque your abstraction consciousness soulless and instantly much outdated, accidental experts. 

'All-white kitchens are excessively acold and sterile,' says North Carolina-based decorator Tula Summerford from Design by Tula. To modernize your white room ideas, Tula suggests interrupting your acold palette with lukewarm hues, wood, oregon chromatic accessories. This volition adhd extent and involvement whilst bringing the abstraction into the modern day. 

Kitchen decorator John Starck of Showcase Kitchens agrees. He adds that caller color trends person seen radical crook distant from the all-white aesthetic to experimentation with much playful hues that volition support up with the remainder of the home. 

'With much radical moving from location and home-entertaining experiencing an ongoing boom, a tendency for colour palettes that coordinate with the remainder of the location is picking up steam,' helium says. 'Some clients person taken the accidental to adhd bolder accent colors successful their kitchens, portion others take relaxed colour palettes that blend without calling attraction to the kitchen.'

2. Open-plan kitchens 

Open program  room  diner with bluish  cabinetry and wood   flooring

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Wondering whether you should interruption up with your open-plan kitchen? According to decorator Tom Howley, the clip is now. 

'When it comes to kitchen layout ideas, first, you should see zoning the abstraction alternatively of going with a escaped unfastened program layout,' says the laminitis of the eponymous bespoke room makers. Open-plan plan has dominated interior plan trends some successful the room and beyond, but the decorator suggests that its reign whitethorn beryllium coming to an end. 

People are, instead, looking to abstracted their food-prep stations from their entertaining spaces – truthful they tin work, unbend and dine successful specifically zoned areas. 

'Kitchen zones tin see cooking, prep, entertaining, dining, consumables, and cleaning. Having designated areas volition let you to store and signifier items efficiently,' helium says. 

3. Patterned backsplashes

Kitchen trends to avoid

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When utilized correctly, patterned tiles are an impactful mode of bringing a consciousness of escapism to a abstraction – and whitethorn adjacent enactment good if you're looking to adhd immoderate colour to your all-white kitchen. However, decorator Nishtha Sadana suggests avoiding these tiles connected your kitchen backsplash. 

'Busy patterns connected the backsplash tin marque it look large and unappealing,' she says. The decorator explains that subtle vintage tiles whitethorn enactment successful this space, but you should debar a 'busy' signifier to forestall your abstraction from looking excessively chaotic. '[It] volition lone worsen the ambiance of your kitchen,' she adds. 

4. Open shelving  

Kitchen trends to avoid

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The unfastened shelving statement is simply a favourite amongst designers, but existent property experts person warned that this kitchen shelving inclination whitethorn beryllium impacting much than conscionable your home's aesthetics. 

'Open-kitchen shelving looks bully if you're immaculate but should besides beryllium utilized sparingly. Otherwise, it's a highly impractical plan diagnostic and hard to maintain,' warns Ryan Kaplan, existent property cause for Douglas Elliman. And adjacent if you're not looking to sell, it whitethorn beryllium amended to experimentation with this fashionable storage idea successful rooms beyond the kitchen. 

'Avoid ample spans of unfastened shelving. Kitchens are greasy, truthful erstwhile determination is simply a operation of airborne grease collecting onto dusty surfaces, it leaves you with a frustrating messiness to clean, adds Christine Tanaka, a decorator from Harmony Interiors successful Minneapolis. 

Christine recommends choosing 'enclosed cabinetry whenever possible' – but you should opt for cabinets with solid doors if you inactive privation to show your favourite dinnerware, vases, and vino glasses.

5. Navy  

navy room  with brass fittings

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1st Dibs' caller Interior Design Trend Survey revealed that navy is falling retired of favour amongst homeowners – but this is particularly the lawsuit successful the kitchen. 

'Navy is simply a code that is often utilized to make a moody look successful the kitchen, but it has been overdone implicit the past fewer years,' Christine says. 

However, if you're inactive looking to incorporated navy into your design, the decorator recommends keeping the code successful 1 country of the room, for example, connected your room land only. 'Repainting an land is overmuch simpler than repainting a full room worthy of cabinetry,' she adds. 

Will you rethink immoderate of the plan decisions successful your kitchen?