Kitchen wall tile ideas – bring color, pattern and style to vertical surfaces

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Kitchen partition tile ideas are afloat of potential. Whether they make a backsplash oregon screen a partition they tin marque a striking content oregon adhd subtle pattern, texture, radiance oregon colour to the room.

Your kitchen tile ideas mightiness encompass some walls and floors, oregon you could harvester room partition tiles with wood oregon different flooring for a country that’s some applicable and elegant. 

Our enactment includes room partition tiles to suit each styles acceptable to update existing rooms oregon program into a caller design.

Kitchen partition tile ideas

'Tiles truly assistance to decorativeness disconnected a room,' says Hamish Smith, originative manager astatine Ca’ Pietra, 'plus from a applicable viewpoint, kitchen backsplash ideas are large if you find you’re a messy cook!

'Often erstwhile it comes to utilizing tiles successful a kitchen, we find that it allows customers to truly elevate their plan – whether it’s a chic marble subway tile to complement their Shaker-style room oregon a penny mosaic that truly pops.'

Complete a country with these room partition tile ideas.

1. Bring connected the bling

Metallic partition  tiles successful  room  with bluish  cabinets

(Image credit: By Design Interiors)

Make your room partition tile ideas the prima of the amusement by introducing a flash of metallic. Silver, bronze, golden and copper tiles volition adhd a interaction of luxe to immoderate room but enactment champion erstwhile cabinets and overgarment colour are kept neutral and pared back.

‘This metallic tile has a comic communicative down it,’ says Ashton Joseph, elder interior decorator astatine Texas-based By Design Interiors. ‘I really saw a similar, shimmery backsplash successful Kris Kardashian’s room erstwhile flipping done a magazine. It was perfect! I showed my lawsuit and she loved it. She loves bling and sparkles and happened to beryllium a large Kardashian instrumentality excessively truthful it truly was the cleanable tile for her room truthful I’d accidental the plan is “celebrity-inspired”.’

The effect was astir an nonstop match, a stainless alloy ceramic mosaic with a matte decorativeness from Thorntree.

‘The homeowner’s benignant is precise chic, transitional with a emotion of cleanable lines, radiance and bling,’ adds the designer. ‘For the kitchen, I wanted to support with a sleek and unfastened conception to let for larger household and societal gatherings. It’s open-facing level program decidedly allows the shimmery backsplash to beryllium the prima of the room.’

2. Introduce subtle pattern

Large achromatic  ceramic room  partition  tile ideas with a subtle grey  pattern, down  a descend  and factual  countertop.

(Image credit: Original Style)

If you’re looking for white room backsplash ideas to support the country feeling arsenic agleam and spacious arsenic possible, oregon privation to squad darker cabinets and countertops with airy room partition tile ideas, wherefore not opt for a achromatic tile decorated with a subtle signifier oregon texture?

These ample format partition tiles diagnostic an ultra good geo people that is astir feminine successful form, creating a brushed plan that won't overpower your space.

3. Tile full walls

Kitchen with greenish  tile wall, bluish  level  cabinets and pinkish  partition  cabinets

(Image credit: deVOL)

Why halt astatine installing a backsplash? Tiles are an amazingly applicable aboveground for kitchens, truthful see covering full walls with your favourite tile, not conscionable astir the descend and cooking area. Wall tiles are casual to maintain, hygienic and tin make a superior benignant connection erstwhile utilized successful connection artifact colors. These handmade ceramic tiles successful Emerald Green (part of a room successful the Lower East Side of Manhattan successful New York) adhd a caller and spirited backdrop against the heavy pinkish and navy bluish cupboards. 

‘Tiles, similar wallpaper, are a large mode to adhd texture, colour and signifier to ample areas of a room,’ says Helen Parker, originative manager astatine deVOL. ‘We emotion to grow the tiled areas and widen them distant from conscionable the cooking country and marque diagnostic walls. Tiling up to the ceiling and down to the floor, and adjacent down glazed cupboards, has overmuch much impact. It’s ever bully to effort to debar having an country of tiles that conscionable stops abbreviated of a country – the sides of tiles tin beryllium hard to obscure successful an charismatic mode truthful covering full walls avoids this problem.’

4. Scale down with a backsplash 

White room  partition  tile ideas with bluish  Delft-style decor, with achromatic  and bluish  ceramics.

(Image credit: Future/Jake Curtis)

The size of a backsplash tin let the usage of a much costly plan due to the fact that of its humble size, keeping kitchen tile costs wrong budget.

Hamish Smith agrees. 'If you’re successful hunt of the tiniest spot of your location to tile, a backsplash is simply a sure-fire bet. They instrumentality small clip to lay, small outgo to source, and inactive person existent signifier presence.'

This backsplash adds quality to a rustic room strategy done its usage of charming Delft-stye bluish patterns.

5. Match tiles to the countertop

Herringbone tile backsplash with acheronian  tile, acheronian  countertop and acheronian  cabinets successful  kitchen

(Image credit: Lundhs)

Stone countertops are often apical of a homeowner’s wishlist, truthful wherefore not proceed the look with room partition tiles made from the aforesaid material? Tiles made from 100 per cent earthy chromatic are heatproof and casual to support truthful spot connected for backsplashes and hardworking zones of the kitchen. A slab chromatic splashback is pared backmost and elemental but these brick-shaped tiles – made from larvikite, a achromatic igneous stone with shimmering crystals – are laid successful a herringbone signifier to make sophsticated play that won’t date.

‘The earthy chromatic is wholly resistant to water, stains, scratches and UV,’ says Hege Lundh, selling and concern improvement manager astatine Lundhs. ‘They are besides highly durable and casual to clean, conscionable needing a elemental hitch with a damp cloth – truthful cleanable for room surfaces.’ 

6. Wrap the country successful subway tile

A room  wholly  covered successful  achromatic  subway tiles, with acheronian  bluish  cabinetry and a room  island.

(Image credit: Future/Brent Darby)

Subway (or metro) tile is simply a ace astute enactment if you're looking for subtle kitchen partition decor ideas. Easy and affordable, it lends an aerial of no-nonsense to a space, portion retaining a genuinely classical look. 

Hang subway room partition tiles connected a backsplash oregon a diagnostic wall, oregon tile the full room successful elemental achromatic subway tiles for an elegant yet accepted vibe.

'My apical extremity is colored grout,' suggests Rodrigo Moeno Masey, manager astatine Moreno Masey. 'Pair your tiles with a acheronian grout, oregon adjacent a bold colour - not lone is this overmuch much resistant to staining, but it adds a splash of uniqueness and fun.'

7. Opt for clashing room partition tile patterns

Kitchen with grey  cabinets and descend  3D benignant   tile backsplash and patterned level  tile, eating  array  and chair

(Image credit: CTD Tiles)

Patterned tiles volition adhd masses of quality to a elemental room design. Don’t beryllium acrophobic to usage 2 antithetic patterns successful the aforesaid country but instrumentality to the aforesaid palette of colors to necktie the look together. In this kitchen, elaborate floral level tiles are offset by a striking backsplash successful modern geometrics with a 3D effect. By utilizing the aforesaid black, achromatic and grey tonal colour palette, the room remains chill and classical alternatively than overly fussy. 

‘Whether chosen to make an eye-catching backsplash oregon a focal diagnostic floor, signifier is uncovering its spot successful the kitchen,’ says Amanda Telford of CTD Tiles. ‘Opt for muted monochrome palettes to opposition darker cabinetry and walls.’

8. Add warmth with color

Pink room  partition  tile ideas down  a achromatic  antagonistic  and chrome faucets successful  a sloped kitchen.

(Image credit: Atlas Ceramics)

If you person achromatic oregon neutral colored kitchen furniture ideas successful mind, you tin spend to beryllium a little much adventurous than accustomed with your room partition tile ideas. 

Choose a affluent pinkish shadiness to adhd instant warmth to a neutral scheme. If you're not keen connected tiling the full wall, spell halfway up alternatively – similar an extended backsplash – utilizing elemental plain tiles to let the affluent colour to dominate.

9. Fall for sunny yellowish room partition tiles

Yellow tile backsplash and achromatic  countertop

(Image credit: Fired Earth)

Bring the vacation temper backmost location with a sunshine yellowish tile that won’t neglect to cheer up the kitchen. These tiles are inspired by vibrant partition tiles often seen successful the bars and cafés of Spain and Mexico and person a rippled borderline with a mildly undulating aboveground to make the look of a handmade product. There is simply a subtle crazing to the glazed aboveground which needs sealing earlier use.

‘Sunshine yellowish tiles, specified arsenic our Carnival Oro tiles, are cleanable for kitchens, injecting caller and uplifting color,’ says Colin Roby-Welford, Fired Earth’s originative director. ‘Yellows look cleanable and vibrant arsenic a backdrop to appliances and they enactment truly good with a wide palette of colors – from blues, greens and greys to shades of wood and chromatic – truthful they’re exceptionally versatile, too. Opt for a agleam achromatic grout to heighten the caller and zesty consciousness that yellowish brings to the kitchen.’

10. Experiment with signifier and tone

Gray, beige and achromatic  chromatic  hexagonal room  partition  tile ideas successful  a classical  grey  room  scheme, with woody  flooring and a meal  bar.

(Image credit: Future/Davide Lovatti)

Don't forget, not each tiles are quadrate oregon rectangular. Expand your hunt to see hexagons, pentagons, mosaics and truthful on. Once hung, an unusually-shaped tile creates a beauteous signifier conscionable connected its own. 

You tin make a much elaborate signifier by enactment a scope of tiles successful a enactment of varied shades - earthy chromatic is simply a large prime here.

11. Swap matte for subtle shimmer

White room  cabinets and unfastened  shelves with reflective tile backsplash

(Image credit: Tile Club)

For smaller kitchens, sticking to a neutral colour palette mightiness assistance heighten earthy airy and make the illusion of much space. To forestall the plan from looking excessively sterile, play astir with textures and present partition tiles with a subtle radiance oregon gloss. 

These parent of pearl hexagon tiles are made from existent seashell and springiness disconnected a delicate, iridescent glow portion maintaining the fresh, uplifting colour scheme. 

12. Bring play to the abstraction with a diagnostic wall

Dark greenish  room  partition  tile ideas creating a diagnostic   partition  down  a ample  chromatic  sink, with a azygous  woody  support  higher up   the wall.

(Image credit: Ca'Pietra)

Love a colorful oregon boldly patterned tile but disquieted it whitethorn overpower the space? 

Treat tiles arsenic you would wallpaper – if you're acrophobic that your prime of tile mightiness beryllium excessively much, effort it successful a tiny conception with other tallness that covers fractional of the partition supra the countertop, oregon utilizing the tile connected a conception of wall, overmuch similar a diagnostic wall. 

'As good arsenic being ultra-practical and casual to clean, a tiled diagnostic country brings color, signifier and adjacent antithetic shapes to these hardworking zones,' explains Hamish from Ca'Pietra.  

As this green kitchen tiled partition is beside the window, the earthy airy ensures the heavy colour remains vivid acknowledgment to the daylight shining successful done the window, which reflects connected the glossy aboveground of the tiles.

13. Pair with a beauteous wallpaper

White room  cabinets, wood   countertop, pinkish  tile backsplash, patterned wallpaper supra  and extractor

(Image credit: Divine Savages)

If you thought wallpaper wasn’t for the kitchen, deliberation again. The cardinal is to offset with partition tiles successful well-used areas truthful the wallpaper is protected from water, steam, grease and grime. This flamboyant tropical pattern, successful chalky pinkish and charcoal, is packed with property that volition elevate an mean room into thing special.

‘We sourced these pinkish marshmallow tiles for our ain “kitschen”, past designed the Coral Crane Fonda wallpaper particularly for them,’ explains Jamie Watkins, co-founder of wallpaper marque Divine Savages. ‘Restricting the wallpaper to a two-tone colour palette helps to support the plan understated; astatine the aforesaid clip the bold plan adds some signifier and personality.’

14. Soften heavy shades

A achromatic  room  with herringbone flooring, achromatic  marble countertops and large-scale grey  room  partition  tiles.

(Image credit: Fired Earth)

Black and achromatic kitchens are proving to beryllium a fashionable caller inclination close now, yet it tin beryllium tricky to get the equilibrium of colour close successful the abstraction without it looking excessively harsh oregon funerial.

Here, the ample format slate tile provides a applicable backsplash, which past continues down the partition either broadside of the cabinetry to enactment arsenic a ocular buffer for the pitchy achromatic painted walls and matching furniture. 

15. Tile the broadside of an island

Kitchen with peninsular cabinets with patterned tile, barroom  stools and wood   cabinets

(Image credit: Bert & May/Cathy Emmins/Chris Snook)

Tiling vertical surfaces successful the room doesn’t person to beryllium restricted to walls and backsplashes. Cladding the sides of islands and peninsulas volition elevate this portion of the room into a existent plan feature. Patterned tiles enactment peculiarly good – usage a tonal palette that harmonizes with the cabinets and countertops. Here, a reclaimed tile with a swirled signifier and weathered decorativeness has been utilized to upgrade a plain peninsula and ties successful with the different earthy materials (brick, metal, leather, etc).

‘Interior designer, Cathy Emmins, utilized our reclaimed tiles connected the room island, alternatively than a partition oregon flooring, to make a focal constituent and adhd immoderate wow origin to the room,’ explains Ruth Webber, Bert & May’s originative director. ‘The vintage consciousness of the tiles worked good with the remainder of the property, creating thing that felt authentic, alternatively than manufactured.’ 

16. Revamp existing tiles with paint

An each  achromatic  room  with room  partition  tile ideas successful  achromatic  and airy   blue.

(Image credit: Future/Jon Day)

If you request a impermanent fix, privation to save, oregon can't find the tiles you love, wherefore not effort coating your existing room tiles? Depending connected what worldly they're made from, they tin beryllium easy painted successful a colour (or colors) of your choice. 

The bulk of overgarment companies transportation a specially formulated primer that you tin usage connected a assortment of materials, which you tin past travel up with a overgarment colour of your choosing. 

'Our all-surface primer, called Intelligent ASP, allows you to usage our finishes connected a fig of surfaces, including ceramic tiles, for an instant refresh,' explains Ruth Mottershead, originative manager of Little Greene. 'It provides the perfect surface connected conscionable astir each walls, tiles and solid for an instant update.'

17. Introduce curves

Charcoal room  cabinets with fishscale tile backsplash successful  grey  and white

(Image credit: Tile Giant)

Soft curves, rounded edges and circular motifs are large interior news. Bring the look into the room with a connection backsplash of teardrop oregon fish-scale tiles. 

‘Using colored oregon patterned tiles connected a azygous partition successful the room volition bring property to the bosom of the home,’ says Kamila Swiatecka of Tile Giant. ‘Make the benignant distinctive and playful by utilizing antithetic shaped tiles specified arsenic hexagons oregon teardrops to make a beautiful, mosaic-like feature.’

‘Kitchens thin to person beardown horizontal and vertical lines created by cabinets, countertops, shelving and appliances, truthful tiles tin beryllium a large mode of accentuating that linear consciousness oregon introducing a geometric contrast,’ says Colin Roby-Welford. ‘For example, tiles specified arsenic hexagonal, triangular oregon penny circular mosaics volition truly basal retired against classical lines.’

18. Create a antithetic layout

Herringbone room  partition  tile ideas successful  blue, successful  a achromatic  room  with a grey  room  land  and barroom  stools.

(Image credit: Original Style)

A subway tile doesn't needfully person to beryllium hung horizontally. Try experimenting with a assortment of antithetic layouts successful your room partition tile ideas to make a full caller look. 

'You could look astatine brick-bond, vertical stacking oregon herringbone,' suggest Ca'Pietra's originative director, Hamish Smith.

'While picking the tile is important, it’s besides truly important to see the different elements excessively truthful that it each comes unneurotic beautifully,' helium adds.

19. Be sustainable

Kitchen with acheronian  cabinets and pinkish  tile backsplash

(Image credit: Stone & Ceramic Warehouse)

Make a sustainable prime for room partition tiles. These recycled solid mosaics successful a airy roseate shadiness are restful and striking and, importantly, volition promote a much circular system by not utilizing up the earth’s earthy resources.

20. Try a teeny, tiny tile

Small grey  room  partition  tile ideas arsenic  a backsplash successful  a achromatic  room  with acheronian  grey  cabinetry.

(Image credit: Ca'Pietra)

Mosaics connection a acold much delicate interaction erstwhile decorating a wall, creating elemental repetitive patterns astir their tiny idiosyncratic shapes. 

Best reserved for much compact areas similar a backsplash, they thin to make a subtle, yet assured look successful a kitchen.

Which tiles are champion for room walls?

While ceramic oregon porcelain tiles are ever the apical prime for kitchens acknowledgment to their durability, you tin spend to take little hardy materials for your partition arsenic the aboveground won't beryllium taxable to arsenic overmuch deterioration and teardrop as, say, your kitchen flooring ideas would.

'It’s important to see however overmuch attraction you want,' advises Hamish from Ca'Pietra. 'You tin opt for a scope of materials – instrumentality marble oregon encaustic, for illustration – but retrieve to seal them first.'

'You volition besides request to speech a small much attraction and attraction with immoderate earthy materials. If you similar thing that’s debased maintenance, past ceramic oregon porcelain could beryllium for you.'

What is the champion colour for room tiles?

Choosing the close colour partition tile for your room is nary antithetic to choosing the close overgarment colour for the walls. 

'To make the illusion of much abstraction erstwhile readying small room ideas, prime a lukewarm neutral code that tin beryllium utilized each implicit to gully successful airy and bring warmth to the scheme,' advises Ruth from Little Greene. 

As you would with a overgarment sample, it's ever advisable to bid a illustration tile and spot it successful your room to measure the mode the colour changes according to the clip of day, arsenic good arsenic successful earthy and artificial light.

Can you overgarment room partition tiles?

Yes absolutely, but you'll request to overgarment the tiles successful primer first.

'When coating tiles,' advises Helen Shaw, Benjamin Moore's UK director, 'it’s indispensable that the overgarment is casual to support and tin defy lipid splashes oregon stains. Eggshell and Satin finishes are easy cleaned, and stains volition lavation disconnected to guarantee a agelong lasting and caller look.'