L&Q seeks contractors for £2.7bn homes maintenance job

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Housebuilder L&Q is connected the lookout for contractors to amended the modular of its lodging portfolio.

The £2.7bn PPC declaration volition purpose to upgrade each of the housebuilder’s properties to the Decent Homes Standard, which covers occurrence information and biology enactment astatine its nationalist lodging banal crossed the UK. The contractors volition beryllium appointed for 15 years successful total.

The Decent Homes Standard, which was developed successful 1997, requires homes to beryllium successful a tenable authorities of repair and escaped of class 1 hazards. Category 1 hazards are those that person been assessed to beryllium “serious” and could person a terrible interaction connected someone’s health, specified arsenic mould oregon a mediocre electrical system.

L&Q owns much than 105,000 homes successful the UK.

A spokesperson for L&Q said the model would inject “much-needed investment” into L&Q’s homes.

“Potential contractors should beryllium successful nary uncertainty that the occurrence of the programme is babelike connected the prime of the nonmigratory experience,” they added.

“The contracts we grant volition beryllium regionally based, and we’re keen to spot a programme of this standard unlock a bequest of societal interaction done training, apprenticeships and assemblage investment.”

Contractors should registry their involvement here by 27 April.

The declaration announcement comes much than a twelvemonth aft L&Q named Fiona Fletcher-Smith arsenic its caller main executive.

Fletcher-Smith, who was formerly an enforcement manager for improvement astatine the Greater London Authority, replaced David Montague, who left aft 13 years successful the role.

In February 2020, the steadfast paused caller concern arsenic it reviewed the safety of its existing buildings successful airy of the occurrence astatine Grenfell Tower. It had planned up to £250m of remediation enactment connected its buildings astatine the time.

At the clip of publication, L&Q had not provided an update connected the remediation enactment oregon clarified whether the caller model would screen remediation.