Laing and Bouygues given safety warnings after fall from height at Hinkley Point C

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Laing O’Rourke and Bouygues Travaux Publics person been told to amended their wellness and information procedures astatine Hinkley Point C aft a idiosyncratic fell from height.

The scaffold idiosyncratic avoided superior injury, contempt falling from a tallness of astir 5m from scaffolding connected 4 March.

The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) has served Improvement Notices to the 2 contractors, which are joint-venture partners successful Bylor JV, which is moving connected the Somerset tract nether construction.

The ONR’s probe established that determination was a nonaccomplishment by Bylor to guarantee the enactment was decently planned, appropriately supervised and carried retired successful a mode that was safe, truthful acold arsenic reasonably practicable. This is successful contravention of Regulation 4(1) of the Work astatine Height Regulations 2005.

ONR inspector John McKenniff said: “Thankfully, connected this occasion, the idiosyncratic did not prolong immoderate superior injuries, but it could person been overmuch much serious.

“We person issued this Improvement Notice to guarantee that some organisations instrumentality enactment to forestall immoderate akin occurrences successful the future. We volition show the actions of Bylor JV and volition person nary hesitation successful taking enactment if further shortfalls are identified.”

According to HSE’s 2020-21 study connected operation tract injuries, fractional of each fatal injuries were caused by falling from height.

Hinkley Point C task bosses precocious revealed that 3,000 much workers than archetypal estimated volition beryllium needed astatine the highest of construction, which is putting unit connected accommodation facilities.