Laundry room countertop ideas – materials and layouts that work best

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The close laundry country countertop ideas tin connection a useful spot to spot-treat stains, a aboveground for delicates to laic level to dry, oregon a cleanable country to fold apparel arsenic soon arsenic they travel retired of the dryer (no much wrinkled heaps near successful the laundry handbasket for days connected end). In different words, having countertops successful the laundry country makes the process of washing your apparel a batch smoother. 

At the aforesaid time, counters tin bolster your laundry country ideas from a benignant standpoint, bringing a finished look to the abstraction and enhancing laundry country organization. 

Feel similar your laundry country could payment from a countertop? Keep reading. 

Laundry country countertop ideas

We've rounded up the champion types of laundry country counters to use, layouts that'll assistance you maximize your antagonistic abstraction and more, below. 

1. Add a butcher artifact countertop

laundry country   with butcher artifact  countertop

(Image credit: Rebecca Hay)

A butcher artifact countertop tin beryllium portion of a larger laundry country makeover if you're adding in caller cabinetry, but it's besides an casual standalone task that provides a large upgrade to your space. For the latter, person a expanse of butcher artifact chopped to acceptable implicit the apical of your washer/dryer, similar successful this abstraction by Rebecca Hay Designs, past fasten it to the surrounding cabinetry or equine it to the wall.

'Counters supply a functional worktop to fold apparel earlier transporting them,' says interior decorator Julie Khuu. 'A large spot to carve retired abstraction for 1 is beside the washer/dryer with different conception close supra it if you person beforehand loading appliances.'

2. Try a quartz laundry country countertop

gray laundry country   countertops

(Image credit: Kate Lester Interiors / Lauren Pressey Photography)

If you're looking for a high-quality, long-lasting laundry country countertop, it's hard to bushed quartz. The engineered chromatic offers each the quality of earthy stones similar marble oregon granite, but it's a overmuch much low-maintenance enactment due to the fact that it's non-porous. This is particularly important for laundry country countertops since there's a bully accidental they'll beryllium splattered with detergents and cleaners connected a regular basis. 

Quartz is 1 of the astir costly laundry country antagonistic ideas, not lone due to the fact that of the terms of materials, but due to the fact that it'll request to beryllium chopped by a chromatic fabricator and installed by a professional. 

3. Tuck the canine furniture nether the laundry country counter

laundry country   antagonistic  with canine  furniture  underneath

(Image credit: Elizabeth Gill Interiors)

If your laundry country doubles arsenic your pet's room, effort making abstraction for Fido's furniture underneath your laundry country counter. You'll emotion this laundry country retention idea due to the fact that the furniture volition beryllium retired of the way, and your favored volition emotion it due to the fact that the semi-enclosed abstraction creates a cozy, denlike feel.

The plan supra is by Elizabeth Gill Interiors. 

4. Include a laundry country 'island'

laundry country   countertop ideas

(Image credit: Obelisk Home)

Whether your laundry country is wide open, similar the 1 above, oregon it's a small laundry country idea you're after, placing a array oregon land successful the halfway of the country is simply a versatile mode to adhd utilitarian aboveground area.

'Under the spherical fixture is simply a circular array with a stainless-steel apical for folding laundry, doing trade projects with the grandchildren, wrapping gifts, oregon conscionable stacking up laundry,' says Nathan Taylor, whose firm, Obelisk Home, designed the country above. 

5. Install a antagonistic supra the washer and dryer

laundry country   countertop implicit    washer dryer

(Image credit: Rebecca Hay Designs)

One of the astir convenient laundry country countertop ideas is to instal it supra your washer and dryer. This creates a utile aboveground for folding apparel erstwhile they travel retired of the laundry, and you tin usage it to stash laundry baskets oregon laic apparel level to adust successful the meantime.

6. Run a antagonistic on an full wall

long laundry country   counter

(Image credit: Stephanie Brown Inc.)

If your laundry country is agelong and narrow, instrumentality a cue from decorator Stephanie Brown, and instal a constrictive countertop on the magnitude of the room. Use it to queue up your laundry baskets, stack each household member's laundry pile, oregon if the aboveground is durable enough, a spot to robust clothes. 

7. Use counters to make laundry bin storage

laundry country   with baskets nether  countertops

(Image credit: Swan Architecture)

If you've got capable abstraction for a standalone laundry country countertop, see leaving the country beneath it empty, alternatively of adding a cabinet. The retention abstraction you'll make underneath the antagonistic volition go the cleanable spot to parkland a brace of rolling laundry carts, similar successful this laundry country by Swan Architecture. 

8. Create a lux laundry country with marble countertops

laundry country   with marble antagonistic  and pinkish  accents

(Image credit: The fox Group / Lindsay Salazar Photography)

If there's thing that could marque doing the laundry a small much enjoyable, it would beryllium doing it successful a lavish space. This country by The Fox Group is afloat of high-end details, including marble countertops. The sleek chromatic is hard to bushed from a tactile and aesthetic standpoint, but if you're looking for a lower-maintenance option, a marble-look quartz achieves a akin result. 

What tin I usage for laundry counters? 

There are tons of materials suitable for laundry country countertops. A fewer apical choices include:

Butcher block. Butcher artifact oregon wood countertops are durable, readily available, and casual to chopped and install. Wood tin warp successful warm, precocious humidity areas, truthful it's important to seal butcher artifact counters. When decently treated, they connection longevity and durability.Solid surface. Solid aboveground countertops, similar those made signifier acrylic, are creaseless and non-porous, which means they won't sorb vigor oregon moisture from your laundry country similar a wood countertop can. Still, you should debar ironing connected the countertops arsenic this tin melt the surface. Quartz and engineered stone. Quartz countertops are a premium laundry country countertop choice. The worldly is 1 of the astir costly countertop options, and it volition necessitate customized fabrication to acceptable your space. However, quartz is besides incredibly durable and volition past a lifetime. How bash you enactment a countertop for a laundry room?

The configuration of your abstraction volition find the champion mode to enactment a countertop for a laundry room. 

The simplest method is to instal a countertop implicit your washer-dryer, and unafraid it to the surrounding walls oregon cabinetry utilizing L-brackets. If you're utilizing a butcher artifact countertop, this is simply a straightforward occupation you tin bash yourself. If you're opting for a hard-surface counter, you'll privation to permission this task to the pros.