LED bathroom lighting ideas – 13 stylish, versatile and energy-saving options

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LED bath lighting ideas are the go-to successful astir homes, arsenic they are some vigor businesslike and long-lasting.

LED lamps usage an unthinkable 85% little energy than a accepted bulb and are calculated to past 22 years if utilized 3 hours each day.

You volition find LEDs successful a wide scope of formats, from tiny lightweight lamps connected a flexible portion to directional spotlights and replacements for accepted lamp fittings and fluorescent tubes. 

The crushed they are a large enactment erstwhile it comes to bathroom ideas is due to the fact that they are casual to integrate into a power system, creating a responsive layered lighting strategy that takes a bath from agleam connected the darkest greeting to spa-like relaxation by night.

‘Good bathroom lighting ideas tin alteration the look and consciousness of a bath and this is because lighting is an integral portion of the plan of the room,’ explains Chris Jordan, Managing Director astatine Christopher Wray. 

So see the lighting astatine the commencement of your renovation and person the lighting program finalised earlier the bath is installed. 

Beautiful yet applicable LED bath lighting ideas1. Flood the abstraction with soft, indirect light

An illustration  of LED bath  lighting ideas showing a ample  achromatic  bath beneath  3  spotlights

(Image credit: Lighting Design Studio)

Employing astute bathroom ceiling lighting ideas and washing the walls with airy gives softer illumination and tin item a starring feature, specified arsenic a chromatic partition oregon connection bath.

This softer, indirect airy is besides utile for subduing glare. After all, who wants to beryllium successful the afloat beam of a spotlight portion soaking successful the tub?

2. Keep it connected the down low

A achromatic  free-standing bath with LED lighting connected  either side

Lighting by John Cullen Lighting

(Image credit: John Cullen Lighting)

‘Consider debased level lighting, specified arsenic uplights, down a bath to stress its form. Or low-level lighting, specified arsenic our Sirolo level wash, to lavation airy crossed the floor, giving a sanctuary oregon spa-like feeling,’ advises Luke Thomas, Design Director astatine John Cullen Lighting. 

‘Make definite everything is dimmable and that you person the flexibility of having a mates of antithetic circuits arsenic well.’

3. Layer your airy sources

An illustration  of LED bath  lighting ideas showing a marble vanity beneath  a partition  reflector  with LED lamps

Single Chessleton lights, from £510, Drummonds

(Image credit: Drummonds/Barlow & Barlow)

Using astute small bath ideas tin unfastened up the space. A ample expanse of reflector volition not lone assistance boost size but tin amplify airy levels, too. 

This bath by Barlow & Barlow, utilizing Drummonds fittings, has a layered attack with tiny ceiling spots, uplighters and downlights washing crossed walls and LEDs successful the niches to make a restful, blase scheme. 

4. Use it to item and propulsion focus

A constrictive  achromatic  bath  with LED ceiling and partition  lights

(Image credit: Lighting Design Studio)

In agelong constrictive rooms, lighting tin beryllium utilized to pb the oculus done the space. 

This bath by Lighting Design Studio has respective zones but the oculus ever finds its mode done acknowledgment to well-planned wide lighting moving the magnitude of the corridor. The treble set of ambient airy connected the acold partition besides acts arsenic a beacon. 

5. Pick a stylish pendant

A vanity portion   with LED downlights and LED reflector  lights

Qi bath successful robust grey and Hono Elm, Scavolini

(Image credit: Scavolini)

In caller years, bathroom lighting trends person included the usage of pendant lighting successful the bathroom, often taking the spot of partition lights. 

It tin make a large focal constituent and plan diagnostic but it besides puts task lighting wherever it is needed connected the countertop of a vanity, brightening skincare rituals. 

6. Consider clever portion lighting

An illustration  of LED bath  lighting ideas showing LED lights on  the level  successful  a greenish  bath  and astir   the mirror

Bathroom by Kaldewei

(Image credit: Kaldewei)

LED portion lighting astatine a debased level is large astatine lightening the load, giving the content that furnishings oregon adjacent walls are floating. But it tin besides assistance get you backmost to slumber swiftly if you request the bath astatine night. 

Chris Jordan of Christopher Wray advises illuminating your small bath flooring ideas with debased wattage floor lighting.

'This volition assistance you spot wherever you are walking without having to crook connected the main lights, which tin beryllium hard for your eyes to set to and may inhibit your quality to return to sleep.’

‘Motion sensors are peculiarly useful successful the mediate of the nighttime and successful the greeting too,’ helium adds.

7. Try installing a warmer glow

Two LED lights connected  either broadside  of a circular  reflector  supra  a golden  sink

(Image credit: Davey Lighting astatine Original BTC)

Not truthful agelong agone determination was frustratingly small prime successful bath airy fittings but we instrumentality our bath plan earnestly and determination are present large partition lights to suit each styles. 

When fitting LED lamps, see the somesthesia of the airy opting for lukewarm airy for a flattering reflection. 

8. Hide your airy retired of sight

A solid  ablution  adjacent  to a treble  vanity portion   with LED reflector  lights

(Image credit: John Cullen Lighting)

LED portion lighting is simply a versatile prime for bringing a brushed glow to cabinets, niches, shelving and nether counters, and is doubly effectual here, shining supra and beneath a agelong reflector and providing a floating effect nether the basin. 

‘Finishes play a large part,’ emphasizes Luke Thomas of John Cullen Lighting.  ‘A shiny level tin ruin the illusion of floating vanity arsenic you spot the reflection of the lamps. In this instance, you request to presumption your LED portion cautiously and usage a frosted illustration oregon see utilizing a azygous constituent airy root instead,’ helium suggests.

Now you're equipped with a wide assortment of LED bath lighting ideas, hopefully we person fixed you the assurance to make a full caller lighting strategy for your bedewed room, ensuite oregon bathroom.

Is LED lighting bully for bathrooms?

Yes, LED lighting is bully for bathrooms, particularly those lacking successful earthy light.

‘Think about what times you generally use your bath and whether earthy airy is available,’ says Chris Jordan of Christopher Wray. ‘Are determination immoderate features that you privation to item and are you looking for temper oregon ambient lighting for erstwhile you instrumentality a relaxing bath?' 

'Use antithetic circuits for feature, task and temper lighting wherever possible,' helium continues. 'Dimmer switches are besides precise practical, allowing you to modulate your lighting to your nonstop requirement.' 

A layered strategy successful the bath puts airy wherever you request it. A nonrecreational lighting decorator volition usage a operation of sources to supply wide lighting, task lighting and accents to item features specified arsenic a chromatic partition oregon connection bath. 

Conventional dimming isn’t ever suitable for LEDs but a lighting power strategy specified arsenic Lutron tin beryllium programmed to alteration the temper astatine the property of a button. 

A ample  achromatic  bath successful  beforehand   of a brownish  with LED uplights and downlights

Lighting plan by Brilliant Lighting

(Image credit: Brilliant Lighting)

Is LED lighting bully for applying makeup?

There's nary denying it looks precise cool, but is LED lighting bully for applying makeup? The abbreviated reply is yes, arsenic it's the closest alternate to earthy sunlight.

‘When reasoning astir lighting, your cardinal information is however you attack your task lighting to the face,’ says Luke Thomas of John Cullen Lighting. 'The champion mode to execute this is with a airy either broadside of the face. It could beryllium a partition airy oregon frosted strips integrated into mirrors oregon adjacent a backmost lit mirror.'

'There is simply a inclination present that uses pendants either broadside of the reflector alternatively of partition lights. Always debar a downlight consecutive supra your caput which causes shadows,' helium adds.

Even the simplest lighting strategy volition request a mates of airy sources – ceiling spotlights volition not beryllium enough. Dedicated lighting supra oregon to the sides of a reflector volition supply bright, shadow-free airy for shaving, applying make-up and flossing teeth. 

Traditionally this benignant of lighting has been fluorescent but compatible LED tubes are available. 

A achromatic  descend  successful  beforehand   of a grey  partition  with an LED airy  supra  the mirror

Cabus bath light, from £345, Christopher Wray

(Image credit: Christopher Wray)

What LED bulbs are champion for bathrooms?

If you've decided to instrumentality the plunge with LED lighting, it's important to see which bulbs are champion for bathrooms.

‘LED strips oregon directional downlighters enactment good successful highlighting a diagnostic whereas downlighters oregon partition lights are large for ambient lighting,’ says Chris Jordan of Christopher Wray.  You tin usage a wide scope of bulbs successful the bath but the airy fittings person to adhere to IP ratings. Chris Jordan explains the zones:

Zone 0 is wrong the ablution oregon bath and immoderate airy fitting present indispensable beryllium debased voltage and a minimum standing of IP67, which is wholly immersion proof.  Zone 1, straight supra the bath oregon shower, demands a minimum IP65 rating, meaning the fitting is dust-tight, protected from debased unit jets and nary h2o tin seep into the fitting itself. Zone 2 is either broadside of the bath oregon ablution oregon a radius of 60cm from the sink. Any lighting fitting present indispensable beryllium a minimum standing of astatine slightest IP44, which volition support from splashes of water.