Light living room ideas – 16 design rules for creating a bright and airy lounge

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Light surviving country ideas should beryllium bright, spacious and welcoming – not dull, dreary oregon dated.

There are a plethora of blase ways to heighten a airy space, truthful formal your surviving country with champion overgarment ideas, lighting tips and earthy neutral tones for a abstraction that is airy, inviting and ohio truthful stylish.

These bright, airy living country ideas volition assistance you adhd involvement and intrigue – and person you reaching for the overgarment illustration oregon the airy bulb.

1. Light your surviving country right

Built-in bookshelves and a brace  of armchairs successful  a achromatic  scheme.

(Image credit: Future / Matthew Williams)

Living country lighting is 1 of the astir important considerations erstwhile designing a country scheme. 

A communal task undertaken successful immoderate surviving country is reading. 'For that, you request shadowless light,’ says Rebecca Weir, originative manager astatine Light IQ. ‘One instrumentality is to get an incredibly slim dedicated speechmaking airy to beryllium straight adjacent to a much decorative array lamp. Plug it successful nether a sofa successful a recessed level socket truthful determination are nary wires trailing crossed the room.’

2. Consider extracurricular influences

Scandinavian surviving  country   with wood   floor, achromatic  walls and plants

(Image credit: Paul Raeside / Future)

Choosing a living country colour scheme is 1 of the hardest parts of decorating a airy surviving country due to the fact that we lone really cognize the existent colour of thing due to the fact that it’s sitting adjacent to different color.

When you’re reasoning astir colour for your home, you person to archetypal commencement by lasting successful the mediate of the country and research what volition beryllium astir the colour – wherever the airy is coming in, the architectural qualities of the country and adjacent what is extracurricular the window. If you person foliage extracurricular which the airy has to filter through, that greenish is going to beryllium formed passim the room. These considerations volition assistance you recognize what the colour volition work arsenic successful the space.

3. Don't conscionable scope for the achromatic paint

Grey surviving  country   ideas

(Image credit: Future / Lisa Cohen)

‘The trap that radical autumn into is that they see dark surviving rooms to beryllium incorrect – and conscionable overgarment them white,’ says interior decorator Rachel Chudley, Rachel Chudley Studio. ‘I similar to thin into the acheronian and research the depths of color,’ she adds. ‘Go for a precise heavy shadiness but successful a precocious gloss overgarment and this volition bespeak the airy astir the room.’

4. Create a light-filled abstraction for reading

White surviving  country   with model   seat

(Image credit: Future / Jon Day)

As with different rooms of the house, layers of lighting are indispensable to acceptable the close temper for a speechmaking abstraction successful the surviving room. 

Wall lighting connected support spines enactment good arsenic speechmaking lights but see the tallness of these erstwhile some lasting and sitting down, recommends Sally Stephenson of Owl Lighting. ‘You could besides enactment them connected the sides of shelves to heighten the living country seating area; they absorption pools of lights and promote spaces to pause.’ 

When creating a speechmaking nook, a sofa successful a bay model oregon a model spot are perfect spaces arsenic they thin to bask plentifulness of earthy daylight, but see a soft, dimmable downlight which tin beryllium operated separately from the remainder of the country for darker evenings.

5. Use a palette of harmonious hues

A surviving  country   reflector  thought  with floor-to-ceiling mirrored walls either broadside  of the fireplace

(Image credit: Future)

Choosing complementary colour combinations is an creation signifier that works beautifully successful airy surviving rooms. ‘Pick 1 colour arsenic a instauration – from a favourite artwork, representation oregon portion of covering – to signifier the thread that runs done the space,’ says Charlotte Archer, caput of brand, Sanderson. ‘Build your palette astir this with complementary oregon tonal shades. My fig 1 regularisation is: decorate for yourself, not others – take tones that you emotion and you won’t spell wrong.’

6. Use standard to adhd instant interaction to a airy surviving room

Light surviving  country   with rattan array  and chairs and patterned blinds

(Image credit: Jan Baldwin / Future)

‘Scale successful interior design truly drives however divers you tin beryllium with colour pairings: larger homes tin instrumentality a looser palette; successful smaller homes, it’s champion to support the colors much concise – find 3 colors that harmonize and usage them arsenic a communal thread for continuity,’ says Charu Gandhi, laminitis and director, Elicyon.

‘I bask utilizing ivory, egg-yolk yellows with hints of navy, mixed with copper and metallic accents. Old roseate pink, nude and orangery tones is besides a bully palette – the operation of dull shades creates a calm but sumptuous aesthetic. We’re besides utilizing pastel lilac with thistle greenish and brushed amber, which gives a pleasing ocular consciousness – cleanable for a airy surviving room.’

7. Light up immoderate acheronian corners

Light surviving  country   with downlighters

(Image credit: James Merrell / Future)

‘Lighting is cardinal to mounting ambiance successful a acheronian oregon airy surviving room,’ says Penny Morrison, laminitis astatine Penny Morrison. ‘I ever illuminate rooms with lamps, but wherever determination are precise acheronian areas. Instead, I volition enactment tiny downlighters successful the corners of the country connected dimmer switches. These tin beryllium utilized to mildly heighten the illusion of daylight connected a truly acheronian day.’

‘Even the simplest of schemes tin beryllium enriched with a well-placed chandelier,’ says Annabel Astor, OKA co-founder. ‘They adhd conscionable the close dose of decadence and drama.’

8. Think astir however you volition usage your space

Light surviving  country   with table  and chairs

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti / Future)

Think astir each the antithetic radical who volition usage a light-filled, family surviving room, including radical of varying property ranges. ‘We each similar to deliberation a country has plentifulness of airy but arsenic we get older, clarity and sharpness of imaginativeness commencement to beryllium lost,’ says Rebecca Weir. ‘At this point, elements of beardown lighting are needed to compensate.’ 

It’s hard to see each the changes successful manner and interests that prevarication up truthful effort and ideate a niece and nephew oregon grandparents coming to enactment and each the small, fiddly tasks that mightiness beryllium required – from playing committee games to knitting. Finally, wherever abstraction allows, make a speechmaking oregon crossword country with a tiny array and astute table lamp.

Living country   with pick  carpet and walls

(Image credit: Polly Eltes / Future)

Choosing a living country carpet successful a classical basal enactment volition bring a consciousness of calm to your  light surviving space. A neutral shadiness is simply a omniscient concern too, arsenic its versatility and longevity adds worth to your property. It volition besides marque co-ordinating the flooring successful antithetic rooms a breeze – with a neutral palette, everything goes – enabling you to harvester plains and subtle patterns, portion keeping a accordant travel passim the house.

10. Use achromatic successful a tiny surviving room

Neutral surviving  country   with modern   taupe furnishings

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki / Future)

Just similar immoderate different color, the saltation successful achromatic tones ranges from chill done to warm. When decorating with white successful immoderate room, ever bargain a scope of tester pots and overgarment ample sheets of insubstantial truthful you tin spot however they look successful antithetic lights passim the day. 

‘If you’re looking to summation the feeling of abstraction successful a country by utilizing white, overgarment each walls and woodwork successful the aforesaid shade,’ says David Mottershead, managing director, Little Greene. ‘Use it arsenic you would a blank canvas, past adhd colorful furnishings and collectibles.’