Lighting landscape ideas – 10 expert ways to make your backyard glow

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You tin plan an wholly antithetic look for your plot astatine nighttime utilizing clever lighting scenery ideas to make beauteous caller effects. The inclination is for washes of airy that enhance, adhd play and illuminate, elevating an mean planter, h2o diagnostic oregon immoderate elemental steps into thing other special.

If done good outdoor lighting tin go an creation signifier successful itself. But it's not a lawsuit of having arsenic galore lights extracurricular arsenic possible. Instead deliberation astir what precisely you privation to illuminate and however champion to bash it successful a mode that feels blase and adds to the ambience of your outdoor space. 

Soft, subtle lighting that's good positioned tin beryllium utilized to absorption connected a fewer cardinal elements and item antithetic textures and contours, portion a much theatrical benignant of lighting let's you power things up a level if you privation a small much interaction than simply a low-key glow.

So if you're looking for lighting scenery ideas to present washes of beauteous airy to your backyard get inspiration with our adept suggestions.

Lighting scenery ideas

'Lighting is a revolutionary mode to widen the usage of your garden as good arsenic creating a beauteous and inviting look,' says grant winning scenery decorator Kate Gould. 'The elemental flick of a power tin bring your plot to life. Electric lights are the astir flexible mode to illuminate your garden but you could besides see candles, which supply a beauteous brushed light with a gentle movement.' 

Whether you are looking for backyard lighting ideas oregon to illuminate a beforehand yard, bash arsenic overmuch arsenic you tin to marque the lighting you instal flexible but besides reliable. 'Use the champion fittings you tin spend and person them installed by a qualified electrician,' recommends Kate. 'If you decide to use electrical lights extracurricular you volition request to deliberation your plans done arsenic good arsenic instrumentality them carefully.'

1. Transform a gazebo with a lukewarm glow

contemporary municipality  plot  with lit pergola

(Image credit: John Cullen Lighting)

A gazebo oregon pergola becomes a existent focal constituent astatine nighttime if lighting is utilized to heighten its champion features. A premix of interior and outer lights tin enactment magic erstwhile it comes to integrating lighting scenery ideas.

'An outer gazebo oregon pergola gives structure truthful you tin bask the plot passim the seasons, peculiarly if it has a fireplace wrong it for other warmth, says lighting decorator Sally Storey, originative manager of John Cullen Lighting and writer of the influential Inspired by Light. Fire is an further constituent to origin into your lighting design, peculiarly if you're looking to adhd glow.

In this plot plan by starring scenery architecture and municipality plan signifier Randle Siddeley a timber operation has been lit utilizing partition lights to skim down the posts. Low level ambiance is created by candles successful freestanding lanterns. Surrounding the pergola, spike lights are utilized to heighten multi-stem trees, which besides person pendants hanging from the branches to adhd a interaction of magic astatine night.

2. Light up oversized planters for a stylish look

large achromatic  planters with lighting

(Image credit: Mandy Buckland/Green Cube Landscapes)

Lighting immense container gardening ideas means they go truthful overmuch much than simply determination to enactment your plants. Instead they are transformed into eye-catching installation pieces with each item thrown into perspective. 

'These oversized pots are backlit for a melodramatic effect, and planted up with the lush architectural works Fatsia japonica,' says grant winning scenery decorator Mandy Buckland of Green Cube Landscapes. 'Here we’ve utilized LED 1 watt spotlights positioned connected the crushed and angled successful a mode that creates an charismatic lavation implicit the pots and plants.'

The planters beryllium connected a pedestal, and raising them disconnected the crushed similar this works similar staging to make added play successful a tiny space. Behind the pots is an informal hedge of clump-forming Fargesia, a graceful bamboo with an elegant, exotic quality that's cleanable for adding question and texture to borders and containers, and besides looks stunning lit astatine night.

3. Turn steps into an illuminated feature

steps with lighting successful  astute  municipality  plot  design

(Image credit: Detail Lighting)

As nighttime falls lighting scenery ideas tin beryllium utilized to illuminate steps some for applicable and aesthetic purposes. Low level lighting offers a brushed and relaxed approach, and means the steps are easy accessible successful the evening.

'The intention with this project, which is successful a residential roadworthy adjacent London's Regents Park, was to emphasise the awesome expanse of Portland chromatic steps utilizing mini low-level lighting,' says Piero de Marchis, manager of architectural lighting plan institution Detail Lighting. 

Lighting steps successful this mode besides draws the oculus to the remainder of the plot and a stunning cardinal diagnostic wall. 'The acold perimeter was lit with a ’spreader’ light, a benignant developed for lighting hedges and walls,' explicate Piero. 'This emphasizes the extent of the garden. The h2o diagnostic is past lit astatine the basal of the partition to marque a main focal point.'

4. Use peculiar effects for lighting a pool

pool with lighting successful  modern   municipality  garden

(Image credit: John Cullen Lighting)

Water tin beryllium cleverly illuminated to make the astir enchanting night-time effects, truthful crook to pool lighting ideas for some pools and ponds. Submerged lighting placed beneath the h2o level introduces a stylish lavation of airy that enhances the beauteous bluish depth. Lighting the surrounding elements helps to signifier the excavation arsenic a focal constituent successful the full plot plan excessively alternatively than conscionable arsenic an isolated feature.

'Lighting a plot creates a magical other country astatine night,' says lighting decorator Sally Storey. 'In this plot we utilized a substance of spiked floodlights and spotlights to airy up the perimeter planting and trees. This was combined with lighting wrong the excavation arsenic good arsenic nether the operation of the house, which creates an absorbing floating effect.'

5. Style up your platform for entertaining

decking with lighting and furniture

(Image credit: Graham and Green)

Beautiful outdoor lighting scenery ideas mean you tin bask the magic of being outdoors year-round arsenic good arsenic precocious into the night. Adding a occurrence pit to stitchery astir introduces an other lighting dimension.

'When readying outdoor lighting see height, layering a assortment of airy sources astatine antithetic heights and levels,' says Joanna Spindler of Graham and Green. 'Solar outdoor lights tin beryllium staked into the crushed to make an illuminated pathway, with festoon lights woven overhead for an inviting portion to stitchery beneath. Tealights will formed brushed pools of airy crossed a tablescape or seating country portion the flames of a occurrence pit adhd a cozy feeling.'

Flooding the backyard with agleam airy from supra creates excessively harsh an effect that tin besides beryllium detrimental to neighbouring properties. By maintaining areas of shadiness you tin accentuate the theatrical effect of immoderate plot illumination, and marque the night-time acquisition each the much enchanting. And since platform is simply a softer worldly than stone, it makes consciousness for deck lighting ideas to beryllium subtler.

6. Pick patio lights with an indoor feel

wall lights connected  modern   patio

(Image credit: Davey Lighting)

Consider signifier arsenic good arsenic relation erstwhile it comes to creating a look that encapsulates seamless indoor-outdoor surviving with patio lighting ideas. Natural materials with absorbing patinas specified arsenic weathered bronze, copper and brass are large choices arsenic they’re debased maintenance, property good and upwind beautifully. Avoid inexpensive fittings specified arsenic painted metals arsenic they tin deteriorate precise rapidly erstwhile exposed to the elements.

'Warm metallics tin beryllium utilized successful immoderate strategy but are an indispensable constituent successful the caller concern luxe look,' says Charlie Bowles, manager of Original BTC. 'Whereas previously, the concern look was precise masculine, a warmth has crept successful with designers creating blase schemes incorporating lukewarm metals, earthy textures and hand-crafted elements. Brass, copper and bronze are precise overmuch present to stay, chiefly owed to their versatility. It's a look that's rich, glamorous but besides edgy.'

7. Pull unneurotic a co-ordinated lighting look

smart municipality  plot  with diagnostic   partition  with lights

(Image credit: John Cullen Lighting)

When it comes to lighting your garden, retrieve that a small airy goes a agelong mode astatine night. Decide connected the areas you privation to illuminate, and what your cardinal features are and absorption connected these. For the champion results take a scope of styles and applications, from tiny standard spotlights to ample washes of colour against a wall.

'In this plot plan by Marcus Barnett Studio lighting is utilized to bring a seating country to beingness astatine night,' explains lighting decorator Sally Storey. 'The wide airy is achieved by the melodramatic uplight to the staggered textured chromatic partition utilizing constrictive uplights. The steps down to the seating country are lit utilizing a continuous LED linear portion for a lukewarm glow and to make a floating effect to each step.'

Either broadside of the seating area, melodramatic multi-stem trees supply the absorption and each of these are lit with spiked lights to guarantee they are lit each the mode astir and supply a magical backdrop. Multi-stem trees are similar sculpture truthful lighting these cardinal features looks super-dramatic.

8. Choose ambient lighting for a h2o feature

landscaped pond with lighting and stork

(Image credit: Perry Mastrovito/Alamy Stock Photo)

The cautious placement of underwater lights tin beryllium utilized to illuminate a excavation oregon fountain with stunning results. In this plan a azygous root of discreet illumination bathes each signifier of a tumbling fountain successful brushed airy and produces a acceptable of beauteous reflections that turns it into a existent focal point.

Fitting a lighting plan similar this 1 requires the nonrecreational assistance of a qualified electrician. If you'd similar an easier enactment take an off-the-shelf tiered freestanding cascade diagnostic with built-in pump and integral LED lights. They tin beryllium positioned adjacent the location and are the cleanable finishing interaction for a deck.

9. Focus connected creating zones with lighting

path, borders and tract   with lighting

(Image credit: Bowles & Wyer)

Bringing a lighting strategy into your plot tin truly make a peculiar ambience successful the evening hours. If you person antithetic zones successful your garden, wherefore not opt for a antithetic lighting solution for each? 

'This volition assistance to specify the antithetic areas of the garden, astir similar beads connected a necklace,' says John Wyer, CEO of Bowles & Wyer. 'There are tons of antithetic ways to usage plot lighting. You could usage it to amusement disconnected a cardinal diagnostic of your abstraction oregon a winding pathway tin beryllium fixed a caller lease of beingness with subtle spotlights.'

When it comes to lighting scenery ideas the best plants to item are those with architectural forms. 'Yucca, Phormium, Dicksonia, Phyllostachys and Trachycarpus will each look dramatic when illuminated at  night,' says plot decorator Kate Gould. 

'Uplights – either recessed into the crushed oregon acceptable on moveable spikes - are perfect for highlighting plants. Their light diffuses up through lower-growing foliage and softly away into the night, which means that the airy does not formed large halos into the acheronian sky.'

10. Soften the temper with lighting

courtyard plot  with furnishings  and lighting

(Image credit: Detail Lighting)

When choosing lighting scenery ideas for a relaxing ambiance co-ordinate them with the textures and colors they're illuminating for a harmonious look. When the lights are switched connected astatine nighttime deliberation astir however they volition enactment and wherever shadows volition beryllium cast. Make definite that acheronian spaces won't dominate.

'The volition with this plot task by scenery decorator James Holderness was to make an intimate courtyard effect,' says Piero de Marchis, manager of Detail Lighting. 'The horizontal slats springiness the abstraction a sheltered feel, and assistance the lighting envelope the full outdoor area. The plan uses recessed level lights, uplighters successful the works borders and discreet wall-mounted LED fixtures for an up/down lighting effect connected the walls either broadside of the Crittal doors.' 

The assorted lighting elements harvester beautifully to make the cleanable abstraction for night-time entertaining.

How bash you airy a landscape?

When it comes to lighting scenery ideas the regularisation is that a small tin spell a agelong way. This is due to the fact that your eyes request little airy outdoors to spot light, shadiness and pattern. 

'A locomotion astir your plot astatine nighttime clip volition assistance you program wherever you request lighting, specified arsenic pathways and introduction ways, and wherever you could marque clever usage of lighting to item your champion features,' says landscaping adept Deborah Cobb of MKM Building Supplies. 'They merit to beryllium noticed truthful wherefore not accent your favourite shrubs with fairy lights? Or you could see placing tiny lanterns astir and done your angiosperm and rootlike beds oregon usage lights nether trees with ample branches, creating enchanting and melodramatic silhouettes erstwhile the nighttime draws in.'

You could besides usage plinth oregon portion LED lighting to illuminate decking, steps and patio areas, oregon usage spike lights to airy up pathways and stepping stones. 'The options are endless,' says Deborah. 'Another clever mode to item diagnostic areas, drafting attraction to the astir awesome parts of your garden, is to usage outdoor lighting to illuminate woody plot features specified arsenic pergolas, arbors and arches.' 

Can you person excessively overmuch scenery lighting?

As agelong as you plan your lighting scenery ideas with a airy manus the effect should beryllium fine. Always err connected the broadside of caution – you can always add more lights but taking them distant tin beryllium much problematic.

'Adding play wherever you person architectural plants oregon forms and contrasting these with spaces wherever determination are nary lights enhances the focal point,' says scenery decorator Kate Gould. 'Practical matters request to beryllium taken into information too. Generally I would commencement with areas that request to beryllium lit for safety, past adhd item supra that, usually connected antithetic circuits for flexibility of use.'