Lilac is officially the 'Shrub of the Year' – according to the US National Garden Bureau

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The US National Garden Bureau has crowned lilac arsenic their 'Shrub of the Year' for 2022 – and we're wondering wherefore it's taken truthful agelong to admit this versatile bloom. 

In its abundance of shades, lilac is casual to works and adjacent easier to maintain. The low-maintenance shrub is accessible to each – careless of soil, habitat, oregon somesthesia zone. So it seems lone close that it has present received 1 of the highest titles of all. But what makes this garden idea truthful special? And wherefore is it so sought-after this 2022?

'For galore people, lilacs bring backmost memories of household members, grandparents and aunts, and uncles, who person grown them successful the past, says Katie Tamony, main selling serviceman for plant-growers Monrovia. 'They supply a fantastic consciousness of contented and remembrance and are portion of a inclination toward nostalgic plants for caller gardeners.'

National Garden Bureau’s Shrub of the Year

(Image credit: Suttons)

Alongside its nostalgic qualities, the National Garden Bureau's 'Shrub of the Year' has a big of different attributes that won't autumn retired of manner erstwhile 2022 comes to an end. Here's what makes the lilac truthful unique.  

A versatile species 

National Garden Bureau’s Shrub of the Year

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Lilacs are 1 of the best flowering shrubs to take for immoderate benignant of garden. These plants are astatine location successful galore types of themed gardens, including pollinator-friendly, butterfly-attracting, and gardens are grown for cutting oregon fragrance. 

The floral favourite looks arsenic beauteous amid your cottage plot ideas – oregon chosen for a carefully-designed single-color scheme. 

The National Garden Bureau says that successful fire-prone areas, you tin besides usage lilacs for fire-scaping and fire-wise gardens.

A romanticist taxon  

National Garden Bureau’s Shrub of the Year

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'Lilacs clasp a batch of symbolism,' explains Jeremy Yamaguchi, CEO of Lawn Love. 'Their antithetic colors person antithetic representations, with achromatic lilacs being innocence and purity, violet ones [representing] spirituality, magenta ones being love, bluish ones being tranquility and happiness. Lilac-colored [blooms] symbolically correspond a archetypal love.'

Jeremy believes that successful times of uncertainty and worry, we often effort to look for the meaning of things 'or ways to punctual ourselves of the goodness successful the world. Lilacs tin assistance america bash that,' helium adds. So if you're looking for what to works successful March, see looking for a lilac this weekend. 'They bloom successful precocious outpouring oregon aboriginal summer, often earlier different flowers successful the garden,' says gardening adept and laminitis of Urban Organic Yield, Lindsey Hyland.

'That makes them precise peculiar due to the fact that they denote the accomplishment of warmer upwind and longer days,' she adds. 

A sweet-smelling taxon  

close up   of lilac bush

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'The fragrance of lilacs is strong, sweet, and floral. It's a scent that galore radical emotion and find irresistible,' Lindsey explains. 'Lilacs are besides peculiar due to the fact that they're 1 of the longest blooming flowers. Some varieties volition bloom for six weeks oregon more. That's a batch of clip to bask their saccharine fragrance and colorful blooms,' she adds. 

If you cognize how to prune lilacs, you tin bask the aroma of this award-winning bloom, adjacent erstwhile a caller shrub steals the 'Shrub of the Year' crown. Though, with these benefits, we would reason lilac is simply a hard angiosperm to beat.