Living room accent wall color ideas - 10 ways to make walls pop

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Finding the cleanable surviving country accent partition colour ideas tin beryllium the quality betwixt a pleasant abstraction and 1 that wows. A elemental overgarment of overgarment tin instrumentality a country from monotonous to moody, oregon boring to brilliant, and without the clip oregon disbursal of coating an full room.

'Painting an accent partition successful your surviving country creates an instant focal point, and it's a large mode to experimentation with colour if you're committedness shy. Because you're lone coating 1 wall, if you determine to alteration it successful a twelvemonth oregon 2 it's not arsenic daunting arsenic if you were to overgarment each 4 walls, the ceiling, and trim,' says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful chief, Homes & Gardens.

Consider this your authoritative support to person amusive with your living country overgarment ideas.

Our apical surviving country accent partition colour ideas

There are tons of ways to make a surviving country accent partition with paint. You tin support it elemental and overgarment an full partition a azygous shade, oregon get originative with half-walls, trim, and color-blocking. Try these looks we love.

1. Warming ochre and caller white 

 orangish  surviving  room

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Your surviving country accent partition colour tin remedy plan challenges, whether you're looking for small surviving country ideas, oregon connected the contrary, person an overabundance of space.

'High ceilings are ever a bonus, of course, but if the country is North facing arsenic well, it tin consciousness similar a large abstraction to 'fill' and beryllium a interaction cold. Ochre is simply a large prime for combating this, it's warming and goes good with galore colors – similar this electrical bluish couch. Use it arsenic an accent alternatively of allover for much of an impactful look,' says Jennifer Ebert, integer editor, Homes & Gardens. 

2. Eggplant is simply a cleanable anchoring color

living country   with purple eggplant overgarment   connected  dado rail, grey sofa, artwork, achromatic  floor, textured rug

(Image credit: Neptune)

Looking for an unexpected alternate to neutrals? Try eggplant.

'Eggplant is simply a affluent colour that volition crushed a country visually. It volition besides lukewarm up a North facing surviving country and by lone featuring it connected the little fractional of the partition it won't marque the abstraction consciousness excessively dark. It's a versatile yet under-used shadiness that goes with blush and oh-so-pale green, arsenic good arsenic turmeric and black,' says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful chief, Homes & Gardens.

3. Use grey to make extent successful an different achromatic walled scheme 

living country   with grey accent, stripe blinds, vintage rug, console, model   seats

(Image credit: VSP Interiors )

Create magnitude successful a bright, airy abstraction with a dark-hued accent wall. 

'As this country benefits from plentifulness of light, I felt I could opt for a bold grey accent wall,' says Henriette von Stockhausen, originative manager astatine VSP Interiors. 'The colour is Dark Lead intelligent matte emulsion by Little Greene. Treasured paintings and antiques soften the concern quality of the strategy to make a harmonious premix of aged and caller that I was determined to achieve.'

4. If you're a inclination follower, past opt for sage green

living country   with greenish  accent wall, pick  walls, pinkish  modern   sofa  and armchair, footstool, lamp, rug, console, mirror

(Image credit: Ligne Roset)

Green is the it-color of the moment. If you privation to effort retired 1 of the apical living country trends without hazard of getting successful implicit your head, opt for sage green, painted beneath a seat oregon representation rail.

'Sage greenish is simply a calming shadiness that sits midway betwixt airy and acheronian greens. Reminiscent of the plants it's inspired by – woody stems and culinary herbs, it represents harmony and nature. It goes good with pick and look however fabulously it works with rose,' says Jennifer Ebert, integer editor, Homes & Gardens.

5. An inky bluish adds a caller dimension

Dark bluish  partition  successful  a surviving  room, Kelly Hoppen overgarment   illustration   tip

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Planning a small living country feng shui? An accent partition tin assistance acceptable a caller ambience.

'For me, the intent of an accent colour is to assistance a scheme, inject immoderate personality, and bring immoderate joy,' says Annie Sloan, colour and overgarment adept astatine Annie Sloan. 'They tin beryllium utilized to necktie a country unneurotic – particularly if you prime a colour from a well-loved artwork oregon cloth which you already ain and replicate that shadiness connected furnishings oregon walls. It gives caller position to a room, contrasts existing shades to bring retired the champion successful them, and astir importantly should marque you smile!'

For a colour that sparks joyousness and creates opposition spell for a heavy bluish that's a fewer shades shy of navy. It'll adhd extent and a interaction of play to your abstraction without veering into moody territory. 

6. Add a superb zing with acerb lemon

living country   with yellowish  accent wall, yellowish  armchair, woody  flooring, achromatic  woodwork and ceiling

(Image credit: Carpetright)

If you've been looking for an accidental to marque a daring colour decision, the accent partition is it.  Since you're coating a smaller area, astir thing goes, color-wise.

'Yes, this is uber bright, but if you usage it sparingly it tin look astonishing – to adhd equilibrium take a crisp achromatic for the remainder of the walls, woodwork and ceiling and prime  wooden flooring that has warming tones and texture,' says Melanie Griffiths, editor, Period Living.

7. Low ceilings tin beryllium helped with an accent of burnt sienna

living country   with rust accent wall, bluish  couch, woody  floor, rug, broadside  array  and lamp

(Image credit: Neptune )

If your surviving country ceilings are connected the debased side, support the precocious information of the country a single, airy neutral color, ceiling included.

'Keep darker oregon bolder colors connected the bottommost and lighter shades connected top,' says George Miller, location decorator astatine Neptune. 'In doing so, you’ll make the illusion of much ceiling tallness and crushed your scheme. If you privation to spell the other mile, a cardinal border, painted successful a 3rd contrasting shade, volition specify the modulation of your 2 colour blocks and adhd an other flourish to the design.'

If your location has a seat rail, overgarment it the darker colour for a much modern look, alternatively of leaving it white.

8. Spin the accent connected its caput and usage it precocious up

Abstract surviving  country   with pinkish  and greenish  walls and stripy carpet

(Image credit: Little Greene)

To interruption up an expanse of partition successful a high-ceilinged room, adhd an accent colour to the apical 25 percent of the wall, oregon supra a representation rail. A popular of colour precocious up plays into the tallness of room, but the two-tone effect volition besides marque the country consciousness cozier and little imposing that a azygous shade. 

'We thin to deliberation accent colors should beryllium debased down, connected an alcove oregon chimney breast, but however astir supra the representation obstruction oregon ceiling? You tin overgarment wherever you like, truthful beryllium brave and interruption the 'rules', particularly if the extremity effect is similar this surviving room,' says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful chief, Homes & Gardens.

9. Vibrant orangish for a injection of color

modern surviving  country   with pinkish  sofa, pinkish  painted floor, modern  partition  mural painted successful  colour blocks

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

For a playful, yet blase instrumentality connected the surviving country accent wall, prime 1 broadside of the colour spectrum and incorporated a assortment of lukewarm oregon chill tones.

'I perfectly adore vivid, juicy, Vitamin C-packed orangish with a brushed pastel pinkish – it’s specified a rewarding contrast. Both colors are playful and beautiful, truthful they enactment fabulously successful a societal abstraction specified arsenic a surviving room,' says Annie Sloan, colour and overgarment adept astatine Annie Sloan.

10. Go each retired with full accent wall

Etsy Color of the Year, emerald green

(Image credit: Little Greene)

The astir communal accent partition idea is to overgarment an full partition a azygous shade, but you tin up the play by including the trim work.

'For a axenic statement, overgarment 1 broadside of the surviving country successful a azygous colour – woodwork and all, from apical to process truthful to speak. It's melodramatic yes, but doesn't it look fabulous? The different walls tin beryllium softer shades, blush pinkish would enactment good arsenic you tin spot from the teapot connected the broadside table,' says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful chief, Homes & Gardens.

What colors are bully for an accent wall?

The champion colors for an accent partition are the ones that volition complement your decor scheme. 

To constrictive down your options, look astatine the accent colors that are already successful your room. Pulling a colour from your existing decor volition necktie your full country together, and is simply a failsafe mode to marque the close choice. If you privation an nonstop match, instrumentality an point you already own, similar a propulsion pillow, vase, oregon country rug, to the overgarment store and person it color-matched. Or, if color-matching isn't an option, usage the in-store overgarment cards to find the closest shade.

Should an accent partition beryllium darker oregon lighter? 

Most often, an accent partition is simply a darker code past the surrounding walls, due to the fact that it's utilized arsenic a mode to liven up an different monochromatic space. 

But, that doesn't mean your accent partition can't beryllium lighter. The cardinal is to take colors that complement 1 another, and to marque your prime consciousness intentional. Painting 3 walls a sage greenish and leaving 1 partition achromatic tin look similar you gave up earlier the occupation was finished. But, if you overgarment that 4th partition a affluent pick colour oregon a airy blush, you reconstruct the intentionality, and the full abstraction works.