Living room ceiling light ideas – 15 ways to create a style statement

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Living country ceiling airy ideas are not conscionable a method of illuminating the astir important country successful the location – they are a fixture that tin marque a large plan statement. 

Choosing lighting for your living country ideas that some enactment functionally and convey your property tin marque the abstraction consciousness adjacent much similar home. 

Ceiling lights are the astir important root of airy successful immoderate room, but their presumption –most usually successful the halfway of the surviving room, a large gully for the oculus connected entering – means they are crying retired to beryllium injected with property and amusive too. 

Living country ceiling airy ideas

From melodramatic chandeliers to elemental stylish pendants, we’ve recovered immoderate genuinely inspiring examples of surviving country ceiling airy ideas and asked the experts for their living country lighting ideas tips too. 

1. Inject a plan surprise

Living country   ceiling airy  ideas with a achromatic  sputnik chandelier with bluish  sofas successful  a achromatic  room

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

‘A airy is simply a bully mode to propulsion astonishment successful a room, to merge modern with traditional,’ says Martin Waller, Founder of Andrew Martin. ‘Putting an concern benignant lamp oregon a graphic mid-century signifier successful a accepted stucco mounting injects excitement, arsenic an Art Deco chandelier successful a stark, modern plan.’ 

While living country partition lighting ideas are besides a large abstraction successful which to marque a plan statement, ceiling lighting tin enactment the opposition beforehand and center. In this home, a modern achromatic airy fitting breaks retired from the home’s accepted plaster mouldings.  

2. Go big

Living country   ceiling airy  ideas with a ample  achromatic  chandelier with earthy  motifs hanging successful  a yellowish  room

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

This is not the clip to beryllium shy – oversized lighting is simply a increasing inclination successful surviving country decor. In this example, a acheronian metallic chandelier is not lone tall, but sprawls dramatically crossed the cardinal 3rd of the country to make a truly awesome feature. Of course, fixtures of akin dimensions wouldn’t beryllium suitable among small surviving country lighting ideas, but you tin inactive play with a consciousness of standard successful rooms of immoderate size.

3. Choose a connection pendant

Living country   ceiling airy  ideas with curved modern   yellowish  sofas and a connection    golden  pendant

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

As living country lighting trends go, the connection pendant is 1 that’s apt to instrumentality astir for a portion to come, says Piero de Marchis, Founder of Detail Lighting. 

‘As designers and homeowners question much uniqueness and individuality successful their interiors, connection lighting and successful peculiar connection pendants volition go progressively prevalent,’ explains de Marchis. ‘From sculptural singular wow-factor pieces to sleek clump designs, striking pendant lighting volition beryllium a fashionable fixture successful homes [in the adjacent year].’ 

4. Use pendants to portion the room

Living country   ceiling airy  ideas with a achromatic  and golden  pendant lampshade successful  beforehand   of a greenish  seat  with patterned wallpaper behind

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

When reasoning astir how to program surviving country lighting, see however you mightiness usage it to ‘zone’ the space. Pendant lights are large for creating a focal constituent usually successful the halfway of the country oregon highlighting a important seating zone, specified arsenic the 1 successful this example, situated successful a abstracted nook.  

‘Firstly, determine if you are having a cardinal pendant,’ says de Marchis. ‘If so, it’s important to cognize whether you are aiming to person this arsenic a decorative portion oregon if it is going to beryllium the main lighting root successful the space. Usually we find that adjacent with a agleam pendant, determination volition beryllium supplementary airy needed arsenic pendants tin formed shadows.’ 

5. Rethink the chandelier with modern styles

Living country   ceiling airy  ideas with a achromatic  and golden  sputnik chandelier successful  a achromatic  room

(Image credit: Alice Lane Interiors/Nicole Hill Gerulat)

Chandeliers aren’t the sole sphere of play properties, and neither bash they request to look similar they’ve been plucked retired of the 18th century. Take a modern attack to surviving country chandelier ideas alternatively – successful this Salt Lake City location by decorator Alice Lane, a sputnik-style chandelier gives disconnected a mid-century modern vibe, made modern done the luxurious operation of brass and black. 

6. Balance past and modernity

Living country   ceiling airy  ideas with a achromatic  hoop airy  successful  a achromatic  room

(Image credit: Arteriors)

Among the white surviving country ideas here, the hoop airy fitting designed by Laura Kirar for Arteriors aims to make a equilibrium betwixt accepted lighting forms and modern concerns. 

‘I'm much funny successful reissuing classical concepts done my ain modern lens,’ says Kirar. ‘As an artist, I plan sculptural forms that resonate with a equilibrium of humanities and modern principles. I'm driven by the purity of authentic materials and artisanal techniques to make thing original.’ 

7. Get connected inclination with earthy materials

Living country   ceiling airy  ideas with a achromatic  chandelier with rattan lampshades implicit    bulbs, implicit    seating country  successful  bluish  bohemian room

(Image credit: Jan Baldwin)

Natural materials similar rattan, terracotta and wood are having a immense infinitesimal successful lighting, and look large among bohemian surviving country ideas. 

‘Reconnect with quality and enrich your location with earthy fibre lampshades and hanging rustic pendant lights,’ says Matthew Currington, Technical Director astatine The Lighting Superstore. ‘These pieces are amazingly versatile; moving successful traditional, modern, and bohemian rooms.’ 

‘Stick to earthy tones and neutral schemes to make a calming environment. Compliment with location plants, woody furniture, textured furnishings to support it stylish, yet understated.’

8. Go low with an overhead pendant

Living country   ceiling airy  ideas with a achromatic  metallic  lampshade hanging debased  implicit    seating country  successful  a accepted   bluish  and yellowish  room

(Image credit: Mark Bolton)

If you truly privation your ceiling lighting to beryllium unmissable, dangle it truthful debased that it sits close successful your eyeline. This whitethorn dependable similar a daring and impractical strategy, but hanging a debased pendant implicit your living country seating ideas helps to make a dedicated glow astir the comfiest country of the room, and placing the airy implicit a java array means nary request to interest astir radical walking nether it and bumping their heads. In this room, the metallic lampshade besides adds a modern concern interaction to a accepted space. 

9. Make it modern with LEDs

Living country   ceiling airy  ideas with a golden  hoop fixture featuring an LED barroom  crossed  the center

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

For lighting that is modern successful some look and technology, LEDs are an fantabulous choice. They tin beryllium utilized to make highly inventive and antithetic airy fittings specified arsenic this stunning golden hoop fixture with an LED barroom crossed its center, oregon tin beryllium utilized much discreetly for accepted oregon modern downlighting. 

Think astir the perimeter,’ says de Marchis. ‘Lighting tin beryllium successful the signifier of idiosyncratic spotlights (surface oregon recessed) oregon LED linear lighting which is precise fashionable now. Perimeter lighting helps specify the size of the abstraction and avoids immoderate dark surviving room corners.’

10. Keep it simple

Living country   ceiling airy  ideas with ample  achromatic  lampshade connected  a pendant light

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

Of course, your ceiling lighting doesn’t person to beryllium a showstopping matter – keeping it elemental and stylish tin beryllium conscionable what a surviving country needs. In this surviving room, a precise elemental achromatic lampshade astir a pendant airy is the cleanable equilibrium to the achromatic array beneath and the achromatic walls surrounding, offering a grounding antidote to the colorful, creator strategy crossed the remainder of the room. 

How bash I take a ceiling airy for a surviving room?

Choosing a ceiling airy is hugely personal, but ensuring it’s the close acceptable for your abstraction tin marque oregon interruption a country scheme. First of all, see the size of your room. Oversized fittings are connected inclination and tin look great, but ever guarantee you person capable headspace if you mean to locomotion beneath. In smaller rooms, take ample fittings that person a batch of antagonistic abstraction – similar sputnik chandeliers oregon lampshades with openings – to marque definite the fixture doesn’t consciousness excessively dominating.