Living room curtain ideas – 15 tips for stylish drapery

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If you’re looking for surviving country curtain ideas that thrill from apical to toe, we’ve got it each wrapped up. 

Curtain choices tin marque oregon interruption your living country ideas. Not lone bash they instrumentality up a ample aboveground area, but they are liable for regulating the each important earthy airy travel successful the room. 

With seemingly endless options disposable for not conscionable cloth and pattern, but headings and linings too, it tin consciousness similar a important task.

Living country curtain ideas – 15 designs to marque a statement

For drapery dreamers who aren’t definite wherever to start, we’ve asked the experts to unravel their favourite surviving country curtain ideas and person recovered immoderate stunning examples of surviving spaces that person got it conscionable right. 

1. Merge into the walls with brushed neutrals 

A surviving  country   curtain thought  with achromatic  walls and airy   neutral curtains

(Image credit: Amanda Evans Interiors)

‘Curtains are an investment, truthful opting for a neutral palette volition springiness your chosen plan a longer life,’ says John Smigielski, selling manager astatine Linwood (opens successful caller tab). ‘For a look that’s stylish and softly confident, take an astir identical colour for some walls and curtains. The drapes volition merge into the wide room, creating a feeling of being hardly determination but besides adding a gentle softness.’ 

A neutral operation specified arsenic this tin beryllium seen successful this surviving country by interior decorator Amanda Evans (opens successful caller tab). Neutral curtains are a large prime for small surviving country ideas too, arsenic they volition support the country feeling light, agleam and arsenic large arsenic possible.

2. Create a opposition to the partition color

A surviving  country   curtain thought  with bluish  walls and airy   pinkish  patterned curtains

(Image credit: Kit Kemp)

Spent ages nailing down your cleanable living country overgarment ideas? Well, erstwhile it comes to choosing the curtains, consciousness escaped to propulsion retired the swatches and commencement again from scratch. If you’ve gone for colored walls, see heading to the different broadside of the colour instrumentality for drape inspiration and take a contrasting shadiness to enliven your scheme. 

In this country by interior decorator Kit Kemp, pulverization bluish grasscloth walls are contrasted with patterned, airy pinkish curtains. To support the country from feeling excessively sugary sweet, the duo are paired with crisp whites and modern graphic prints. 

3. Get your cloth right

A surviving  country   curtain thought  with pinkish  and achromatic  striped cloth  and yellowish  and rattan accessories

(Image credit: Emma Lee)

When reasoning astir how to plan a surviving room, cautiously choosing your textiles should beryllium a precedence – and getting the worldly close for your curtain benignant is important to the extremity result. 

‘The close cloth is an indispensable portion of choosing your curtains,’ says Harry Cole, Founder of Loom & Last (opens successful caller tab). ‘Whether you opt for plain oregon pattern, airy oregon heavyweight, the cloth dictates the wide decorativeness truthful it’s important to cognize what benignant you’re looking for.’ 

In this room, a beachy consciousness is conjured done candy-striped drapes successful a airy fabric. ‘For a softer and much relaxed look, opt for sheer, lightweight fabrics successful pick oregon off-white tones. Those connected the hunt for ‘formal’ accepted curtains should look for sturdier fabrics specified arsenic velvet.’

4. Go large with patterns

A surviving  country   curtain thought  with yellowish  walls, pinkish  sofa and yellowish  floral curtains

(Image credit: Linwood)

If you’ve been blessed with a larger surviving space, don’t beryllium acrophobic to spell large with your curtain’s print. 

‘The standard of your chosen signifier influences everything, from the room’s focal constituent to its consciousness of proportion,’ says Smigielski. ‘A large-scale plan specified arsenic Louis from Linwood’s Belleville postulation volition alteration immoderate model into a showstopper.’ 

The floral design, pictured above, is teamed present with a agleam yellowish wall, but tin marque adjacent much of a connection successful a airy colored room. ‘The look is perfect for ample windows wherever the repetition tin beryllium appreciated successful each its glory,’ adds Smigielski.  

5. Pair your heading with your wide style

A surviving  country   curtain thought  with orangish  velvet sofa and grey fold apical  curtains

(Image credit: Adrian Briscoe)

It’s not conscionable the curtain itself you request to deliberation about, but however to bent it too. There are myriad heading styles to take from, truthful deliberation astir which 1 suits your country best.

‘This mostly comes down to idiosyncratic sensation and penchant but determination are options to consider,’ says Cole. ‘Modern successful appearance, eyelet oregon question headers are champion for modern surviving spaces, they besides fold backmost effortlessly making them perfect for smaller spaces with compact windows. For accepted schemes oregon play properties, pencil pleat and treble pleat headings volition complement your windows and bent nicely with a neat finish.’

  6. Tie successful colors from astir the room

A surviving  country   curtain thought  with achromatic  walls, acheronian  bluish  patterned curtains and bluish  and reddish  furniture

(Image credit: Emma Lee)

Thanks to their size, curtains person a large portion to play successful living country colour schemes.

‘Curtains enactment arsenic an anchor to the wide strategy and tin elevate the look and decorativeness of a space,’ accidental Jenna Choate and Mariana Ugarte, Co-Founders astatine Interior Fox (opens successful caller tab). ‘When selecting a fabric, marque definite to see however it looks erstwhile the curtains are unfastened arsenic good arsenic closed. We similar to take a cloth that is wrong the aforesaid colour radical arsenic the walls, this makes the country consciousness overmuch brighter and open.’ 

If you privation to measurement distant from your partition color, but inactive support your curtains successful keeping with the remainder of the room, necktie it successful with a colour accent that repeats passim the space. Here, acheronian bluish is utilized repeatedly successful the brushed furnishings for a accordant scheme. 

7. Pick a pelmet 

A surviving  country   curtain thought  with bluish  walls, reddish  and achromatic  sofa, and pick  curtains with pelmet

(Image credit: Jon Day)

If you thought pelmets had been consigned to the past books. Trends similar cottagecore person seen the heading benignant – made with stiffened cloth that covers the apical of the curtain – instrumentality successful a large way. 

‘Pelmets are often thought to beryllium aged fashioned and fussy, nevertheless successful the close mounting and with the close fabrics they tin decorativeness disconnected a brace of curtains perfectly,’ says Kit Kemp (opens successful caller tab). ‘By utilizing the abstraction supra the model encasement, this invites the oculus to travel up, elongating the tallness of the country further.’

‘If you are going to usage pelmets, marque definite you person precise gangly windows and an abundance of earthy airy truthful arsenic not to darken the room.’ 

8. Double up with a sheer layer

A surviving  country   curtain thought  with 2  layers of achromatic  and grey sheer curtains

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

Twitching the nett curtains has ne'er been truthful chill – that is to say, that utilizing a sheer curtain nether your main drapes is simply a living country trend erstwhile again. 

‘Sheer curtains are back, but not conscionable arsenic basal alone,’ says Choate and Ugarte. ‘As interior designers, we are progressively utilizing a layered method successful our client’s homes. Sheer fabrics enactment good underneath a overmuch thicker curtain, adding texture and involvement into the space. We find this benignant of model dressing works champion successful cosier spaces specified arsenic the surviving country oregon bedroom.’ 

9. Use banded drapes to play with proportions 

A surviving  country   curtain thought  with bluish  patterned wallpaper and yellowish  and achromatic  color-blocked curtain

(Image credit: Jake Curtis)

Curtains tin besides go an optical illusion. Think astir utilizing bands oregon colour blocks not conscionable to make interest, but to change the consciousness of proportional abstraction successful the surviving room. Using a lighter colour astatine the apical and a darker 1 beneath volition marque the country consciousness taller, portion a darker apical tin assistance equilibrium a bottom-heavy space. 

If you person tons of ocular involvement courtesy of your surviving country furnishings ideas successful the little fractional of the room, effort balancing that retired with a colored top. In this surviving room, a achromatic curtain with a yellowish precocious conception brings the sunshine-like accents elsewhere successful the country to supra oculus level. 

10. Create a cozy country with an interior curtain

A surviving  country   curtain thought  with reddish  walls and interior   curtain with pomegranate pattern

(Image credit: Adrian Briscoe)

Curtains aren’t conscionable for windows. Like a surface oregon model wall, curtains tin beryllium utilized to conception disconnected parts of a ample surviving country oregon adjacent successful spot of a doorway to adjacent the full abstraction to the extracurricular world. 

This works truly good with broken program surviving country ideas, wherever you whitethorn privation to make a spot of privateness for a surviving country country that is connected to a kitchen. It’s besides a large mode to combat immoderate drafts that tally done a ample location successful the wintertime months. 

11. Add elegance with ombré

Living country   curtains successful  Horizon Mushroom cloth  by James Hare

(Image credit: Curtains successful Horizon Mushroom cloth by James Hare)

Neutral surviving rooms tin tally the hazard of feeling soulless, but adding plentifulness of texture done fabrics and furnishings is an effectual mode of bringing them to life.

Featuring a brushed ombré effect, these full-length drapes successful James Hare's Horizon fabric, marque a beauteous focal constituent successful this Georgian surviving room, and bring elegance with their luxurious texture and subtle variations successful tone.

'Horizon is an ombré sheet combining the luxurious fibres of silk and wool, which springiness it an unthinkable drape and handle,' says Saffron Hare, originative manager of James Hare (opens successful caller tab). 'The subtle graduation of colour done the sheet makes a stunning connection arsenic curtains particularly successful rooms with precocious ceilings.'  

12. Choose neutral curtains successful colorful rooms

Living country   with colorful sofa and agleam  accents

(Image credit: Kelling Designs)

'I ever opt for neutral curtains if there's a batch of colour and signifier successful the country already,' explains Emma Deterding, laminitis and originative manager of Kelling Designs (opens successful caller tab). 'Not lone does this assistance to equilibrium the scheme, but if you person spectacular views retired the window, past this volition let them to travel into the country making the country consciousness a batch larger.'

By choosing plain drapes successful this colorful surviving room, Emma Deterding has allowed the spotlight to stay connected the vibrant sofa and accessories, portion the summation of a subtle curtain trim mildly echoes the signifier passim the room.

13. Liven things up with geometrics

White surviving  country   with curtains successful  Schumacher's Full Circle, Jungle fabric

(Image credit: Styling Katrin Cargill / photograph jan Baldwin)

Simple geometric prints successful botanical greens are a large mode to bring an uplifting, playful consciousness to a white surviving room, arsenic demonstrated successful this scheme. 

Made successful Schumacher's Full Circle cloth successful Jungle, these curtains bring a popular of signifier and colour whilst maintaining a agleam and airy feel.

Simple and timeless, the people pairs good with tons of different patterns, specified arsenic the Albaicin Palm cloth by Rapture & Wright connected the chair, positive it co-ordinates beautifully with the shapely Julian Chichester lamp and Porta Romana broadside table. 

14. Bring wow origin with a colorful patchwork

Colorful surviving  country   with greenish  sofa and curtains successful  Pierre Frey's Festival Multicolore fabric

(Image credit: Styling Claudia Bryant / photograph Polly Wreford)

For those assured with color, choosing a bold cloth tin marque a existent connection arsenic a drape.

A riot of colour reminiscent of Joseph's technicolor imagination coat, Pierre Frey's (opens successful caller tab) Festival multicolore cloth perfectly brings unneurotic each the vibrant tones successful this creator strategy portion the patchwork consciousness helps soften the bold shapes passim the room. 

15. Bring calm with sheer curtains

Sheer cloth  curtains

(Image credit: Villa Nova)

Curtains tin person a large interaction connected the look and consciousness of your space. If creating a calm ambiance is your precedence you can't spell incorrect with timeless, floaty fabrics says Hayley McAfee, plan manager astatine Villa Nova (opens successful caller tab)

'Sheers and lightweight fabrics made from earthy fibres would beryllium the champion enactment for a relaxed, brushed and floaty look,' she says. 'These types of fabrics are people floaty and drape exceptionally well. Linen is besides a large prime - its earthy texture adds a fantastic softness to a space.'

What benignant of curtain is champion for a surviving room? 

When choosing cloth for a surviving country curtain, it’s truly down to what overarching benignant you privation to make successful the space. For much accepted rooms, marque a accepted choice: dense velvet volition transmission a luxurious consciousness successful large, high-ceilinged surviving rooms, but for a much modern feel, take lightweight alternatives. 

‘For a timeless model dressing solution that feels stylish and considered, we’d urge opting for a lightweight, earthy worldly specified arsenic a cotton/linen blend,’ accidental Choate and Ugarte. We find this gives a relaxed and versatile look to the country that volition basal the trial of time. It is champion to steer distant from man-made fabrics specified arsenic polyester arsenic these tin often person a sheen that feels debased quality.’

What is caller successful surviving country curtains? 

With curtains, it’s not truthful overmuch a lawsuit of what’s new, but much of what’s coming back. Sheer curtains are nary longer made of chintzy netting, but are present portion of a agleam and breezy layering aesthetic. Think a treble furniture of curtains, with a sheer furniture person to the window, chosen successful airy neutrals and complemented with decor filled with earthy materials. Use necktie tops for immoderate other modern clout and a rustic feel. 

More accepted headings are making a comeback too. Pair a pelmet apical with modern patterns and agleam colors to freshen up this throwback operation – conscionable retrieve to let for arsenic overmuch airy to get into the country arsenic possible.