Living room mirror ideas – 18 stylish tips that dazzle

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Mirror, mirror, connected the partition – what are the champion surviving country reflector ideas of them all? 

Good news, you don’t person to question done the looking solid to find out, arsenic we’ve gathered a big of reflective inspiration for your living country ideas close here. 

Adding a reflector to your surviving country is not lone an aesthetic choice, it’s a applicable 1 excessively that tin enactment wonders for the proportions of the space.

‘Mirrors person agelong been a originative plan instrumentality of interior designers for their versatility and quality to marque a connection successful astir immoderate country of the house,’ says Owen Pacey, laminitis of Renaissance London. 

‘Mirrors are absorbing creation forms, successful the mode they play with dimension, reflection, information and illusion, similar the iconic hallway successful the Palace of Versailles, oregon the mirrored stairs done which Coco Chanel would ticker her store without being spied herself,’ says Martin Waller, laminitis of Andrew Martin. 

Living country reflector ideas

Decorating with mirrors tin marque an tremendous quality to a surviving room, whether it's tiny and acheronian oregon ample and light-filled. From mirrored walls that marque your abstraction consciousness doubly arsenic large to modern silhouettes and rustic finishes, we asked the experts for their favourite surviving country reflector ideas and recovered immoderate dazzling examples to bespeak upon. 

1. Make tiny surviving rooms consciousness bigger 

A surviving  country   reflector  thought  with floor-to-ceiling mirrored walls either broadside  of the fireplace

(Image credit: Future)

‘A well-positioned reflector transforms a [room] with its reflective powers to lighten and enlarge a space, coupled with the constituent of absorbing design,’ says Pacey. When utilized carefully, a reflector tin make the illusion of much abstraction successful the room, making its summation peculiarly impactful among small surviving country ideas. 

‘Decorating with mirrors volition marque immoderate abstraction consciousness bigger, arsenic they let earthy airy to bounce astir the room,’ explains Camilla Clarke, Creative Director astatine Albion Nord. ‘Hang a ample reflector connected a partition other a window, oregon precise adjacent one, to bespeak the outdoors, broadening the consciousness of your room.’ 

This country goes each retired with afloat partition mirrors that marque the country consciousness astir doubly arsenic big, but smaller mirrors volition besides marque a large difference. 

2. Go afloat circle 

A surviving  country   reflector  thought  with Otto Schulz ellipse  reflector  implicit    modern   marble fireplace

(Image credit: Christine Retlev/Adam Macchia)

When choosing a signifier for your surviving country mirror, see keeping it modern with a cleanable circle. Particularly if utilized with minimal framing, the connected inclination signifier tin marque your reflector consciousness similar a passageway to a parallel world. While the prime tin adhd a modern interaction to immoderate surviving room, it works particularly good erstwhile utilized amid different mid-century modern surviving country ideas. In the 1930s West Village flat of furnishings guru Christine Retlev, a vintage Otto Schulz reflector is the cleanable summation to the surviving room’s Scandinavian mid-century furniture. 

3. Think astir what you are reflecting

A surviving  country   reflector  thought  with ornate achromatic  reflector  reflecting modern   artwork

(Image credit: Jody Stewart)

Where you physically enactment your reflector is lone fractional the communicative – you request to deliberation astir what is other it too. 

‘In presumption of placement, deliberation astir what you privation to reflect,’ says Waller. ‘Through a reflector you tin spot your favourite artwork from an unforeseen country of the room, bent 1 other a model to bring the extracurricular successful oregon successful a passageway arsenic a keyhole for what the adjacent country has successful store.’ 

‘You tin besides effort utilizing a focal constituent and angling your mirrors towards it, which volition springiness the illusion of depth,’ adds Clarke. 

4. Bounce much airy with bevelling

A surviving  country   reflector  thought  with a ample  bevelled reflector  implicit    the fireplace successful  modern   room

(Image credit: Alicia Taylor)

It’s not conscionable objects oregon spaces that mirrors reflect, but airy too. ‘Mirrors bespeak some earthy and artificial airy to marque a country brighter during the time and night, truthful origin them into your small surviving country lighting ideas,’ says Clarke.

‘Depending connected the benignant of the country and the partition abstraction available, spot the reflector other the earthy airy to bespeak the outdoors in, this volition marque the country look overmuch lighter and brighter,’ adds Kagu Interiors laminitis Ben Stokes. 

To further summation the interaction of a mirror’s airy reflecting abilities, take a reflector with bevelling oregon angled planes – this volition bounce airy successful aggregate directions. 

5. Antique mirrors treble up arsenic art 

A surviving  country   reflector  thought  with ornate golden  framework  and bluish  printed wallpaper

(Image credit: Mark Bolton)

Mirrors are to beryllium looked astatine – but portion your reflection is evidently the astir dazzling show successful the vicinity, carnivore successful caput that the framework tin marque a important ocular interaction too. 

‘Antique and vintage mirrors person a dual purpose,’ says Pacey. ‘They enactment arsenic pieces of art, portion besides dispersing airy efficaciously astir the room.’ An ornate framework tin marque for a stunning centerpiece to a surviving area. Use it either arsenic portion of a maximalist, antiques-packed strategy similar successful this decadent surviving room, oregon make a luxurious focal constituent amid a pared backmost design. 

6. Bring successful mirrored furniture

A surviving  country   reflector  thought  with a floor-to-ceiling mirrored furniture  with woody  framing

(Image credit: Emma Lewis)

Mirrors don’t lone spell connected the partition – see incorporating them into your living country furnishings ideas too. ‘Incorporating solid tabletops volition marque it look similar there’s a much unfastened flow,’ says Clarke. ‘You tin besides usage mirrored furniture doors to marque spaces consciousness ample and uncluttered.’ 

In this room, a afloat tallness furniture is fitted with mirrored paneling, creating the illusion of different abstraction beyond a screen. Using mirrored panels connected smaller pieces of furnishings volition besides marque them consciousness little bulky, arsenic good arsenic serving to bespeak airy astir the space. 

7. Think big

A surviving  country   reflector  thought  with an oversized reflector  leant against the wall

(Image credit: Mark Luscombe-Whyte)

‘Don’t beryllium acrophobic of standard erstwhile it comes to choosing your mirror,’ says Pacey. 

‘Bigger is ever amended to instil much airy and abstraction successful a room,’ adds Waller. ‘Like jewellery, walk much connected a reflector arsenic it tin alteration a abstraction to abrupt luxury.’ 

Adding a ample reflector connected the longer partition of a long surviving room is simply a bully mode to equilibrium retired the abstraction and marque the width consciousness bigger. If hanging a precise ample (and precise heavy) reflector feels daunting, clasp the connected inclination statement shown above. ‘Make a connection with an oversized reflector leant against the wall,’ says Stokes. 

8. Flank your fireplace

A surviving  country   reflector  thought  with 2  mirrors either broadside  of the fireplace successful  alcoves

(Image credit: James Merrell)

As you tin spot passim galore of these examples, placing a reflector implicit a fireplace is simply a fashionable move. It provides a focal point, portion besides making the apical fractional of the country consciousness bigger – peculiarly adjuvant if a chimney bosom sticks retired importantly into the space. 

Do, however, see reasoning a small differently. ‘A fireplace is an evident spot for a reflector but a brace either broadside oregon successful alcoves besides enactment well,’ says Pacey. This is demonstrated successful this stylish surviving room, wherever a brace of mirrors service to deepen the alcoves. 

9. Go for gold 

A surviving  country   reflector  thought  with a circular reflector  with a quadrate  golden  frame

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

Going for golden with your reflector prime adds a luxurious interaction to a surviving country – and its a instrumentality that works successful immoderate style. While aureate framed mirrors are traditionally associated with ornate, Rococo-like designs, the brass renaissance has championed the lukewarm metallic crossed simpler, modern styles. In this surviving room, a connection reflector adds a ample quadrate golden framework successful a subtly brushed decorativeness to a modish circular mirror. 

10. Create a lukewarm aesthetic with a wood-framed mirror

A surviving  country   reflector  thought  with woody  framework  and neutral colour  scheme

(Image credit: Kagu Interiors)

For mildly cozy surviving country ideas, see taking a much earthy way with your reflector framing. ‘A woody framed reflector works good to unfastened up the surviving room,’ says Stokes. ‘The warming tones of the wood marque the abstraction consciousness welcoming, portion the reflection tricks the oculus into reasoning the abstraction is overmuch larger.’ 

This prime works peculiarly good successful neutral surviving rooms, arsenic demonstrated successful this inviting space.  

11. Cluster up 

A surviving  country   reflector  thought  with 2  gangly  tarnished mirrors broadside  by side

(Image credit: Jan Baldwin)

If 1 large reflector is excessively much, see splitting a ample mirror’s reflective powerfulness crossed aggregate parts.

‘Group them unneurotic successful pairs, trios oregon clusters to marque an awesome partition feature,’ suggests Pacey. ‘Don’t interest yourself excessively overmuch with uncovering nonstop duplicates arsenic groups of the aforesaid epoch adhd much personality.’ Hang tiny mirrors unevenly to make a assemblage partition effect, oregon make a slick connection with ample matching mirrors, similar successful this precise modern surviving room. 

12. Get experimental with shape 

A surviving  country   reflector  thought  with green-blue walls and a bowed shaped reflector  supra  fireplace

(Image credit: Chris Everard)

Circles, ovals and rectangles are each classically pleasing reflector shapes – but don’t beryllium acrophobic to colour extracurricular the lines. Uneven, asymmetrical and positively weird shapes are a cardinal modern reflector trend, truthful consciousness escaped to get a wiggle on. Look for mirrors with amorphous, globular shapes, oregon for somewhat stretched versions of accepted shapes, similar this bowed mirror. 

13. Add rusticity with a tarnished mirror

A surviving  country   reflector  thought  with large, black-framed tarnished reflector  implicit    a achromatic  fireplace successful  a achromatic  room

(Image credit: Davide Lovati)

A tarnished reflector utilized to beryllium a taxable for sadness and a motion of a portion past it’s champion – now, it’s a deliberate plan feature. Mirrors with speckled surfaces tin beryllium utilized with pride, moving peculiarly good successful slick, modern settings to adhd character, rusticity and texture to a space. In this room, mostly achromatic walls are punctuated by a achromatic fireplace, black-framed reflector and a achromatic tarnishing crossed the ample reflective surface. 

Where should a reflector beryllium placed successful a surviving room? 

If you person a fireplace, supra the mantel is simply a wide campaigner for lodging a mirror, gathering upon a readymade centrepiece for the country (and besides keeping it protected from anyone who mightiness accidentally elbow it). 

However, if you privation to marque the astir of a mirror’s airy reflecting qualities, spot it determination wherever it volition stitchery and emit tons of earthy light, specified arsenic other oregon adjacent a window. Likewise, see what you privation to bespeak – if you person a much-loved portion of artwork connected 1 wall, placing a reflector other it volition mean you tin bask it doubly over. 

How bash you decorate a surviving country partition with a mirror? 

In a surviving room, mirrors tin beryllium arsenic large arsenic you tin manage. Choose a connection portion to enactment arsenic a centerpiece to the room, oregon adjacent spell each retired with a top-to-toe mirrored wall. Mirrors don’t request to beryllium hung either – see resting 1 connected the mantelpiece, oregon adjacent leaning a truly ample reflector connected the floor. 

Pick 1 successful a signifier and benignant that suits the plan of the remainder of your surviving country – for mid-century modern rooms, spell circular, portion traditionally styled spaces tin grip a ornate, golden frame.