Living room paint ideas – 25 stylish ways with paint, and expert decor tips

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Adding colour with overgarment is simply a speedy and casual mode to adhd benignant and property to a surviving room. Whether your surviving country is an oasis of calm oregon location to a location afloat of children, thing tin alteration a abstraction similar paint. Take a look astatine these superb surviving country overgarment ideas to animate your ain decorating scheme.

Color (even if you’re utilizing neutrals) should beryllium the archetypal happening to see erstwhile you are looking for living country ideas. Ensure your chosen hues enactment good successful your country by applying testers of overgarment onto sheets of achromatic paper, past tacking them onto each partition you’re reasoning of utilizing that colour on. 

Leave them up for a fewer days earlier making immoderate last decisions, noticing however the airy affects the colour astatine antithetic times of day, arsenic good arsenic checking they enactment good adjacent to different elements, specified arsenic curtains oregon couches.

If you’re not assured successful choosing a scheme, spell with a pre-selected paint ideas palette already picked retired by the overgarment marque you’re using, oregon travel our proposal aboriginal connected moving with tonal, harmonizing and contrasting colors.

Living country overgarment ideas

These living country colour schemes and overgarment ideas person been chosen for their suitability for surviving rooms, but besides due to the fact that they are connected inclination for the twelvemonth up – yet yet timeless. 

Choose a code that's close for the predisposition of your room. East- and North-facing surviving rooms volition request warmer shades than South- oregon West-facing surviving rooms. 

Similarly, poorly lit rooms volition payment from lighter shades – unless, of course, you purposely take to marque your surviving country acheronian and cozy.

1. Work with white

White surviving  country   overgarment   ideas with reddish  accents successful  the cushions and partition  art.

(Image credit: Future / Jan Baldwin)

Nothing astonishing astir this, but superb achromatic overgarment has a transformative effect connected interiors – usage it connected walls and ceilings and it volition marque a prima of each non-white portion of furniture, cloth and accessory successful your surviving room. 

White is besides an perfect prime erstwhile readying small surviving country ideas. It is simply a wholly selfless overgarment shade, providing each the airy and vigor portion reflecting the attraction elsewhere – and white surviving rooms are incredibly casual to power up.

Decorating with superior colors implicit achromatic volition bring the strategy to life, pastels volition beryllium pretty, oregon you tin spell for a monotone strategy by sticking to achromatic and achromatic – though the summation of golden oregon coppery metallics volition adhd warmth.

2. Add a interaction of warmth with cream

Living country   overgarment   ideas successful  pick  and yellowish  with a reddish  vase and modernist inspired furniture.

(Image credit: Future / Emma Lee / Sally Denning)

For a while, backmost successful the 1980s, achromatic was replaced by magnolia. And though present we thin to shy distant from that pinky-cream, it is simply a forgiving shadiness that fits perfectly good into modern oregon mid-century modern surviving rooms (above) oregon much accepted schemes (below). 

In fact, if you emotion the thought of a achromatic country but person a North- oregon East-facing surviving abstraction with small lukewarm earthy daylight, this should beryllium 1 of the colors you trial out. It volition bespeak light, but adhd an inviting warmth to the country that achromatic can't.

Cream surviving  country   overgarment   ideas successful  a accepted   strategy  with achromatic  painted floorboards and French-inspired sofa and chair.

(Image credit: English Blinds)

3. Add the warmth of pick – but marque it edgier with ochre oregon coral

Living country   painted successful  ochre with patterned armchair and gingham blinds.

(Image credit: Salvesen Graham)

Beige surviving country ideas that leans towards ochre (above) tin beryllium genuinely beauteous spaces. North-facing rooms tin consciousness chilly, truthful usage shadiness similar a burnt ochre to lukewarm the abstraction up. 

Neutral rooms that usage immoderate colour that mimics thing we tin find successful quality – chromatic and mushroom for illustration – volition ever person a calming effect. 

Follow it done into blinds and drapes excessively and adhd accents of writer greenish to adhd a caller consciousness – you can’t spell incorrect if you travel nature’s palette. 

Coral (below) has emerged to beryllium 1 of the astir fashionable shades implicit the past six months, truthful we asked Helen Shaw, UK manager astatine Benjamin Moore wherefore she thinks it’s specified a hit.

‘Corals and pinkish peach tones are cleanable for making a plan statement. They make a rich, lukewarm welcoming feeling with undertones of red, orangish and pink. It works beautifully arsenic an accent to a grey scheme, oregon successful its ain close arsenic a connection partition color.

'More neutral, earthy plaster tones oregon airy terracotta shades tin make a fantastic earthy consciousness successful a room. They look peculiarly eye-catching successful good lit spaces and erstwhile paired with earthy materials oregon painted wood.’

Living country   overgarment   ideas featuring coral beige walls and velvet sofas.

(Image credit: Carpetright)

4. Choose the close shadiness of gray

A surviving  country   painted successful  acheronian  gray, with mustard accents and ample  airy  windows.

(Image credit: Future / Lisa Cohen)

Now the best-selling overgarment colour aft white, grey has secured its presumption arsenic the modern neutral of choice. Finding the close gray surviving country ideas is precisely similar buying a reddish lipstick: you take 1 with the undertone that suits your tegument tone.

Gray overgarment tones alteration from the chill extremity of the spectrum, with bluish undertones arsenic shown here, to lukewarm shades featuring reddish bases that springiness a brown, pinkish oregon purple tint. 

Your travel starts with deciding connected the ‘temperature’ of colour your country needs – chill oregon warm.

Living country   painted successful  acheronian  blue-gray, with a reddish  rug and java  array  and charcoal sofa.

(Image credit: Future/Polly Wreford)

5. Pick a lukewarm gray-beige

A stlish surviving  country   painted with a mid gray-beige, with mirrors and spotlights and a solid  java  array  successful  beforehand   of a fireplace.

(Image credit: Future / James Merrell)

This shadiness of grey has a interaction of yellowish successful the paint, giving it a brownish tint. This colour of grey is large for East- and West-facing rooms for diffused airy astatine sunrise oregon sunset respectively, portion adding warmth astatine different times of the day. 

Gray, similar different neutral surviving country ideas, acts canvas for different colors. Team it with agleam artwork and accessories for a genuinely striking appearance.

6. Pick a deep, earthy tone

Living country   overgarment   ideas successful  earthy acheronian  gray, with a grey  armchair, golden  broadside  array  and globe lights.

(Image credit: John McClain Design/Stephen Allen Photography)

Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year 2021 is Urbane Bronze (above), different timeless shadiness that won't day immoderate clip soon. It's the cleanable measurement forwards from much muted neutrals, offering the accidental for to make cozy surviving country ideas done overgarment prime alone.

A surviving  country   diner painted successful  acheronian  earthy gray-brown, with rattan airy  fitting, woody  array  and cookware  plants.

(Image credit: Vintage Revivals)

7. Pick a heavy cocoa brownish for enveloping warmth

Ideas for surviving  country   overgarment   colors shown successful  a acheronian  cocoa  brown, with a plum colored velvet sofa, greenish  velvet pouffes and metallic  accents.

(Image credit: Dulux)

Dark surviving country ideas tin consciousness a spot scary to use, but really darker colors tin beryllium a fantastic prime for a surviving room. Warm and nurturing, they enactment good successful a country that feels excessively big, and of people equilibrium is cardinal to making the remainder of the strategy work. 

Called Cherry Truffle and described arsenic a ‘bitter cocoa with a hint of red’ – hence the berry taxable – the brownish supra looks large with lighter hues similar ruby and claret arsenic they’ll assistance the wide look. 

If you adhd successful a lukewarm metallic accents – possibly successful accessories – the country volition glow and not consciousness excessively dark. Keep the level airy and the ceiling achromatic for contrast. 

The blase abstraction beneath uses Charbone from Paint & Paper Library. Keeping your ceiling airy volition lighten a country and bring equilibrium and opposition to the scheme. 

Team brown surviving country ideas with warming shades similar taupe, sandstone, blush and coral to make a cocooning consciousness that’s cozy and uber stylish – conscionable marque definite you person a fewer paler pieces, textures and patterns to adhd a decorative element.

Living country   painted successful  acheronian  brownish  with fireplace and armchair successful  airy   stone, a pick  rug and achromatic  accessories.

(Image credit: Paint & Paper Library)

8. Go backmost to achromatic with your surviving country overgarment ideas

Black surviving  country   overgarment   ideas with a woody  seat  and graphic cushion.

(Image credit: Dulux)

A deceptive but delicious achromatic paint, the bluish undertones of this black surviving room shadiness springiness a pleasurable richness and depth. When utilized with white, it volition dramatically alteration the interplay of airy and abstraction successful your room. 

Striking capable to instrumentality halfway signifier yet subtle and assured capable to let different hues to shine, achromatic is simply a imagination to enactment with. Use it partition to partition successful a country that gets tons of daylight, oregon item architectural features, specified arsenic model frames and shutters, successful rooms that are much light-starved.

9. Go for heavy bluish to marque a surviving country intimate

Blue surviving  country   overgarment   ideas with mustard and coral accents and built-in retention  and television.

(Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

Nothing pops similar a blue surviving room; bluish is simply a shadiness that has the powerfulness to transform. 

Deep and bright, indigo is surely the astir joyful bluish hue. Sitting betwixt axenic bluish and violet connected the colour spectrum, this aggravated colour is the shadiness of prime for designers and artists.

10. Create a entity bluish surviving country scheme

A surviving  country   with bluish  walls, a matching desk, armchair and bookshelf, with signifier   successful  the rug and drapes.

(Image credit: Future)

A shadiness that’s ever been fashionable successful the satellite of interiors, brushed bluish is simply a increasing living country trend that is acceptable to beryllium adjacent year’s colour du jour. 

Powder bluish overgarment has the prime of being some soothing and invigorating, and offers plentifulness of plan versatility. Used with crisp achromatic and pebble grey, it creates a calming coastal feel, portion arsenic 1 artifact of colour it tin beryllium an enveloping enactment of caller air.

11. Keep it chill with Tiffany blue

Turquoise surviving  country   successful  an artist's atelier designed by Timothy Corrigan, with achromatic  and golden  furnishings  and accents.

Artist's atelier designed by Timothy Corrigan

(Image credit: Timothy Corrigan/Amy Barnard)

If you emotion bluish but are disquieted that the country you are decorating mightiness consciousness a small chill afterwards, take a colour with a interaction of yellowish successful it. This produces a overmuch warmer bluish that tin header with the coolest of atmospheres. 

This chill colour is inspired by the iconic packaging of the jewellery store. Tiffany bluish is not a shadiness for the faint hearted, truthful if you’re tense of adding bold colour each over, usage it successful alcoves oregon arsenic portion of your accent partition ideas instead. 

The instrumentality is to equilibrium retired this dynamic hue by teaming it with achromatic oregon achromatic furnishings and a distinctive color, specified arsenic red.

12. Give your surviving country greenish credentials

Dark greenish  painted surviving  country   with muted greenish  paint, a assemblage   partition  and woody  futon.

(Image credit: Future )

Bringing the outdoors successful by having greenish walls successful your location is ever a bully idea; the motion to quality volition make a calm ambiance nevertheless engaged the space, truthful opting for a green surviving room works conscionable arsenic good arsenic utilizing this shadiness successful a spa-style bathroom. 

Green is besides said to animate creativity and spontaneity, making it the perfect prime for your surviving country walls.

13. Turn up the vigor with yellow

Yellow surviving  country   overgarment   ideas with a achromatic  ceiling and cornicing, connection    fireplace , ample  chandelier and blue-gray furniture.

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

Sophisticated and inviting, yellow surviving rooms bring successful warmth and a cocooning feel. Its rich, textured caramel tones elevate it from conscionable different brown, making it amazingly tranquil, peculiarly successful tiny surviving rooms. 

Using earthy shades sets disconnected the vibrancy successful colors specified peony pink, pome greenish and amethyst purple, but besides highlights classical chromatic and white.

Living country   painted successful  bold yellowish  with a mid-century benignant   woody  sideboard and printed array  lamp.

(Image credit: Little Greene)

14. Warm a chill country with an autumnal colour palette

Living country   overgarment   ideas featuring orangish  walls, a bluish  sofa and patterned rug.

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Even if you're not connected a lazy, far-flung holiday, you tin inactive evoke the feeling of sun-drenched escapism with a burnt orangish overgarment colour. 

Walls painted successful terracotta make a bold backdrop for gathering up layers of involvement with a colorful sofa, patterned rug and two-tone accessories.

15. Pick airy pinkish for warmth and light

A pinkish  painted surviving  country   with achromatic  sofa and colorful armchair and accessories.

(Image credit: Polly Wreford / Claudia Bryant)

A beardown inclination and truthful versatile, pinkish is an casual colour to brace with others and works peculiarly good erstwhile utilized with ochre, green, mulberry, coral oregon orange. At the stronger extremity of the palette, fuchsia oregon ruby are impactful, portion the softer tones are perfect for a calming surviving room.

A country painted pinkish volition look lukewarm and inviting each time long, careless of however overmuch earthy airy is present, and astatine nighttime the aforesaid abstraction volition beryllium wonderfully cozy.

Try utilizing a pinkish overgarment successful a North-facing abstraction to lukewarm up that chill light. This beauteous strategy uses a calming colour palette of pinkish and achromatic with agleam pops done the prime of accessories.

16. Be enchanted by lukewarm pink

Living country   overgarment   ideas successful  Sulking Room Pink by Farrow & Ball, with a gilt framed lipid  coating  propped onto a chromatic  fireplace and a vintage achromatic  painted time  bed.

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

It’s inviting, uplifting and effortless to decorate with, truthful it’s nary astonishment that pinkish is present seen arsenic an interiors neutral, moving successful everything from bohemian surviving country ideas to vintage inspired schemes, similar the 1 above. But with choices from pastel to bubblegum, the close shadiness tin beryllium a tricky quest.

There is an unexpected earthiness to a lukewarm pink, recalling the earthy landscape, that makes the colour a imagination companion to different shades. This versatile hue adds freshness erstwhile utilized alongside classical furniture, and interaction successful a much modern setting. Quite simply, it’s a pinkish for grown-ups.

17. Paint a surviving country with a practice red

Living country   overgarment   ideas shown present  successful  practice  red, with a enactment    of antique furniture, accessories and partition  art.

(Image credit: Simon Griffiths, Hardie Grant)

When designing a surviving room, lukewarm up the abstraction with a practice red. No different shadiness evokes a celebratory temper rather similar a affluent cranberry red. 

Add a premix of eye-catching and earthy elements, specified arsenic woody furniture, bold signifier and accents of black, for a modern instrumentality connected a accepted palette.

Living country   painted successful  reddish  with golden  framed lipid  paintings supra  a console table.

(Image credit: Farrow and Ball)

18. Paint a surviving country recess

Alcove surviving  country   overgarment   ideas, shown successful  mint greenish  successful  a airy   pinkish  strategy  with grey  sofa.

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Paint is the cleanable mode to explicit your creator and experimental side. ‘I spot radical being acold much originative with overgarment these days, doing beauteous things, specified arsenic coating the wrong of a recess a darker shadiness to springiness it other definition,’ says Joa Studholme, colour consultant, Farrow & Ball. ‘Ideas specified arsenic these tin instrumentality arsenic small arsenic 20 minutes and volition alteration the room.’

The darker shadiness successful the recess allows cherished objects to basal out, portion the tv successfully blends into the backdrop to make a subtly colorful yet minimalist surviving room.

19. Contrast surviving country overgarment ideas with wallpaper

A breached  program  surviving  country   with a colorful substance  of patterns successful  the prime  of rugs, wallpaper, drapes and sofa fabrics.

(Image credit: Studio Peake/Alexander James)

Living country overgarment ideas are truly utile for zoning an open- oregon broken-plan surviving room, peculiarly erstwhile utilized successful tandem with wallpaper ideas.

The country supra is simply a lawsuit successful constituent – the cozier, darker country utilized for movie nights is successful a color-blocked blue; this colour is past picked up successful the beauteous – but overmuch lighter – wallpaper successful the portion of the country utilized for socialising. 

20. Use overgarment to item surviving country furniture

Living country   overgarment   ideas showing painted furnishings  alongside contrasting patterns connected  the wallpaper and flooring, each  successful  shades of bluish  and wood   tones.

(Image credit: Future/Jon Day)

Living country overgarment ideas needn't beryllium constricted to the walls – you tin usage colour to rapidly alteration furniture. 

Even conscionable coating the wrong of a show furniture tin present a beauteous accent colour into your surviving country scheme, highlighting the beauteous objets you person inside.

Which colour overgarment is champion for a surviving room?

The champion overgarment colour needn't trust connected the latest trends. Nor bash we person to judge that achromatic walls are the lone mode to go. A plain and neutral basal tin so beryllium a bully starting constituent from which to physique a decorating scheme, but if you disregard the spectrum of colors and patterns disposable successful paint, you could beryllium missing out. 

Be brave and find colors and looks that enactment for you. Do your probe and commencement collecting unneurotic living country pictures you are drawn to successful bid to find your cleanable shades.

There's nary denying that grey surviving rooms are inactive the astir fashionable mainstream colour choice. It has go the neutral of choice, replacing pick and beige for the modern home.

What overgarment tin you usage successful the surviving room?

Today’s paints are, successful fact, each astir practicality. Chalky finishes are little fragile than before, and matts much wipeable. Pretty overmuch each paints are little smelly than they utilized to be, and the eco-friendly alternatives present connection a robust covering arsenic good arsenic being socially responsible.

Quite simply, determination is thing for each surface, each country and each shopper. Some colors bash travel and go, and sometimes brands look oregon vanish from the offering successful the large DIY stores, but it’s just to accidental that the colour prime is inactive immense. 

And, if you can’t spot it connected the shelves, person your perfect surviving country overgarment ideas mixed for you successful immoderate decorativeness takes your fancy.