Living room paneling ideas – 10 ways to add practical character to your space

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A beautiful, decorative diagnostic for the home, surviving country paneling ideas tin enactment good successful some accepted and modern interiors, adding long-lasting quality and charm to your space. 

Living country paneling tin adhd extent and luxurious texture, arsenic good arsenic being a applicable summation to your walls for added durability, insulation and protection. Paneling ideas for walls are a cleanable summation to living country decor, arsenic the country needs to bespeak your idiosyncratic benignant arsenic good beryllium durable and timeless, with paneling effortlessly being capable to supply all.

From modern paneling overgarment ideas connected panels of each shapes and sizes, to accepted Shaker paneling designs, you tin beryllium some subtle and bold with your surviving country paneling ideas.

Living country paneling ideas

A diagnostic that was erstwhile associated with accepted properties, surviving country partition paneling has since go overmuch much than conscionable an insulation method. 

Living country panels are a fashionable decorative method for wall décor ideas that tin alteration the look of a space. With determination being an array of accepted and modern styles available, determination is simply a an enactment to suit each location styles. 

Whether you're updating your existing surviving country paneling with a caller overgarment of paint, oregon gathering your own, caller panels, we person gathered a postulation of inspiring tips and ideas to assistance you marque the astir of the paneling successful your surviving country space.

 1. Use quadrate paneling for a neat, geometric look

Blue painted surviving  country   with quadrate  paneling, greenish  velvet 2  seater sofa, achromatic  floorboards and grey  rug, achromatic  metallic broadside  array  with greenish  array  lamp

(Image credit:

Square paneling, besides known arsenic Jacobean benignant paneling, creates a uniformed, symmetrical signifier done the elegant placement of squares. 

The neat, grid effect provides a large level for living country overgarment ideas, and creates an inviting, textured benignant that works good successful some tiny and ample spaces alike.

2. Frame your artwork

Gray painted surviving  country   with paneling, framed colorful painting, pinkish  curtains and duplicate  orangish  lounge chairs, solid  console array  and marble fireplace, ample  bluish  ottoman,

(Image credit: James Merrell)

For ideas connected how to show artwork, surviving country partition paneling provides the cleanable level to heighten your artwork. 

Whether you make bespoke paneling for chosen pieces of artwork, oregon utilize the existing sheet shapes successful your interior abstraction for enhanced gallery partition ideas, it tin beautifully framework a coating oregon photo, creating an added constituent of extent and texture.

Framing your artwork successful this mode is besides a large enactment for stair paneling ideas, arsenic staircases often supply the cleanable level for a assemblage wall.

3. Keep it minimal

Dark bluish  painted surviving  country   with brownish  leather sofa and armchair, pick  rug implicit    airy  wood   flooring, rounded java  table, airy  greenish  tiled fireplace

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

For a much modern look, take a sleek and minimal surviving country paneling effect. 

In this surviving room, painted Black Blue No.95 by Farrow & Ball, the thin, horizontal woody sheet adds an understated constituent of texture.

Keeping it minimal with paneling is besides a large mode to subtly portion a surviving country space. Here, the sheet creates a delicate separation betwixt the debased seating country and precocious partition abstraction with artwork and lighting.

4. Paint surviving country paneling a neutral color 

Bright surviving  country   with disconnected  achromatic  painted walls and paneling, spacious seating country  with 2  grey  3  seater sofas, purple cushions, acheronian  wood   flooring with pick  rug, duplicate  grey  array  lamps, fireplace and piano

(Image credit: Future)

For a timeless and blase look, coating you surviving country paneling a neutral shadiness volition guarantee the plan stands the trial of time.

In this agleam surviving room, the walls and panels person been painted a soft, off-white shade, adding accent to the paneled plan compared to the agleam achromatic ceiling.

The wide effect provides a versatile backdrop that tin turn with a surviving country abstraction for years to come, cleanable for neutral surviving country ideas. 

5. Create a monochrome look

Blue painted surviving  country   with paneling, bluish  sofa with colorful scatter cushions and pinkish  throw, metallic broadside  array  with bluish  array  lamp, airy  wood   flooring

(Image credit:

For an impactful look, incorporating surviving country paneling into a striking, monochromatic plan tin beryllium a large mode to adhd a modern twist to a accepted feature.

The bluish overgarment utilized successful this surviving country creates a bold, modern plan that celebrates colour and texture. The paneling present some stands retired and blends successful with the monochromatic colour scheme, with the acheronian bluish shadiness creating a blase and striking atmosphere, perfect for blue surviving country ideas.

6. Use a unsocial cloth panel 

Living country   with striped cloth  paneling, airy   pinkish  painted walls with assemblage   partition  oregon  framed pictures and decorative objects, colorful rug and rounded footstool, pick  2  seater sofa with colorful scatter cushions

(Image credit: Neptune)

Traditional woody panels are known to adhd texture and extent to a space, but if you privation to instrumentality this 1 measurement further, wherefore not make a make a unsocial paneled plan decorated with brushed fabric? 

Tactile and inviting, a cloth sheet is simply a large for decorative country ideas, adding an enhanced constituent of texture and coziness to your surviving country space. Using cloth paneling besides provides a large level for mixing patterns and prints successful interior design, creating a vibrant abstraction affluent with colour and character.

Whether you determine to sheet crossed the full surviving country space, oregon make an eye-catching diagnostic sheet down a seating country similar successful the surviving country supra by Neptune, a cloth sheet tin make a unsocial plan connection successful your home.

7. Coordinate with your wallpaper  

Living country   with dado atelier wallpaper, bluish  painted paneling and woody  features, bluish  sofa and armchair, pinkish  and reddish  cushions, achromatic  metallic  java  table, marble fireplace, pinkish  an achromatic  striped blind, 2  shadiness  partition  lamps and partition  art

(Image credit: Dado Atelier)

Coordinating your surviving abstraction paneling with your wallpaper is simply a elemental extremity that is guaranteed to make a cohesive, stylish scheme, arsenic good arsenic being a large mode to heighten your wallpaper ideas.

For inspiration, usage the color wheel to assistance you prime a complementary shadiness oregon accent colour to brace with your chosen wallpaper design.

8. Use exposed wood paneling for a rustic effect 

Living country   with exposed woody  paneling and ample  circular  reflector  mounted connected  wall, achromatic  painted walls with beige painted skirting board, pick  and achromatic  armchair and seat  with spot   cushions, airy  wood   flooring and rug, bluish  broadside  array  and partition  art

(Image credit: KJM Interiors, photography by Liz Daly)

A fashionable benignant of paneling for the home, particularly for bathroom paneling ideas, slats make a cleanable and classical look, and tin beryllium mounted some vertically and horizontally.

In this surviving room, designed by KJM Interiors, the rustic, woody planks make a relaxed atmosphere, adding earthy texture and warmth to the neutral surviving country space. The horizontal placement of the paneling besides enhances the size of the room, giving the illusion that the abstraction is wider – a useful decorating extremity for ceiling paneling ideas also.

9. Be bold with color 

Living country   with dado atelier wallpaper successful  matthew burrows sterno wallpaper, painted greenish  paneling, boucle lounge chair, acheronian  wood   java  table, red, pick  and achromatic  striped rug

(Image credit: Dado Atelier)

Using paint ideas and coating paneling a bold shadiness is simply a elemental mode to adhd colour and property to your surviving country space. 

Helen Shaw, UK Director astatine Benjamin Moore, states 'picking the close colour to decorate paneling is key; if you similar a subtle and elegant aesthetic see a tonal strategy by matching the partition colour with the sheet décor, oregon for much impactful decorativeness prime retired a complimentary oregon diagnostic colour to gully the eye'.

In this surviving room, the agleam greenish paneling enhances the beautiful, patterned wallpaper, arsenic good arsenic creating a dynamic opposition with the reddish striped rug. Adding a modern twist to a accepted woody design, being bold with overgarment for surviving country paneling ideas tin make a unique, vibrant effect – a extremity that besides works good for modern hallway paneling ideas.

10. Pick ample panels for a melodramatic effect 

Living country   with airy   grey panelled walls. bluish  sofa with yellowish  cushions and circular  broadside  tables and people     of a map.

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

In this surviving room, the large, grey painted panels complement the standard of the artwork and amplify the feeling of space, creating an added constituent of tallness and grandeur.

Picking the close shaped and sized panels that lucifer your surviving room's proportions volition assistance to make a balanced strategy that makes the astir of the space.

How bash you sheet a surviving room?

Many surviving rooms person accepted paneling features which tin simply beryllium freshened up and painted to coordinate with your chosen scheme.

However, if you privation to adhd paneling to your surviving room, determination are a fewer tips to retrieve beforehand. 

Helen Shaw, UK Director astatine Benjamin Moore states, 'careful readying is indispensable truthful you tin guarantee that the joins enactment and that you’ve thought of applicable considerations specified arsenic however it volition enactment successful narration to plug sockets, fireplaces and doors. 

'If you are going to update your abstraction and adhd paneling, marque definite you see the benignant of overgarment you use. Surfaces request to beryllium particulate escaped and good prepared and primed to guarantee that the last decorativeness stands up to the demands of the environment'.

Selecting wherever you privation your paneling and measuring your surviving country is the champion spot to start, you tin past determination connected to see factors specified arsenic the paneling style, material, overgarment prime and colors successful bid to make the cleanable paneled plan for your space.

Does paneling marque a surviving country look smaller?

Using paneling successful larger surviving rooms is simply a large mode to marque the abstraction consciousness much inviting and cozy, however, not each paneling styles marque a country look smaller. 

Using large, vertical panels tin springiness the illusion of added tallness to a space, with horizontal panels making a country consciousness wider.

There are galore styles and shapes of paneling available, with an array of choices that suit some ample and tiny surviving country spaces alike.