Living room wall ideas – 15 inspirational design tips for the blank walls in your lounge

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The precise champion surviving country partition ideas see connection accent partition ideas and beauteous overgarment ideas to suit each home's benignant – and we person included a ton of added-value plan advice, too.

So whether your surviving country layout is long, open-plan, oregon connected the smaller side, determination are looks to suit. Plus, of course, we person catered to a wide assortment of styles, colour preferences, and budgets, and, arsenic ever, determination are surviving country partition ideas you tin follow rapidly – nary full renovation needed.

Living country partition ideas – present connection partition decor to the main room 

These are our favourite living country ideas for walls – we've added in-depth proposal from well-known designers and our ain squad of experts, too, truthful that you cognize how to plan a surviving room partition that you volition emotion for years to come.

1. Create an accent partition with art

Dark surviving  country   with greenish  overgarment   and assemblage   wall

(Image credit: Future )

Looking for living country creation ideas for accent walls to springiness your surviving country focus? If you are considering a show of pictures and paintings successful a surviving room, 1 mode to truly marque it sing retired is by coating the partition down it a bold shadiness that's a full opposition to the colors wrong the artwork. 

This bid of abstract prints acceptable against a acheronian green surviving room partition offers a modern instrumentality connected the gallery partition ideas of yesteryear. Sparse accessories and the cleanable lines of the furnishings adhd to the modern spirit of the room.

2. Add explanation to a plain country with a mural

Living country   partition  ideas with mural

(Image credit: Jon Day / Future)

Intriguing and bold, this architectural mural adds a decorative interaction to this modern surviving room scheme.

According to Scarlett Blakey, laminitis of Ophelia Blake Interior Design, 'the bespoke quality of a mural' is simply a favourite among designers who person the quality to 'make a abstraction diagnostic relevant, whether it's manner oregon customer-focused.'

'You're besides capable to nutrient one-off pieces – providing implicit individuality and exclusivity,' she adds. 'This tin beryllium preferential if you're wanting to make a high-pact abstraction that is besides memorable.'

3. Introduce extent and magnitude with a textural wallpaper

Living country   with textural wallpaper

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti / Future)

Using texture successful interior design is an integral portion of a palmy surviving country strategy – and textural wallpapers are a large mode to adhd a 3 dimensional constituent to modern interiors. 

Knock backmost the modern overload by creating a sympathetic backdrop for an eclectic furnishings oregon styling mix. Grass paper, disposable successful a wide scope of earthy and vivid shades, is simply a cleanable mode to inject immoderate mid-century modern decor benignant into an interior.  

4. Add colour with a overgarment job 

A surviving  country   reflector  thought  with green-blue walls and a bowed shaped reflector  supra  fireplace

(Image credit: Chris Everard)

Painting your walls – and astir your living country fireplace – is an casual mode to alteration a country and erstwhile you inevitably get bored with your chosen colour successful years to come, it is an casual refresh job. 

Gathering unneurotic tons of overgarment cards is simply a bully spot to commencement and, arsenic galore cards and brochures present diagnostic ‘complementary’ shades, they’ll besides assistance you to find accent and toning colors, too. If successful doubt, look to the color wheel for proposal and inspiration. From bold, melodramatic palettes to soothing tonal combinations, utilizing a colour instrumentality is fail-safe mode to warrant decorating success.

5. Bring warmth with partition paneling

Mid-century modern   country   with partition  panelling

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

From intricate fretwork and elemental rustic boards to accepted panels and stately coagulated wood, decorative partition panelling offers its ain distinctive style. 

Panelling is simply a utile mode of introducing warmth and quality to a surviving country – determination is thing undeniably cozy astir being surrounded by wood. In a modern environment, panelling is an fantabulous mode of framing large, level surfaces, portion besides extent and magnitude to a lifeless room.

6. Create a assemblage partition worthy showing off

neutral surviving  country   with antique furnishings  and art

(Image credit: James Merrell / Future)

Investing successful cherished creation is the elemental part, but creating a show you tin beryllium arrogant to amusement off, tin beryllium somewhat perplexing. 

Take the disorder retired of displaying creation by starting with a neutral surviving room scheme. Play astir with the layout of your frames earlier hanging; effort retired evenly spaced rows and columns, oregon experimentation with asymmetrical formations for thing a small different. Opt for a tonal colour palette for a cohesive look that wouldn't look retired of spot successful an creation gallery.

7. Install a wow origin diagnostic wallpaper

Living country   partition  ideas with abstract wallpaper

(Image credit: Future )

Is the diagnostic partition a happening of the past? Of people not, it's conscionable a lawsuit of re-defining it by uncovering caller ways to make a lasting statement. 

A larger-than-life wallpaper volition respire property into the location arsenic good arsenic assistance to portion a ample oregon unfastened program space. Live with the illustration for a portion to marque definite you’re blessed earlier you commit. 

For bold, colorful prints, pairing it with a achromatic oregon neutral overgarment connected the different walls volition let it to shine, oregon code it down by choosing a overgarment colour that features successful the design.

8. Invest successful beauteous publication storage 

Living country   partition  ideas with publication  storage

(Image credit: James Merrell / Future)

Books tin bring civilization to immoderate room; arsenic Cicero erstwhile said, 'A country without books is similar a assemblage without a soul.' Not lone that, but a beauteous and organized show is often precise revealing of the quality of the owner, truthful show your ever-growing postulation with pride. 

Creating your precise ain room successful a surviving country with a built-in wall-to-wall plan works successful some classical and modern homes alike. If you are astatine a nonaccomplishment for wherever to store your treasured collection, alcoves are an evident spot to adhd floor-to-ceiling storage. Even if your country is connected the tiny side, a bespoke solution tin utilize the afloat tallness of the space.

9. Enhance your abstraction with a partition of mirrors 

Living country   with partition  of mirrors

(Image credit: Future)

By reflecting earthy airy backmost into the surviving room, a mirrored partition is simply a fantastic mode to make the illusion of other abstraction and assistance marque your country consciousness some bigger and brighter.

Although introducing a reflector oregon 2 is perfect for opening up small surviving rooms, an oversized mirror– oregon mirrored diagnostic partition – is besides a must-have summation for larger rooms looking to execute connection benignant and grandeur with ease. 

As a result, mirrors are a superpower benignant concealed that should beryllium celebrated passim the home, from the walls of your surviving country to luxe lounge spaces, and adjacent the entranceway to your home.

10. Get originative with colour choices

Living country   partition  ideas with bluish  and reddish  colour  scheme

(Image credit: Jon Day / Future)

Getting living country colour schemes conscionable close is captious due to the fact that this is the country wherever we walk astir of our time. 

Choosing which colors to decorate your surviving country walls with tin beryllium daunting – partially due to the fact that determination are truthful galore options available. For a surviving country room afloat of  energy, make a strategy that hinges connected the decorating with superior colors – but carnivore successful caput that adjacent successful tiny doses, specified arsenic successful the neutral strategy above, they tin person existent impact. 

Feeling braver? Bold bluish walls instantly adhd a cosseting effect to a space, making the country consciousness much inviting yet spacious.

11. Make the astir of alcoves

Wall sconces successful  a surviving  country   designed by Kitesgrove

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

Whether recently installed oregon forming portion of the archetypal architecture, living country alcoves marque large features wrong a space. From lodging furnishings to framing artwork, there's plentifulness of ways to integrate alcoves into your interior design. Fitting shelving into alcoves is peculiarly effective, providing abstraction to make curated displays.

‘Incorporating recessed shelving into a surviving country adds extent to the abstraction and a focal diagnostic to present contrasting living country overgarment ideas or finishes to the room. This creates distinctive niches to display books, artwork and plants that tin evolve over time,' says Katie Lion, elder interior decorator at Kitesgrove.  

12. Create a focal constituent with art

Painting supra  a sofa successful  a surviving  room

(Image credit: Annie Elliot Design / Photograph Angie Seckinger )

Decorating with art volition instantly elevate surviving country walls and is simply a superb mode to make a focal constituent which volition instantly gully your eye. When it comes to what benignant of creation to take deliberation large says interior decorator Annie Elliott.

'Most of america person artwork that's connected the tiny side, but we request to deliberation bigger! Pieces that are a minimum of 32 inches wide are ever large to have,' says Annie Elliot. 'Over a fireplace, it's truthful overmuch much appealing to bent a coating alternatively than a reflector oregon a TV. Over a sofa, 1 immense coating oregon a mixed media assemblage partition tin beryllium amusement stopping.'

13. Keep organized with built-in storage

Wall shelving successful  a surviving  country   by Albion Nord

(Image credit: Albion Nord)

Built-in living country storage tailored to your architecture is the champion mode to marque the astir of the space. When reasoning astir what benignant of retention to spell for, see a premix of closed and unfastened says Camilla Clarke, originative manager at Albion Nord. 

‘It’s ever utile to person immoderate signifier of concealed retention to fell the non-everyday items that you mightiness not privation connected show,’ says Clarke. ‘We similar to premix precocious level unfastened shelving with concealed storage. Open shelving to show books, art, photos and concealed retention to fell things that don’t request to beryllium connected show.'

'Try and make concealed retention for AV & electrical items beneath the TV alternatively of having these connected show. We similar to observe books with large pieces of unfastened joinery. Books should ever beryllium disposable to invitation you successful to work them.’

A cleverly positioned artwork hung implicit built-in shelves tin beryllium a large mode to conceal clutter whilst providing a ocular interruption to a ample expanse of shelving. 

'Remember art doesn’t ever request to beryllium hung connected the halfway of the partition it tin remainder connected apical of tables oregon layered adjacent to sculptures oregon connected bookshelves and joinery,' adds Clarke. 

14. Add multi-functional partition lighting

White surviving  country   with crittall windows representation   lights

(Image credit: Project by Julia Dempster)

When it comes to how to program surviving country lighting it's important to furniture antithetic types of lighting arsenic portion of a well-designed lighting strategy truthful that you person the close airy for antithetic moods and tasks. 

'You volition of people person your main light source specified arsenic a pendant to supply general lighting, but supplementing this with wall lights, array and floor lamps will let you to alteration the ambiance easily,' says Shalini Misra, interior decorator and founder, Shalini Misra Ltd and The Design Buzz.

As good arsenic providing a beauteous lukewarm and welcoming mood, partition lights are besides perfect for highlighting works of creation oregon architectural details connected surviving country walls.

'One of my cardinal recommendations for creation installations is lighting, effort highlighting artwork with a representation airy oregon sconces either side. Make definite immoderate ceiling lights bash not obstruct the lines of show of the artwork,' explains interior decorator Julia Dempster.

15. Make a connection with lime green

Green surviving  country   walls

(Image credit: Project Phillip Thomas / Photograph Peter Murdock)

Well-chosen paint ideas are speedy and casual mode to alteration the temper of a country and for an uplifting, energetic abstraction you can't spell incorrect with vibrant green.

'This abstraction was truly created for living, gathering with the household and celebrating life's milestones. Since greenish is often associated with beingness successful literature, this vibrant hue provided the cleanable foundation,' says New York-based interior decorator Phillip Thomas. 'It looks beauteous astatine each times of day, brightening up a play brunch and glowing from wrong astatine night.'

When selecting surviving country overgarment ideas, it's besides important to deliberation astir decorativeness arsenic good arsenic color. 'I ever emotion a precocious gloss lacquer decorativeness successful a surviving room, arsenic it adds lightness and luxury to the space. Plus the mirror-like effect tin assistance your abstraction consciousness bigger,' adds Thomas.